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  • Hey, was reading through your Maison XY Trophy Hall of Fame writeup and noticed that your 121-win Doubles and 53-win Multis streaks were never added to the leaderboard, despite you posting proof videos at the time. Though it's a longshot, would you still happen to have those vids handy?
    Thanks for the thought, but while I still have the videos on my SD card, I reset my X cartridge with some regularity which I believe kills the links, so not much point in adding the streaks. I have better streaks for those modes in AS anyways that I'll post about... sometime.
    #245 Suicune [Bold]
    IVs: 31 / 1, 3 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
    Stats at Lv.50: 175 / 72 / 148 / 110 / 135 / 105

    Haha duck u
    Just wanted to say thank you for the Battle Maison spreadsheet!
    you're welcome! glad you found it useful.
    [12:44:00] Stellar: they are gonna reveal
    [12:44:03] Stellar: 50 new characters
    [12:44:03] Stellar: gg
    [12:44:21] Lady_bug: 50 different pits
    [12:44:25] Stellar: lol
    [12:44:34] Stellar: pink gold dark metal pit
    [12:44:48] Lady_bug: mega dark pit
    Hello! I need your Friend Safari. Are you able to add me back? My Friend Safari is Fire with Larvesta, Magmar and Ninetales. My FC: 2723-8741-8460. Thanks in advance.
    yo I need a cherrim for xy icons can I get your help with that in the near future?
    just saw your shiny value ;) could you hatch my gastly? my code is 3024-5440-0500
    ok. my fc is 3437-3319-7894.
    Can You Help Me To Hatching My Kangashkan ?
    I Already add Your FC
    FC :2809-8313-7384
    IGN: Akio
    The most mature user on the internet! btw whereabouts in so cal are ya? I'm in I.E. myself.
    those claims may have been *slightly* exaggerated, and i'm from LA.
    I saw your FC in the Friend Safari google doc and friended it. Mind adding me back? 0361-6922-2776

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