Rain team... with a twist:) (OU)

Even though I love screwing around w/ my mono-poison team, I personally think that the rain team is the best overall team in 4th gen... when played right it can theoretically beat any other strategy. That said, while my current team is pretty solid, I'd like some help with minor changes (or major, who knows). If possible, though, I'd like to keep my team roster the same:)

Jirachi @ Damp rock (Serene Grace)
Jolly, 252HP, 252 Spd, 6 ATK

Rain Dance
Stealth Rock
Thunder Wave / Wish

One of the best leads in general, and certainly in the top 3 for rain dance leads. Always open w/ stealth rock since nothing OHKOs this guy except for obvious stuff which can be switched out of. Against Heatran leads, rain dance first then stealth rock/die. Thunder wave is always useful, but then so is Wish... I like to switch between the two for now but I'd like a definitive "better option".

Ludicolo @ Life Orb (Swift Swim)
Modest, 252 Spd, 252 SpATK, 6 HP
IVs: 30 Sp.ATK

Energy Ball
HP Electric
Ice Beam

Special sweeper #1, and with excellent coverage. Energy ball over grass knot is specifically for Vaporeon (and also Lanturn), who otherwise suck to fight in rain. HP Electric is only for Gyarados who otherwise is a pain, and the other two are self-explanatory.

Kingdra @ Life Orb (Swift Swim)
Modest, 252 Spd, 252 SpATK, 6 HP

Dragon Pulse
Rain Dance
Signal Beam

Special sweeper #2; I don't think I've ever seen a rain team without this guy. While he might possibly work better mixed, he is really effective as pure special, even w/ special Ludicolo on the same team. Water/Dragon is excellent coverage, and Signal Beam is solely for Celebi. He does struggle vs. stuff like Suicune and Blissey, but going mixed probably won't help beat Suicune as much. This is the one I'm least sure on...

Kabutops @ Life Orb (Swift Swim)
Adamant, 252 Spd, 252 ATK, 6 HP

Swords Dance
Low Kick
Stone Edge

Physical sweeper. Water/Rock/Fighting is great coverage, but I'm debating putting Aqua Jet or X-Scissor over Swords Dance since I never really use it. Tyranitar usually forgets this guy got Low Kick recently, and he's immune to sandstorm as well.

Rotom-C @ Choice Scarf (Levitate)
Timid, 252 Spd, 252 Sp.ATK, 6 HP

Shadow Ball
Rain Dance

A great rain dancer, with Trick to screw Blissey and co., and Thunder for rain abuse. Lawn mower form to maybe scare Swampert away, but it doesn't work as often as I'd like. This guy makes a great rain replenisher after he tricks something, but sometimes I like to keep it on for a quick Thunder, which hurts. I'm not sure, though, if Zapdos might fit better on this slot, ditching Trick for the ability to heal... Either way, a ghost on the team is always handy.

And finally,

Lucario @ Life Orb
Jolly, 252 ATK, 252 Spd, 6 HP

Swords Dance
Close Combat

This used to be CBScizor until I realized most of Lucario's counters (Gliscor, Hippowdon, Gyarados, etc.) get beaten by the rain team. Crunch over Ice Punch because the stuff Ice Punch beats (Dragons, Gliscor) also struggle with the rest of the team.

That's the team. As far as obvious threats:

Tyranitar - duh. He usually dies in 3 hits, even in sandstorm, but it's still annoying to lose your rain dance. Kabutops/Lucario both OHKO though. Hippowdon is also slightly annoying, but he can't take a Surf to save his life, so he's only a minor setback.

Celebi - Annoying, is the sole reason I run Signal Beam on Kingdra. Still walks all over Ludicolo and Kabutops:( Maybe X-Scissor?

Blissey - Thunder wave is probably my team's worst enemy:( Also, only 1/2 my team beats her (Rotom w/ Trick).

Abomasnow (lol) - Fortunately not seen often, but maybe even worse than Tyranitar due to the water resist. Otherwise he sucks and loses to most of the team, but still...

Suicune - Unless it's against Ludicolo, it sponges attacks fairly well. Maybe HP Super Effective on Kingdra?

I probably missed some threats, but usually I don't even make it to Lucario due to the rest of the team being so awesome.

Opinions? Comments? Suggestions?
@min min: Hydro Pump doesn't OHKO Swampert in the rain, even if Rotom-W is Specs.
(it deals 70.8% - 83.8% damage to the standard lead, 78.9% - 93% against CB Pert and only 54.5% - 64.4%/75.3% - 88.8% to the Curse/SleepTalk set).

Oh and btw doesn't the fact that you only have one poke to set up Rain Dance (Jirachi, as Rotom-c lacks Damp Rock and you have to trick away the scarf before succesfully using RD without being raped by Pursuiters) hurt your team? I mean if Jirachi is KOed you are left with three pokes (Kabutops, Kingdra and Ludicolo) that can't hurt most of standard teams without rain support.
Okay, fine, but it does a truckload of damage to Swampert without scaring it off. That's a pretty good counter if you ask me. And it works okay with Damp Rock too.
Does a "truckload of damage" with modest nature and Choice Specs but assuming he's running Choice Scarf/Damp Rock then he deals only 33.2% - 39.1% to Curse Pert while its Waterfall (WITHOUT boosts) deals 54.8% - 64.7% damage to Rotom-W, which means Swampert not only wins but can also set up one curse before OHKOing you after taking SR Damage! Once Ludicolo is gone Swampy sweeps this team with no problem. Also note that Ludicolo can't switch in on Swampert EQs more than twice since it takes 37% - 43.7% after every single switch... and this is without considering Life Orb damage...
As far as rain dancers; Jirachi and Kingdra both have it, and Rotom tricks scarf on something first before dancing. If something gets locked on Pursuit (or any dark move for that matter) that's an invitation for Lucario to come set up. Usually Rotom only comes out mid to late game, so it works out.

As far as Swampert, aside from Ludicolo I count on boosted water attacks from the other 2 sweepers. Him being slow helps here, as he can't really switch in on Kingdra, Rotom will trick him, and Kabutops has the sexy flinch chance w/ waterfall. I know that's not really the best answer, but simply checking Swampert usually works out in most games instead of outright countering him.
Have you ever faced something with Thunder Wave (like Blissey)?
EVERY single member of the team becomes dead weight once it's paralyzed or statused in general. Have you considered that an heal beller would really help you in these situations?

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