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As we all are well aware, Raihan is the single best character ever to be introduced in a franchise ever period. So I wanted to create a thread for the sake of giving him the appreciation, adoration, obsessive love he deserves and dump art of him and while his weather team is laughably bad and only has a drought Torkoal and Turtonator in his rematch, he is always hot :blobuwu:
Anyways here's some of my favorite art and reasons as to why he is to be loved by all, this is a threat.

Special shout out to all of these beautiful amazing artists who are amazing and I love them. I tried to source them, or at the very least link where I initially found the images ;-;

Also quick shout out to Duraludon being super underrated, this fanart is sick af.
his ^w^ :blobuwu::blobuwu::blobuwu::blobuwu::blobuwu:
he's also finally in the anime
he's a tol boi which makes fanart with Leon that much cuter cause Leon is smol :3
This is just the part where I dump the art I really like cause I have an obsession ;-;
And here are a few ones that I sadly don't have a source for ;-;

I use this as my wallpaper for pretty much everything lol

So yeah, stan Raihan. (Also Raihan x Leon needs to be canon, you can't hate me for spitting facts.) :blobuwu:
I have no shame in posting a thirst thread
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