Puns you can make when you are with your friends

Here are some prunes you can make with friends:

Adobe Photoshop? Adon'tbe photostop!

Microsoft Excel? Make this stop, Miguel

Uhh Skype for business? I forget this!

Thank you for reading this. If this gets 5 likes I will make another post with more pubs to use with your friends.

Oh happy birthday Earl
This thread reminds me of when I was a teenager and a friend of a friend remarked on FF12, "Basch? More like...douche" and everyone just looked at him like "what the fuck are you talking about?", to which he slurred out "basch...boosch...douche". He was but a candle compared to the radiant light of the OP, but I hope you appreciate that plum anyways.


I did it again
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Imma just post MF DOOM lines that rhyme with each other

One man’s waste is another man’s soap
Son’s fan base know a brother man’s dope

“Hackthoo'ing" songs, lit in the booth with the best host
Doing bong hits on the roof, in the west coast

We’re hip-hop sharecroppers
Used to wear flip-flops now rare gear coppers

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