Metagame PU Stage 2 (Passimian Suspect Test) - Alt Identification Thread


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Confirming as MyPigAndMyMonkey

s/o to the labs builders for their teams, and to that guy that guy that only gave me 0.2 gxe when I was with 79.7 on the 35 game...
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GL Volkner

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stole the keys to reqs from Amane Misa, ty for your team, it was very successful aside from the two games i got lucked beyond salvaging

ty E4 Flint for putting up with my constant rage at being lucked and for recommending the team to me

e: sorry for all the rage @ anyone who saw it/was at the end of it, hax is a bitch and i can't count the amount of games i got haxed in ,_,

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