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  • Hey! I don't have anything else for your RS guide. If it seems like that's the case with the others too you can move it to GP. It looks like none of the others have been on since you asked so maybe give it 24 hours from when you posted.
    Hey, update on the in-game articles bit: Gonna try something different so hopefully we can see some movement here very soon. I'd still prefer you hold off posting for right now (if you're still interested in writing that is lol), but hopefully I can open things back up soon :) Will keep you informed.
    Alright, sounds good.
    Hey, was reading through your Maison XY Trophy Hall of Fame writeup and noticed that your 121-win Doubles and 53-win Multis streaks were never added to the leaderboard, despite you posting proof videos at the time. Though it's a longshot, would you still happen to have those vids handy?
    Thanks for the thought, but while I still have the videos on my SD card, I reset my X cartridge with some regularity which I believe kills the links, so not much point in adding the streaks. I have better streaks for those modes in AS anyways that I'll post about... sometime.
    #245 Suicune [Bold]
    IVs: 31 / 1, 3 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    Stats at Lv.50: 175 / 72 / 148 / 110 / 135 / 105

    Haha duck u
    Just wanted to say thank you for the Battle Maison spreadsheet!
    you're welcome! glad you found it useful.
    [12:44:00] Stellar: they are gonna reveal
    [12:44:03] Stellar: 50 new characters
    [12:44:03] Stellar: gg
    [12:44:21] Lady_bug: 50 different pits
    [12:44:25] Stellar: lol
    [12:44:34] Stellar: pink gold dark metal pit
    [12:44:48] Lady_bug: mega dark pit
    Hello! I need your Friend Safari. Are you able to add me back? My Friend Safari is Fire with Larvesta, Magmar and Ninetales. My FC: 2723-8741-8460. Thanks in advance.
    yo I need a cherrim for xy icons can I get your help with that in the near future?
    just saw your shiny value ;) could you hatch my gastly? my code is 3024-5440-0500
    ok. my fc is 3437-3319-7894.
    Can You Help Me To Hatching My Kangashkan ?
    I Already add Your FC
    FC :2809-8313-7384
    IGN: Akio
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