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majestic pride.
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Welcome to Week 2! The deadline for this week will occur in June 23, 11:59 PM EST. No extensions, meaning that coinflips will be issued out in the event that both players make an equal effort to get their matches started. The main source of communication are expected to be from VMs, so make use of those when contacting opponents.

Please save the replays/logs of your matches or they will be considered null. Not only do they add some enjoyment for the spectators, but they can also be used for discussions pertaining to metagame development, among other things.

Managers, if you're issuing substitutes of players, be sure to post here explaining the details and I'll update accordingly. All substitute requests are subject to veto, so bear that in mind.

While not required, it's highly recommended that you submit your teams to me, as they help greatly in dealing with cases where a disconnection occurs. Have fun!

The Bodybag Blametruths (3) vs. The Jubilife Jumpluffs (5)
ORAS PU 1: Anty vs. c0mp
ORAS PU 2: Deej Dy vs. hollywood
ORAS PU 3: tennis vs. GasQuake
XY PU: Can-Eh-Dian vs. atomicllamas
BW PU: Haruno vs. -Tsunami- (sub)
FU: Mambo vs. Rowan (sub)
DPP NU: innovamania vs. Raseri
Manager: Montsegur vs. Magnemite

The Frivolous Fridges (3) vs. the Great Gastlys (5)
ORAS PU 1: Megazard Z vs. Dundies
ORAS PU 2: Robert Alfons vs. YABO
ORAS PU 3: GrimoireGod vs. Kingler12345
XY PU: Peef Rimgar vs. Teddeh
BW PU: migzoo vs. FLCL
FU: Slate. vs. sugarhigh
DPP NU: Bughouse vs. Kiyo
Manager: scorpdestroyer vs. Raiza.

The Maverick Marowaks (5) vs. The Shoegazing Stoutlands (3)
ORAS PU 1: HJAD vs. Natural Talent
ORAS PU 2: Spirit vs. 49
ORAS PU 3: New Breed vs. TewMew (activity)
XY PU: Mael vs. Adaire (sub)
BW PU: Official Fissure vs. Omfuga
FU: Realistic Waters vs. Kushalos
DPP NU: Finchinator vs. Sweep
Manager: WhiteDMist vs. galbia
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got johned standard marowaks

+Kushalos: we have to fight
+Kushalos: for pupl week 2
Realistic Waters: ah, didnt realise they posted it yet
+Kushalos: dell posted it
+Kushalos: literally 3 min ago
+Kushalos: lol
Realistic Waters: yeah I see it now lol
Realistic Waters: can we fight another day?
+Kushalos: are u ready?
+Kushalos: oh
+Kushalos: k
+Kushalos: :[

also new ranking alfons when


And now for something completely different
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confirming, should've just tried to hit 3 hydros and lost in a slightly manlier way
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