Tournament PUPL VII - Week 6

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Deadline: Sunday, August 1st 11:59pm GMT-4


The Unscrupulous Scraggies (5) vs The Vicious Rends (3)
SWSH: termi vs Decem
SWSH: Sjneider vs TheFranklin
SWSH: Skysolo vs Expulso
SWSH: snaga vs mncmt
USUM: Finchinator vs LordST
ORAS: asa vs TSR
BW2: Shuckleking87 vs EviGaro
DPP: Raichy vs SergioRules


Deez Nuts Druddigons (6) vs The Snap Trappers (2)
SWSH: Sensei Axew vs chlo
SWSH: Bouff vs ez
SWSH: Punny vs Greybaum
SWSH: umbry vs ojr
USUM: Pak vs MZ
ORAS: tko vs Bobby Dagen
DPP: HSOWA vs Heysup


M.A.A.D City Magmortars (6) vs Moo Moo Milkers (1)
SWSH: pdt vs JabbaTheGriffin
SWSH: dahli vs Osh
SWSH: zS vs Vulpix03
SWSH: Raiza vs jonfilch
USUM: avarice vs HJAD
ORAS: ManOfMany vs Taskr
BW2: Bushtush vs Tack
DPP: Aliss vs Alkione


Happy Huntails (5) vs Fruity Frosmoths (3)
SWSH: Ktütverde vs Kink
SWSH: TJ vs robjr
SWSH: Lambovino vs tlenit
SWSH: PTF vs Z Strats
USUM: yandaud vs Xiri
ORAS: Ereshkigal vs Teddeh
BW2: Feaniix vs Lilburr
DPP: GeneralAnnoyance vs atomicllamas

No extensions will be given, and replays are required. Contact me or Specs if there is an issue with player scheduling or this post.​
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some Highlight game predicts:

USUM: Finchinator vs LordST (40-60)- This will be a great match vs two very strong SM PU players. LST may be the best builder in this tier, with teams that are always creative yet reliable. Additionally, he has played great in the past two games. Finchinator has tremendous experience in competitive mons in general, and he never rolls up unprepared. I slightly favor LST here because I think Finch has a tendency to overthink and that won't really work with LST's playstyle

ORAS: asa vs TSR (45-55)- Both these players are very comfortable in the tier, however, I think they both struggle with nerves during the matches. Asa looked strong vs Rodri and also has played well during this tour, despite some instances of poor luck. However, I do think TSR's builds have been a little more reliable overall, so I lean towards him.

SWSH: Ktütverde vs Kink (70-30)- Ktut is considered one of the best PU players, although we have not seen much of him this tour.
Kink meanwhile brings out some very unorthodox teams that can trip up unprepared opponents. I think Ktutverde should win if he is properly motivated, but this will definitely be an interesting game to watch regardless.

SWSH: TJ vs robjr (55-45) - Both players are excellent competitors and have performed decently so far. I think Robjr is a slightly better player overall, but TJ's team definitely has better building support so should be able to edge it out.
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