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Art by AmirAlexander
Hosted by tlenit & Akir

Welcome all to the first PUWC. This year, 12 teams are vying for the glorious title of PUWC. Who will rise to the top in the tournament of nations? It's time to find out!​

Standard Tournament Procedures:

The general tournament rules and guidelines can be found here.
Please read them very carefully.


This leads us with followed Semifinal pairings:


US NorthEast + Canada (5) - (1) US South

SS: Star vs Catalystic
SS: obii vs col49
SS: Bouff vs PinkDragonTamer
SS: Sensei Axew vs asa
SM: soulgazer vs ManOfMany
ORAS: Finchinator vs RawMelon
BW: EviGaro vs SBPC
DPP: Heysup vs Skysolo


Italy (3) - (5) US MidWest

SS: Punny vs Confide
SS: Tricking vs avarice
SS: g vs kythr
SS: Raiza vs Expulso
SM: Corckscrew vs MZ
ORAS: Haund vs Ho3nConfirm3d
BW: Averardo vs SergioRules
DPP: Micaiah vs atomicllamas

Deadline: 20th of December 23:59 GMT -5

Please contact your opponent as soon as possible.​
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US NorthEast + Canada (5) - (3) US South

SS: Star vs Catalystic
SS: obii vs col49
SS: Bouff vs PinkDragonTamer - pdt very good
SS: Sensei Axew vs asa - ASA IS FREED also sensei is a h*lsey stan
SM: soulgazer vs ManOfMany - ngl i really didn't have any faith in sm many but after his excellent performance (coupled with good building support) in the tiebreaker i'm gonna go with the upset here
ORAS: Finchinator vs RawMelon
BW: EviGaro vs SBPC - bw gobotier
DPP: Heysup vs Skysolo - heysup very very good

Italy (2) - (6) US MidWest - i actually realistically expect this to be a lot closer than the score may indicate, italy is super good and the series can go either way

SS: Punny vs Confide
SS: Tricking vs avarice - sorry ava '-'
SS: g vs kythr - already said it on disc several times but i've been extremely impressed with kythr's performance throughout the tour, galbia has been very solid too so this should be close
SS: Raiza vs Expulso - '-'
SM: Corckscrew vs MZ - italy can always be the upset here with some wild tech but i rate mz's consistency higher
ORAS: Haund vs Bag of Trixx - both are good but haund has been more consistent
BW: Averardo vs SergioRules
DPP: Micaiah vs brewfasa

grats for making it this far and gl to everyone and especially to the bw players they really need it


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US NorthEast + Canada (5) vs (3) US South

SS: Star vs Catalystic - better player, sry i dont have more to say :/ skill advantage/disadvantage doesnt matter as much in a rly bad mu, so bringing a threat star's team doesnt cover can probably give cata a chance, ive seen that happen to east a few times and there's certainly no guarantee that u can cover everything in a new meta

SS: obii vs col49 - if south convinces col to try (which seems somewhat likely, they're a pretty high-energy team) he can bring his teambuilding talents to innovate the meta and make something that does awesome vs standard. conveniently, gum/northeast tend to build v standard teams . ive seen this in nu snake like 2 weeks ago (+ all of RU Snake), his teams work so well.col's probably the better player anyways in spite of obii's good results this ssd.

SS: Bouff vs PinkDragonTamer - since hanging out with tlenit in taipans chat during ssd & learning the tier for slam playoffs pdt's been a very active pu builder, i like a lot of his 'innovations' and think he builds rly good teams. they're abt equal in skill as players, imo; bouff has more success historically but pdt has been in great form over the past few months. plus bouff is in like 3 circuit poffs so he has a lot on his plate

SS: Sensei Axew vs asa - sensei's 4-1 in this tour LOOL hold up, sensei = pu goat??

SM: soulgazer vs ManOfMany - dont know sm well, many's team last week was cool and he played ok (a few misplays but overall did well, esp relative to ktut's play) but soulgazer is still definitely the favorite

ORAS: Finchinator vs RawMelon - finch is def better player but i'll predict this upset on the grounds that:
1) US NE doesn't seem to have much ORAS support, gum/juno dont play it, evi can prob pass something but i know she hates oras as much as i do LOL so not sure finch will come in with much knowledge of how it works.
2) rawmelon just won with a cool team to help bring us south to the tiebreak, so i feel justified in predicting an upset (tho if finch tries hard to learn it this week he'll most likely get the win)

BW: EviGaro vs SBPC - predicting evi in bw is very straight forward here, esp since she was like 8-2 in pupl or w/e [and playing a guy that i dont think plays much official tiers at all]. honestly the biggest risk here is she does what happened in the sergio game, overpredicting what her opponent will do.

DPP: Heysup vs Skysolo - heysup is good, kinda tilted rn but he tends to dominate the old gen lower tiers, plus skysolo rly didnt make any aggressive plays in the tiebreak game when i think there were some very clear opportunities to do so and take the lead. as an example, heat waving > psychicing with 3% xatu, he was obviously not throwing out gabite bc your only ground resist was about to die. going victreebell on tang, and thus keepng ampharos healthy, gave skysolo better odds in the endgame; hed be able to throw the 14% ampharow at purugly and fish for a game-winning para. tldr dont love how he played the tb so picking the favorite, heysup. if heysup gets lucked im gonna be so sad man i see it happen all the time

i predicted 4-4 but i think us northeast is significantly more likely to win, one of the games i predicted for us south is an upset (rawmelon > finch) and another one is quite even (pdt > bouff) whereas id be surprised if us ne lost any of the games i predicted for them.

EDIT: turns out i just copied the royesk predict for sm when i stole his format. LOL it's actually 5-3 Northeast then mb

gl all go midwest
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lol im late

Italy (3) - (5) US MidWest

SS: Punny vs Confide - i kinda rate midwest's support more and i've liked confide's builds a lot so far so yeah. could go either way
SS: Tricking vs avarice - happened already
SS: g vs kythr - happened already
SS: Raiza vs Expulso - so true! probably the closest mu. could go either way but im gonna bold expulso bc i like his name more tbhh
SM: Corckscrew vs MZ - better support i think
ORAS: Haund vs Bag of Trixx - one is a britney stan and the other one isnt, not much else to say. sorry trixx :(
BW: Averardo vs SergioRules - averardo's the better player, and at this point of the tour idt meta knowledge is quite enough to offset that
DPP: Micaiah vs brewfasa - i think brewfasa's has been doing better so far, but even outside of that i'd probably consider him the better player

gl to both teams!!
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