PU Tutoring and the End of the Year

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Since PU is now an official tier, Battling 101 will now be accepting applications for PU tutors and will offer PU tutoring by next round. Existing tutors who wish to tutor PU can do so if they feel they are skilled enough, just edit your profile threads and shoot the B101 mods a PM.

Anyone else who wishes to apply as a PU tutor should get permission from galbia and Magnemite to do so. Check out post #1 of the Tutor Profiles thread on what information to include when PMing the mods to apply.

Battling 101 will resume in January. It's been a great year for Battling 101, Smogon's never had this many tutors before and I can only imagine that we'll be getting more by 2016.

For the tutors that desperately need a break, have a happy holiday season and I'll see you guys by January hopefully. I don't think you need me to tell you this, but manage your time wisely because the break will fly by before you know it. :toast:
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