Tournament PUBD I - Finals [Won by Menceganiums]


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We won!!!! I haven't won a tour as manager before despite losing at least twice in finals tiebreak so this was very satisfying :) despite a slow start to the tour you guys did awesome, it was a very fun chat and i had a pleasure meeting all of you. Gonna drop some shoutouts below.

More broadly, shoutout to the PU community at large for having such a fun tour and being actively invested in it. Despite not being the biggest tour here (or even the 2nd biggest) it felt like people cared a lot about the games and tour. The PU oldgens are also fun as hell too (even gsc/rby) so that made this a blast as well. And thanks to ken for hosting it so well!

mncmt: The Menceganium. Had a blast managing with u! Idk how we haven't done it before but this was super fun all tour. Appreciate u keeping the vibes up when we struggled early in the season, helping out with lineup decisions, planning+doing the draft and most of all making the tour a fun experience :]

avarice: The Misfit. Thanks for being the unofficial co-manager and also CARRYING between 2 tiers. Ik you wanted to play SV at start and I would've been willing to accommodate that throughout but you were able to switch into ORAS and probably saved our season there. You were also carrying SS prep and totally lived up to the heavy 16.5k bid I put on you -- would gladly do it again. Appreciate your input on lineup decisions and all that too!

Punny: GOAT. You played incredibly well all tour, the zS game in particular stands out to me as just being perfectly optimized in what looked like a tough MU to me at first. You bounced between 2 tiers and idk how much you had played either SM or SS before but it looked like u knew every intricacy of each tier which is just crazy to me -- just being "plug and play' is really hard and you did that perfectly. Having a player of your caliber made me feel much better when we struggled early on because I knew you'd really elevate this team's ceiling by putting up a consistent win with good prep + being a terrifying tiebreak option. Glad you enjoyed the vacation too it was cool to hear about!

hariyana grande: Lisan Al Goob. he shall know your tiers as if born to them.... i had a ton of fun prepping in this tier with you Skrimps and Many this season, but you really deserve most of the credit for the way you delivered. Beating the consensus DPP goat Drud week 1 was insanely impressive and I honestly cant think of any meaningful misplays you had during the tour. You had really fun ideas (sorry we didnt use your creation from last night...) and were dominant from start to finish. Awesome job, thanks for putting the time into the random PU tour u signed up for alongside UUPL :)

Larry The Wild Card. I didn't really know you at all coming into this tour, besides that u liked anime and the whole ima scheduling fiasco. But we saw you did well in PU Classic and at some pt we agreed you were the best player left and grabbed you to pilot whatever. Then you told us you only want to do SV + suggested scarf wo chien and put us to work building around like a million un-mons. And it worked amazing!! You ended up being pretty flexible on teams and asked good questions to help refine our building and all that. You played well and finished with the tour's #1 SV record, going 5-2 vs a really strong group of opponents. You were very funny too and a great chat presence, best of luck with everything in your future

Sabelette The Dice Roller. Sorry you had to play RBY PU.... best of luck branching out to other tiers, feel free to reach out for teams or occasionally random test games etc :) I really admire how you didn't tilt after going down 0-2 and with a large pricetag on you (not ur fault etc), it's definitely an example for me to follow and tell others about in future tours. You know the tier really well, prepped very hard, and came up with some fun new ideas that had good success despite all the noise created by RBY's RNG.

skrimps The Prodigy. DRAFT THIS GUY!!! Getting u was 100% one of the biggest things that saved our season. I only knew u as a name on our list of 5 possible subs for 2 slots before this tour, and im so glad we picked u as one. Going 3-0 + helping out in BW DPP ADV + being a super fun teammate was amazing. I felt way better about our lineup as soon as we put u in, i knew you had tons of potential but youd need to come off the bench and I was super excited to get u out there. Very sorry we couldnt grab u in RUPL but I cant wait to see you kicking ass in other tours.

HANTSUKI Mr. 100%. 100% marshtomp. 100% PU teamtour victories. 100% new to ADV. Thanks for letting mence throw u in a random ass tier LOLOL and for being receptive to criticism/feedback/etc as we all learned it together. I appreciated ur mentality of just using good shit + having fun with the entertaining mons in this tier LOL magcarg week was fire. Despite being slightly negative I think it def couldve gone better for u with some different luck, looking back I think your teams were all strong and outside of week 1 I had no complaints about your play either. I was very impressed by your building skills+sheer volume of teams in SPL and you dumped plenty of teams here too so ty for putting the effort into this random tour '-' especially since some of this overlapped with SPL oops. Enjoy being top 10 in the PU Hall of Fame :OOO

BloodAce CEO of RAAAHHH. Im very happy to have picked u up for cheap in GSC! despite ending up a tiny bit negative I think things felt way better than that throughout the tour, you approached prep well almost all weeks and . You were also an awesome teammate, watching everybody else's games, cheering us on and bringing the RAHHH MENCEGANIUMS slogan from ZUPL or some shit. It can get boring to tryhard for a teamtour if other people dont care and I know you being talkative helped make the tour fun and motivated me so I really appreciate it. LustfulLice Great work on prep with BloodAce too!

Dj Breloominati♬ The CLUTCH. Nabbing a scheduling win and subbing in last minute to clinch the tying game in finals were both amazing. Ik neither of us were happy with some of your earlier games but I'm glad that didnt get in your head too much and you were able to rally well. Enjoyed watching your plays + the more colorful side of your personality this SPL too, best of luck in the future!

sugar ovens The Shuffler. I did u a disservice by bouncing u around tiers so much, I asked what you'd prefer to play prior to the tour starting and you said DPP #1 but I wasn't able to put you there. Ik situations like that can be really annoying, I've been thru it in officials etc, so thanks for toughing out some unlucky BW games and then going even in SM including the super clutch finals win to really build out our lead!

DripLegend The GIF MASTER. You posted like 100 gifs this season and all of them were fucking fire. You definitely made our teamchat flow which is a really big part of these tours + the playoff push we got came like right after we put you in. I enjoyed watching ur games and building with u too, think we had some great ideas for your final game and I def believed in you to cluch a tie/win as last game if it came down to it. Glad we could give u a better experience in playoffs than our PUWC team had... Best of luck in PULT!

ManOfMany The HERO. I really appreciate u being willing to bench after things went poorly for you this tour. Im hopeful you get your ORAS groove back in the future... or honestly DPP because your prep help was amazing there! We loaded ur team week 1 p much, your team dump was extremely valuable for testing and so on too. You came thru clutch the night before frank's game when we had nothing LOL and I really appreciate you taking the time to keep supporting (in ORAS too) when the season had gone poorly for ya - would be easy to just move the team to bottom of the server list and forget about it. And sorry we didnt use cradily in SS </3

twinkay literallyy

Shoutouts to gum fish anemometer for some SV tests throughout the tour and to sleid for joining us in playoffs to help out + cheer us on!

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