PU PUPL III - Finals (Won by Shoegazing Stoutlands)

Good games stouts was fun, and I'm happy you won. Will make a s/o soon.

However I think the last game was spoilt with how much of little sod twix was, he was acting like a four year old even when he had the clear advantage.


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GGs stouts, definitely the better team took it in the finals ! Better luck next year guys and sorry I let you all down, 1-4 was shit especially considering my pricetag, you can blame it all on me tbh.
Happy to see Galbia take it again :toast: And well played to all the stoutlands, you guys were a great team


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so glad we won it again so i can retire this team name for good, HJAD your team was a great opponent in finals

also super happy we aced SM in finals (also thanks to luck but the serie was quite even)

shoutouts not in order

Akir chaotic good host
EviGaro who didn't get to play but was great to have around for extra bw knowledge
#freeomfuga greatest pupl player of all time
FLCL Pearl Void Lax for playing and taking this seriously while having to prepare for snake etc
Many who really surprised me and was an amazing buy
Twix who can't take a timer win in finals but still talks shit (and wanted to use psychic togetic
Feliburn who played like a million tiers
Kiyo for the epic activity wins/losses
Slowbroth for helping out with adv in finals even if we lost

all the cheerleaders including Haund Tricking and jklioe (should have signed up)

fun season!


I'm curious.
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shoutouts teammates, but mostly omfuga (may he rest in peace). uh galbia thanks for buyin me bro, ur tier is cool it should get more representation. i would apologize for being inactive but apparently you guys didnt need my help, bop.
So, with that, PUPL is finished. What can I say to my team apart from what a fantastic bunch of players I was blessed with post draft. I knew that immediately with the talent we had in the roster that we would be a contender for playoffs, and I'm glad we could make it here and really put a show on.

Basically I love all of you immensely, theres no way i can even put an artificial random order on things so im just gonna put things in alphabetical order.

Christo goatsto the gr8: One of the people that I have a never ending respect for; I knew when auction happened I wanted you on my roster. You can play just about anywhere and be successful, thank you for sticking with it in BW PU especially when times are tough. I knew you were super busy, but your constant charisma and confidence was super refreshing throughout the weeks. Your just about one of the people I like to be around most, you bring out the best in people and I can only hope you enjoyed our teams presence as much as I did yours.

Dibs The Dreamer goatibs the goat: I really wanted to give you a really good oppurtuinity this PUPL. Previously in all the teamtours you've been nothing more than a bit part player that never really got a true opportunity to shine, and with how you'd been doing in early SM, I thought it was about time you got your opportunity. You hit the ground running, and was not only an immense player and prolific builder but also a great guy. People underestimate how important positive chat presence is in a team environment, but you certainly provided that and then some. I'm glad you stuck with it right to the bitter end, and showed belief in yourself like u never have before. long live the dib.

ggggd yung pablo escobar the goat: Quite simply the best ever. Going 6-0 is something I struggle to do on ladder, let alone a competitive team tour environment. When it came down towards crunch time at the end of the auction, and I had that final 9k left to spend on 3 players of my choice Megazard reccomended you to me and from then I knew I had to buy you. You were not only relentless in your pursuit of winning, but you took advice from relative adv novices as well as heysup to really maximise ur odds of victory every week. I cannot thank you enough for your performance this season and in the finals itself, its a shame we couldn't bring u the title you deserve.

Heysup goatsup: You also deserved to 6-0. Your skill in DPP PU is second to none, and you made this evident whenever I haxed you. Somehow you would make the game close no matter how many crits and freezes I got, which is a true testament to your experience as well as game craft. You were also one of those 3k buys at the end of the auction, and I was almost in disbelief nobody had nominated you before that period of time. It was always meant to be, and I was chuffed you could play on our team as well. You had this aura of dominance and confidence that you only really get in a top top player, its just a shame we also couldn't bring you the title you deserve. Thanks for sticking with it, winning relentlessly in the season and finals itself, as well as not vexing at me no matter how awfully I haxed you in tests hehe :3

Quite Quiet goat goat: I'm not gonna beat around the bush, you were purely a fodder buy so Megazard couldn't upbid me on a player he may have wanted LOL. I love your presence, you were very much so a father figure in the channel. It was almost a motivation to the rest of the team playing well so that we could get you an opportunity to have a fun meme game at the end of the season :D I hope you enjoyed the season as much as I did, I also hope you will continue to be a fantastic friend like you have always been since the days since BW2 NU OG days. Remember the days u were just a reg user? Living legend.

Rwby Goatby Goatoi??? As much as I flamed you in public, it was purely a managerial technique that saw you win against several opponents throughout the season. I'm happy you took your opportunity and ran with it. That 3-0 is a true testament of how much potential you have to perform in this game as well as the knowledge of the meta you possess. Thanks for doing whatever I wanted like build when others were struggling, test even though it was 4am and hop in the call sometimes to theorymon with us. All I can say is to keep playing and contributing, your one of the better presences in PU at the moment and i'd like to think for a long time in the future.

snagaa snagoat: I'm ngl, you first came on my radar during NUPL where you absolutely raped me and my stall, where you put nothing at risk to consolidate the victory. I was extremely impressed by both your build which i was convinced was Teddehs and your selective plays which forced me into a 100% losing scenario. Players often when they have an advantage give oppos a route back, but no matter how hard I tried, you covered everything I was thinking with ruthless efficiency. That and what Teddeh and ADVANTAGE told me about you made me all the more desperate to buy you. I eventually managed to trade you onto the roster, and I was so pleased. You show such a good understanding of Pokemon even in a tier you've never played and came up with the goods more often than not. I'm upset you were haxed in finals, you definately deserved better. All I can hope is that you enjoyed yourself throughout the season :3 I enjoyed you being there and I'm glad I have a new friend to talk to :D

Taskr one punch man goatskr: idc what people say, you are the best SM PU player around rn. Your efficiency as well as offensively play is truely amazing and I'm glad to have given you your oppurtuinity. You really made a splash this season along with fellow PU main LordST so all I can hope is that you continue to play PU but if that doesn't work out other Core metagames that will give you a shot at the bigtime. You resemble a mini RW to me; calm, collected and methodical, I could always put my faith in you to make any tournament game close. Stay away from passive as shit balance, and work on what your good at, because your damn good at winning games and being offensive. Its the way Pokemon is going. I hope you enjoyed this season as much as I enjoyed it, I love your presence and I hope this is only the beginning for someone as talented as u are.

Teddeh goatteh: Well LOL. Guess you can empathise with local high price flops Anty and Megazard now can't ya. Regardless of what games you won and lost, (because lets be real, you damn near lost every single game) you were the person I wanted on my team regardless. Your experience in the big time was nothing more than extraordinary and seeing you pass down that information to the likes of taskr, dibs and rwby is a true testament to not only your maturity and skill, but how good of a friend you are. No matter what people say about you, keep on being you. I don't want that to ever change because there is simply nothing more intimidating than playing an underdog teddeh. Thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin, no matter how hard things got, its a shame we couldn't get ya the 3rd PUPL on the bounce but thats how the cookie crumbles. Thanks for being a true lad.

Congratulations galbia and everyone on the stouts, #freeomfuga, f Twix , and until next season.
Hey we won, might as well do some shoutouts.

- galbia, for outbidding the losing manager in the Finals for me. Nailed the lineup as well and didn't panic whatsoever after our only bad week.
- Feliburn, because ffs I didn't choke our rupl playoffs spot ok.
- #freeomfuga, because from the outside your building looks insane, and from the inside, it still is. Goat.
- Lax for suggesting half the buys
- Many for being everywhere. Also going to SHOCK THE WORLD in SM Team Tour (But Free PU)
- The Bench, for being the best friend I could ask for on this adventure.
- Every other Stoutland for being awesome.
- LordST, for using my Larvesta stall and beating kacaw with no burd resist.

Hope to see you next year, and hopefully I'll keep being around because this tier is lit.
geeg Stoutlands, nerf Galbia's managing winning 2 years in a row.

Ty for drafting me HJAD , I couldn't have asked for a better team to be on for my first team tour (LTPL didn't exist, also sorry Tricking). Everyone was absolute boss and tolerated me for 6 weeks so I couldn't have asked for more.
Also ty to everyone who's been super supportive of me throughout PUPL and PU unopen, I usually hate tournaments because of the stress but seeing everyone cheering me on with predictions and stuff really helped me stay focused and motivated.
:mad: we finally did it! This was my best team tour experience so far. I had fun interacting with a lot of great guys, and I'm glad I finally got to prove myself in a large PU tour.

galbia the bossman himself, thanks again for buying me. Really chill guy and great manager, too bad you couldn't unleash yourself but I guess that would be too easy
FLCL Void Pearl Kiyo thanks for getting the job done despite being busy. FLCL your teams are hot fire, Pearl you are the ORAS PU goat for sure, too bad you started it so late or you would have dominated the past years.
Omfuga: easily the greatest BW player of all time, never once does a misplay. Genuinely awesome chat presence as well. Was lots of fun teambuilding and brainstorming with you, and watching you say "LOL" after every slightly funny thing as well
Feliburn: I know your record sucks, but you had a great attitude and played some really good stuff despite not knowing the tier, sorry for giving you dogshit teams lol
EviGaro UGH we really should have freed you, but it just didn't work out. Great team support and cheerleader though, next year you're going 6-0 for sure
Twix: Clutchwix. Was a super enjoyable experience teambuilding/testing with you, easily one of the most creative minds in the tier and a great player as well, although sometimes you took it too far (Scarf Emolga)
Lax: Very chill dude, love the effort you put into teambuilding despite being busy with other tours, came up with some super cute builds.

non-Stouts: all the Dedennes, you guys are easily my 2nd favorite team and have some of my favorite people on it. Shame you couldn't win, next time though. Also all the Brit users are really cute.

Slowbroth LordST TJ and whoever else continually destroyed me in test battles

Everyone else in the PU community, thanks for being awesome. You guys are the reason I still enjoy this game, and it's great that so many of you are still here after three years.
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Shoutouts Dedennes for tolerating me shitposting in the team chat and not contributing whatsoever for 6 weeks straight; you were all amazing and it's a shame it had to end like this. You all worked for this. It wasn't quite enough but you are all winners to me anyway. Shoutouts HJAD for telling me to sign up so he could meme away 3k on a player he never intended to start.

Special mention to Robert Alfons because I do in fact not play this game.
Time to do shoutouts ig

HJAD - Literally the worst manager ever oml... Nah but seriously thanks for being the one to draft me and make this the first Premier League that I've properly enjoyed (and gone positive in LOL). You were a dick, but also a GOAT leader and we almost won because of it; draft me next year too bby <3

Dibs The Dreamer - Legit one of my fave users on this site, you were always eager to help test and come up with new, and interesting, ideas. Rough late season for you but you showed PU what a beast you really are imo!

Taskr - Legit One Punch Man, fml... You were the MVP for the British side of the team and the MVP for our SM slots. Really good friend too and I'm glad HJAD managed to pick you up!

Teddeh - Really rough season, but people don't understand that 33k price-tag doesn't just translate into playing and winning. You did a lot of testing and building with our team, and were a great presence overall n_n You're also the person who really got me involved with people like HJAD, Taskr and Dibs too!

Quite Quiet - Legit my fave RO (rip) from NU, and overall one of the nicest people I've met on this site. Lazy af though smh, but yet you keep magically getting badges...

ggggd - Lol. 6-0. Lol. Jesus you were a fucking steal, great work dude and I really enjoyed your chat presence too bop.

Heysup - Lol. Another steal. Lol. You were also really good and you + Pablo basically solidified old gens every week.

snagaa - best trade ever, great player, great person, loves to get haxed. For serious though I enjoyed how much you contributed to the chat, even though we had our Brit-core.

Christo - Didn't really get to know you, but you 100% seem like a cool dude n_n!

Akir - Great host and really nice guy! Thanks for putting in the effort for this PUPL and congrats on getting PU Mod!

PursuitOfHappiny - Slave Trade, love you Jwittz <3

Sorry it's not long but w/e

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