QC Team and Rules of NU C&C

Hey guys, so as of today I'll be the new official leader of NU C&C. Zeb has been really busy lately and is passing the torch on. No real changes will be made to what we're doing do no need to worry about that.

I made a list of QC members because there is no announcements right now.

So for anyone needed to contact a QC member: here you go

Raseri (leader)
Dat Blast

if i forgot anyone sry just let me know :)

also welcome DTC back to QC!
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For anyone wondering, QC stands for Quality Control. Basically our job is to make sure that the analyses that go on-site are of the highest possible quality and include the most accurate, up-to-date information possible. The basic process is you will first reserve an analysis in the NU C&C Index and Reservations thread linked here. After reserving an analysis, you have one week to post a skeleton, which is a basic outline of what your analysis will ultimately look like when it's written up. From there, the QC members listed above will look at your skeleton and decide what needs changed. Once you have made the changes, you will need two QC stamps of approval. After you've received your two stamps, you will have two weeks to write up your analysis. Then, QC members will look at it one last time and give you a third and final stamp before the Grammar/Prose team looks at the analysis.

If you have any questions on the process, need a QC member to look at your work, or need one of us to help you out with your skeleton, feel free to VM one of us with you questions! :)

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