Tournament PUPL VI - Player Signups

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Username: Luthier
Time zone: EST
Tiers played: SS SM
Availability: I will def be busy since I have a large exam in the fall. Won't have much time to build ( and I really don't even know how to in PU). But, I will always be ready to play n_n. Go tlenit1!
Username: Obstabooze
Time zone: GMT -8
Tiers played: SS PU
Monday through Saturday after 5:00 PM my time, and Sundays anytime.


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Username: Dreamcatcher
Time zone: GMT-7 (PDT)
Tiers played: SS PU > SM PU (Can also help with some BW building)
Availability: Finals next week, free afterwards
Draft me as a sub!
Username: TheZeku
Time Zone: GMT -6
Tiers played: SM, SS
Availability: Can make it happen after work, ending at 3pm.

I am committed to improving.
Username: MJ2020
Timezone: GMT-5
Tiers Played: any
Availability: between 10:00 am to 3:00 am next day, every day
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