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Welcome to teambats, a classic community event revived from the depths of Smogon history with a modern twist. Teambats are a competition between two teams of players to build a team under certain restrictions and duke it out. Both teams will have about 20 minutes to build their teams and then a designated battler is chosen. Cooperation within teams is allowed, preferred even, during the battle. Everything will take place in two separate group chats on Pokemon Showdown.

  • Do not try to sneak into the opposing team's chat.
  • Do not try to leak information to the other team.
  • Be respectful to your opponents and teammates.
  • Follow the team-specific rules for that week.
Failure to comply to these rules could lead to your team's disqualification or being banned from future teambats.
  • give each side a different bad mon and make them have to make it work
  • give each side one good mon and one bad mon (same for both sides / different for both sides can be two separate ideas)
  • give each side two pokemon, with both sides being roughly equally good (example: don't give one Barbaracle and the other Politoed, etc). about 1/4th of the way into the allotted building time, reveal one pokemon that the other team was given. about 3/4ths of the way into it, reveal the other.
  • give each side a restriction that no moves over 90 BP can be used
  • give one side a restriction that all pokemon must be assault vest, and the other side a restriction that all pokemon must be choice specs
  • all pokemon used must be NFE, no eviolites
  • every pokemon must have a berry
  • both sides must build a team, switch their built teams with the other side, then try to lose with their received team
  • only attacking moves allowed
  • best of 3, can't change pokemon after building first team but can change sets (allot time in-between to change sets)
  • doubles
  • vgc-style best of 3
  • give each side a restriction that they can only build a team of five pokemon.
  • dpp / bw / oras pu variants
  • only 3 moves allowed on each pokemon
  • no stealth rock
  • Ghostbusted - no ghost-types allowed
  • Team Teambats - everybody plays somebody on the opposite team (at the same time) using the squads they've built. winning side is the one with the most wins. if a tie, award both teams full points. only do if there are even numbers
  • Luck Free - no move with less than 100% accuracy is allowed to be used, ban on brightpowder / sand veil / snow cloak
  • Lucky N Bad - all attacks used must have sub 100 accuracy, healing moves are banned (because stall would be gross)
  • Hazardous - rapid spin & defog are banned, magic coat / bounce / taunt are not
  • OM themes
  • Mono-teambats - host gives each team three different types and they have to choose one to build a monotype team with
  • Each Pokemon can only use 252 EVs (must submit teams to host before battle)
  • after splitting into teams everybody bans a move, item or Pokemon and that banlist is given to the other team to use when creating a team
  • give each team one higher tier mon they get to build with (but isn't compulsory to use)
  • allot some time for both teams to decide on the Pokemon they will be using. Then reveal the 6 Pokemon to the other team and allow both teams to change 1 Pokemon as they build.
  • similar idea, except allow them to change only 1 mon in between matches of a bo3
  • viability rank restrictions eg. only restrict to s and a-rank, restrict to c rank or less, etc
  • give each team 1,536 (that's 256*6) EVs to spend on their whole team, so they can choose to have each mon having 252 in one stat with some leftover evs, or have some mons with 0 evs, etc
  • give each team 16 (2*6 + 4) (or some other number) moves to spend on their entire team. so some mons will have more moveslots than others.
  • at least 5 mons on the team must have a choice item (so there can be one mon without)
  • give them a certain amount of money and have them spend it on the Pokemon they wish to build with (and their price differs based on VR)
  • the first letter of each mon must spell a dictionary word (eg. BOTTLE - barbaracle octillery trapinch tropius lilligant exeggutor)
  • liar's rule - each turn both teams reveal what move they will use, and each team takes a turn to say it first. each team gets 3 lies
  • terrorist cup - every mon needs a boom move
  • no team preview if that's playable
  • stab moves are disallowed
  • each team gets one BL4 pokemon to use, different but fair ones
  • each team gets one (presumably non-broken) RU pokemon to use, different but fair ones
  • add-on to VR idea: one S rank, one A rank, two B rank, 3 C rank
  • total BST between all mons must be less than (pick an average number for PU * 6)
  • illusion clause; any pokemon can have illusion in addition to their normal abilities. it does not require you to use a certain amount of illusion pokemon or any at all
  • itemless - no items allowed
  • generational - each team gets to pick a single generation and can only use PU pokemon from that generation (megas count for the gen their evolved-from mon is in)
  • slow and steady wins - no pokemon can be above 75 base speed
  • speed racer - no pokemon can be below 90 base speed
  • x-type moves are banned (maybe ban two different types of moves); dunno if you want only attacking moves or all (including recovery & hazards & such)
  • war of the weathers - each team must build around a specific weather, with at least one setter and two "abusers" of that weather. team can choose which it wants
  • stab-only - can only use moves that are their stab types
  • inverse battle
  • almost any ability - look up ruleset for that
  • give each team a random CAP that isn't fucking broken like that moth thing (like maybe the fire/grass or the ghost/fighting or the scout one or something)
  • every pokemon must know a boosting move or have a stat-boosting ability (speed boost)
  • metronome wars (assume even teams; every player builds a metronome team with pkmn using only the move metronome. does not matter if they actually learn it or not. only acceptable items are leppa berry and lum berry. every player plays against a member of the opposing team.)
  • head in the clouds - every pokemon used must be immune to ground-type moves (img)
  • an apple a day~ - every pokemon used must have an immunity to something. host makes call on if it counts as an immunity; ex. ground types are immune to electric, steel types are immune to poison, poison types are immune to toxic. immunity zangoose is immune to poison, toxic boost zangoose is not (but it'd be usable b/c immune to ghost). this is a bit complex but sounds silly enough to work
  • color-coordination - teams must pick a color of pokemon to use (options are red blue yellow black brown pink green purple grey white).
  • TWO STRONG - pokemon used must have EXACTLY two stats equal to 100 or greater and rest must be lower (there are a lot of interesting pokemon that qualify for that)
  • pity punches - pokemon used must only use attacks from their lowest attacking stat, and there must be at least a 15-point difference between stats (to prevent people from just using traditional good mixed attackers like rotter)
  • game of doubles - you can only use an attacking move once every three turns (it does not reset after each attack you use; for turns 1-3, you have one attack; for turns 4-6, you have one attack; etc). encourage players to pick pokemon that benefit from forcing a switch, perhaps?
  • first letter of each mon's ability must spell out one word (eg Magic Bounce Xatu / Aftermath Skuntank / Shell Armor Torterra / Technician Scyther / Effect Spore Vileplume / Rock Head Rhydon) aka MASTER
  • no revenge - choice scarf is banned
  • grounded - every pokemon must be susceptible to spikes
  • Z-moves are banned (or only non damaging Z-moves are allowed)
  • both teams have to have all their pokemon have no IVs, no EVs, a neutral nature, and no item

Feel free to shoot me a VM if you have another idea.
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Fool me...can't get fooled again
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First teambats theme was each teammember gets to choose to ban a mon / move / ability/ item from the other team.


Team Gurdurr:
Banlist for Team Gurdurr: scyther, musharna, rocks, defog

Team Hariyama:
Banlist for Team Hariyama: weezing, sableye, musharna, granbull
Team: https://pastebin.com/UD03Ub6z

Was a lot of fun to host, looking forward towards more in the future!
[14:50:20] +LordST: TEAM GURDURR GOAT
[14:50:22] +LordST: that is all

Anyways on a serious note, this was a lot of fun and gg to team Hariyama hopefully we can do more of these in the future. [:
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Here is the third Teambats game, this was honestly a lot of fun hosting and would love to do it again. I decided the theme would be for each team to Ban 3 Types that the other teams couldn't use.

Replay: http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7pubeta-621651323

Team Chrisloud:

Banned Types for Team Twix: Normal, Fighting and Dark
Team: https://pastebin.com/jawT5S4n

Team Twix:
Dibs The Dreamer

Banned Types for Team Chrisloud: Normal, Fighting and Ground
Team: http://pokepast.es/9590195f08948988

Thanks to everyone that joined it, hope you all enjoyed!
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Fool me...can't get fooled again
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Theme: terrains. Each team has to have at least 2 terrain setters and be built around terrains
logs - https://pastebin.com/YFn7PZc4
replay couldnt be uploaded so here is the download

Team Super Duper Mega Ultra Breakfast club, looks hot with caps - https://pokepast.es/da32249e7ceacff8
Dibs The Dreamer
Lord Sodium

Team At least it wasn't Shadows - http://pokepast.es/84c6213f3aeb25e5
The solotyper

  • dibs and lst arguing over who choked harder (unaware swoobat vs sacking skuntank)
  • rwby attempting to jump ship when his team was losing then coming back as they had a shot
  • the last few turns were actually interesting from a spectator point of view (especcially one that can see both groupchats)
Theme -- Back to the Basics: You're entire Pokemon roster must have zero EVs, zero IVs, a neutral nature, and must not hold an item.
Battle Logs: https://pastebin.com/Rbp2YS3k

Team Really Cool Squad

Team: http://pokepast.es/77bdf9500d33b189
Team Logs: https://pastebin.com/wcVU1V5j

Team Gamma Omega Breakfast Club

Team: http://pokepast.es/0b13d8d39a1213c7
Team Logs: https://pastebin.com/eTFVxVkC

s/o to Dibs for help creating rooms and supervision
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