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Welcome to PUPL! As you guys may know by now, Other Metagames are running a Premier League, excluding PU for the purpose of starting our own! We're delighted to present you guys this opportunity to duke it out with our best PU players!

The managers have already been decided in a group of 6 teams. These teams comprise of managers among the council, so we feel this will allow for some nice interaction with some of our best players and contributors in the community. Accommodating all timezones among the managers is still being sorted out, so once we've gotten a lengthy enough amount of participants and pick out times where every manager will be able to meet, the auction phase will then start.

The following are the teams and its managers:

The Bodybag Blametruths - Montsegur - #blametruth
The Jubilife Jumpluffs - Magnemite - #jumpluffs
The Frivolous Fridges - scorpdestroyer
the Great Gastlys - Raiza.
The Shoegazing Stoutlands - galbia - #shoegaze
The Maverick Marowaks - WhiteDMist

Please include the following in your signup:

Time zone:
Tiers played:

The metagames allowed will be ORAS PU (x3), XY PU, Forgot to Use (FU), and BW PU / DPP NU (We've decided to go with both until we can figure out what would be more popular, with the more favorable option being selected after sign-ups are done) and Manager's slot. Have fun everyone!
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The Ghost
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Username: GrimoireGod
Time zone: GMT+1
Tiers played: ORAS PU, XY PU, FU (FU less than other two though)
Availability: Pretty much always unless something comes up
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Username: Mr.378
Time zone: GMT-5
Tiers played: All
Availability: As much as needed

doomsday doink

v̶̱̅i̵̢̕l̶̦̈́ļ̵͗a̷̙̓g̸͈͝ę̵̎ ̵̱̌g̷̭͆û̷̦a̵̰͛ȓ̶̜d̸
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Username: Mambo
Time zone: GMT -7
Tiers played: FU / ORAS PU
Availability: I'm on the FU council and I'm one of two people who play the meta frequently.


People like to invent monsters and monstrosities
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username: r0ady
timezone: EST
tiers played: oras pu, fu
Availability: just graduated high school got all the time i need n_n
Username: Detect Marowak
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers Played- ORAS PU
Availability- Anytime , just need previous notice
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every tier, prefer to play xy pu or fu tho
hahahahahhahahaha good one

might as well throw a resume as well
- finished in semis of the Official xy PU tournament
- beat scorpdestroyer with a timburr, magnemite, and natu w/o hax
- adequate memer
- can be lucky at times
Username: tazz (tazzie on PS!)
Timezone: EST (gmt-5
Tiers played: ORAS PU, can steal teams for any tier
Availability: On frequently
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