Raj's Sprite Gallery

s/o to Zephyr2007 for the art.

Hello everyone, I started making sprites few months ago, just for fun and I started doing it cause I was curious about how custom avatars are made. Later I found out the Content Creation forum on the website where I saw people displayed their own art work and sprites. So I thought I will do it too. :psysly:

I am not a professional pixel artist yet so all I've been doing is recoloring the original trainer and Pokemon sprites and adding both in a single sprite as it happens in custom avatars. Here are some of them :

Here are some trainer edits in which I tried to make a character from anime/movies :

That's all for the thread. I will update this whenever I make more of the sprites. Hope you liked them. Feel free to drop feedback and suggestions.
You can contact me if you have enough privileges for a custom avatar and want one, note that I can't make sprites from scratch yet. You are free to use all these sprites but don't claim them to be yours.

All the trainer and Pokemon sprites I used can be found here.
The app I used is this.

Thanks for checking out my thread~

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