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Username: Tristan
Time zone: EST
Tiers played: ORAS & BW
Availability: will be if bought

SB: Galbia pick me up again D:
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Username: TheJFrenzy1
Tiers: ORAS PU
Timezone: AEST, GMT +10
Availability: All day Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Available 10am-2pm Wednesday/Thursday, Unavailable Teusday.
Username: AllAttack
Time zone: GMT
Tiers played: ORAS PU
Availability: 5-7pm on weekdays, pretty much whenever between 10am-7pm on weekends
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Username: bvuut99
Time zone: Central Standard Time (UTC)
Tiers played: everything ORAS
Most, if not all, days after 3pm
Availability: mon-thur from 4pm to 11pm, sat from 12pm to 4pm, sun from 12pm to 11pm
Username: Nomadder
Time Zone: EST
Tiers: Oras
Availability: Nightime past 9, sometimes earlier. I have school and plan on taking summer courses.
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