Pending Quicker way to punish on mobile


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Do you have suggestions for how this might be accomplished?


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Currently, one can use tabbing on computer to quickly get to a username faster, but there is no way to do something like this on mobile. It might be helpful to have something like this to not necessitate typing the full name out.
Can’t you just copy paste the name? Tbh, I never tab complete for punishments even on computer because tab completing is unreliable especially when someone is (unknown to us) impersonating.

Maybe we could have a button on the trainer card that pops up when you click someone’s name to automatically append the username to whatever is in the text box? Possibly inside the existing (...) list?
what might be nice for this is adding buttons that parse `/buttonban`, `/buttonmute`, and `/buttonwarn` upon click to other people's usercards, similar to what eien said
seems easier than recoding keys and the like.
edit re: copypaste, since i use mobile a lot, often it's kind of a pain in the ass to do that + sometimes won't give the copy option.
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