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Okay, so as we are all well aware, we might be getting a new member in the form of Salamense to ubers. My question is, how well do you think he'd perform in Ubers? I'm just curious is all...


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Salamence already seems some use in Ubers with its DD set, which has as advantage over Rayquaza the base 100 Speed and Intimidate, though that comes to an use in very rare occasions and Air Lock is just all around better. However, Rayquaza is clearly superior as a sweeper, so they are usually paired in an attempt to remove each other's counters (usually being Salamence the first one to come out and Rayquaza doing the cleanup).

I don't think there was a need to make a thread about this at all, especially because Salamence has an Uber analysis...


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We already know that Mence is effective if paired with Rayquaza (its in the analysis), so this sort of thread is not suitable for the subforum. If you wish to start a discussion thread on Salamence, please follow the directions in the appropriate thread. Thanks.
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