Random Battle (LIVE!)

Thank you TI for helping with this!

Generation 4 Random Battles are now live! If you find any bugs or sets/combinations that should be added/improved, you can let us know in this thread.
Continually-updated Pending Bug/Suggestion List:

Pokemon without Sunny Day/Drought should not have Solar Beam.
Protect + Entry Hazard should not be a move combination.
Leech Seed + Roar should not be a combination.
Calm Mind + Light Screen should not be a combination.
Toxic Spikes/Stealth Rock should increase the chance to roll Focus Sash
Deoxys-D should have at least one of (Psychic, Night Shade, Seismic Toss) added to its movepool, for an attacking move without Psycho Boost's drawback
Deoxys-A should have Psycho Boost in its movepool as a powerful STAB
Head Smash should require Rock Head, if possible
Energy Ball + Solar Beam shouldn't exist (one to function in sun and one outside of it could sound nice, but those two + sunny day leaves you with just one moveslot for non-grass coverage / utility)
If Hydration can be rolled, Rain Dance + Rest should force Hydration.
Safeguard should be removed from Butterfree, who is a poor user of it due to its lack of Speed or defensive presence. Hidden Power Ground could be added instead.
Breloom should be given Sky Uppercut (or a similarly respectable BP Fighting-type move); Fighting-type attacks are an asset, but only (technician-less) Mach Punch and FPunch isnt ideal
Pokemon with one screen rolling Light Clay isn't necessarily bad but seems near-certain, if so this should be a somewhat reduced chance
Flareon has difficulty Restalking/Roaring due to its typing and questionable bulk; perhaps something resembling -Roar; +Superpower, +Fire Blast, +Overheat, +Double-Edge?
Palkia shouldn't have Stone Edge, it's not that strong/doesn't give enough useful coverage/isn't reliable enough
Delcatty: +Fake Out to help it be useful and work towards KOs (hard to get off that poor attack), +Shadow Ball to hit ghosts/steels at least somewhat
Dragon Dance + Toxic shouldn't exist
SD should either require a non-U-Turn physical attack or BP
Foresight should require rapid spin

Here is the fully updated list of movepools (github raws)

Here are the (not fully updated) Pokemon movepools in convenient form.
venusaur: energyball, sludgebomb, hiddenpowerfire, hiddenpowerice, powerwhip, earthquake, sleeppowder, leechseed, synthesis, swordsdance

charizard: fireblast, flamethrower, airslash, dragonpulse, hiddenpowergrass, flareblitz, earthquake, dragonclaw, thunderpunch, roost, swordsdance, dragondance, substitute

blastoise: surf, hydropump, waterspout, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, earthquake, rapidspin, toxic, rest, sleeptalk, roar

butterfree: bugbuzz, airslash, energyball, uturn, sleeppowder, stunspore, roost, substitute

beedrill: xscissor, uturn, poisonjab, brickbreak, nightslash, endeavor, toxicspikes, swordsdance

pidgeot: return, bravebird, heatwave, uturn, pursuit, roost

raticate: facade, crunch, suckerpunch, uturn, flamewheel, swordsdance, protect

fearow: doubleedge, return, drillpeck, uturn, quickattack, pursuit, roost

arbok: poisonjab, earthquake, aquatail, seedbomb, crunch, suckerpunch, glare

pikachu: thunderbolt, surf, grassknot, hiddenpowerice, volttackle, fakeout, focuspunch, substitute, encore, nastyplot

raichu: thunderbolt, focusblast, surf, grassknot, hiddenpowerice, volttackle, endeavor, encore, nastyplot, substitute, endure

sandslash: earthquake, stoneedge, xscissor, nightslash, rapidspin, stealthrock, toxic, swordsdance

nidoqueen: earthquake, poisonjab, sludgebomb, fireblast, icebeam, superfang, stealthrock, toxicspikes, taunt, roar

nidoking: earthquake, poisonjab, megahorn, stoneedge, suckerpunch, thunderpunch, sludgebomb, earthpower, fireblast, icebeam, thunderbolt, pursuit, stealthrock, toxicspikes, taunt

clefable: fireblast, icebeam, thunderbolt, doubleedge, facade, meteormash, seismictoss, stealthrock, encore, trick, softboiled, wish, protect, bellydrum, calmmind, cosmicpower, aromatherapy

ninetales: fireblast, flamethrower, energyball, hiddenpowerrock, willowisp, hypnosis, toxic, nastyplot, substitute, painsplit

wigglytuff: seismictoss, counter, stealthrock, wish, protect, thunderwave, healbell, reflect, lightscreen

crobat: bravebird, crosspoison, uturn, sludgebomb, airslash, heatwave, hiddenpowerfighting, superfang, pursuit, hypnosis, toxic, taunt, roost, nastyplot

vileplume: energyball, sludgebomb, hiddenpowerfire, sleeppowder, stunspore, toxic, leechseed, moonlight, aromatherapy, sunnyday, solarbeam

bellossom: energyball, leafstorm, sludgebomb, hiddenpowerfire, hiddenpowerground, sleeppowder, stunspore, toxic, leechseed, moonlight, aromatherapy, sunnyday, solarbeam

parasect: xscissor, seedbomb, pursuit, spore, stunspore, leechseed, synthesis, aromatherapy

venomoth: bugbuzz, sludgebomb, psychic, energyball, uturn, toxicspikes, sleeppowder, stunspore, roost, agility, substitute, batonpass

dugtrio: earthquake, stoneedge, suckerpunch, nightslash, stealthrock, substitute

persian: return, bite, uturn, swift, waterpulse, darkpulse, fakeout, hypnosis, taunt, switcheroo, nastyplot

golduck: hydropump, surf, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, hypnosis, encore, calmmind

primeape: closecombat, stoneedge, earthquake, icepunch, uturn, punishment, encore

arcanine: flareblitz, closecombat, extremespeed, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerice, willowisp, toxic, morningsun

poliwrath: waterfall, brickbreak, icepunch, toxic, encore, bulkup, rest, sleeptalk, substitute, focuspunch

politoed: surf, hydropump, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, hypnosis, toxic, encore

alakazam: psychic, focusblast, shadowball, signalbeam, hiddenpowerfire, encore, trick, calmmind, substitute

machamp: dynamicpunch, stoneedge, icepunch, payback, bulletpunch, bulkup, substitute

victreebel: powerwhip, suckerpunch, energyball, sludgebomb, sleeppowder, sunnyday, solarbeam, weatherball, growth, swordsdance

tentacruel: hydropump, surf, sludgebomb, icebeam, hiddenpowerelectric, waterfall, poisonjab, knockoff, rapidspin, toxicspikes, toxic, swordsdance

golem: stoneedge, earthquake, doubleedge, suckerpunch, explosion, stealthrock, substitute

rapidash: flareblitz, megahorn, hiddenpowergrass, hypnosis, sunnyday, solarbeam, morningsun, agility, substitute, batonpass

slowbro: surf, psychic, fireblast, icebeam, grassknot, toxic, thunderwave, trick, slackoff, calmmind, trickroom

slowking: surf, psychic, fireblast, icebeam, grassknot, thunderwave, toxic, trick, slackoff, nastyplot, calmmind, trickroom

magnezone: thunderbolt, flashcannon, hiddenpowerice, explosion, thunderwave, substitute, magnetrise

farfetchd: return, bravebird, leafblade, roost, swordsdance, agility, batonpass

dodrio: doubleedge, return, bravebird, quickattack, pursuit, roost, agility, batonpass

dewgong: surf, icebeam, waterfall, aquajet, iceshard, toxic, raindance, rest

muk: poisonjab, firepunch, icepunch, brickbreak, payback, explosion, shadowsneak, curse, rest, sleeptalk

cloyster: iciclespear, rockblast, surf, iceshard, rapidspin, spikes, toxicspikes

gengar: shadowball, sludgebomb, focusblast, thunderbolt, energyball, explosion, hypnosis, trick, substitute, disable, painsplit, destinybond

steelix: ironhead, gyroball, earthquake, stoneedge, stealthrock, toxic, curse, roar

hypno: psychic, shadowball, zenheadbutt, firepunch, seismictoss, thunderwave, toxic, wish, protect, healbell, nastyplot, batonpass, trickroom

kingler: crabhammer, superpower, return, xscissor, rockslide, swordsdance, agility, substitute

electrode: thunderbolt, hiddenpowerice, explosion, taunt, raindance, thunder

exeggutor: energyball, leafstorm, psychic, hiddenpowerfire, explosion, sleeppowder, stunspore, leechseed, synthesis

marowak: earthquake, bonemerang, stoneedge, doubleedge, firepunch, substitute

hitmonlee: closecombat, highjumpkick, earthquake, stoneedge, blazekick, suckerpunch, machpunch, fakeout, substitute

hitmonchan: closecombat, drainpunch, stoneedge, icepunch, machpunch, rapidspin, bulkup, substitute

hitmontop: closecombat, revenge, stoneedge, suckerpunch, machpunch, bulletpunch, fakeout, pursuit, rapidspin, toxic, bulkup

lickilicky: return, bodyslam, powerwhip, earthquake, hanmerarm, fireblast, shadowball, explosion, counter, knockoff, toxic, wish, protect, swordsdance, curse, healbell

weezing: sludgebomb, fireblast, thunderbolt, willowisp, toxic, haze, rest, sleeptalk, painsplit

rhyperior: earthquake, stoneedge, rockblast, megahorn, avalanche, aquatail, stealthrock, roar

blissey: flamethrower, icebeam, seismictoss, counter, stealthrock, toxic, thunderwave, softboiled, wish, protect, aromatherapy

tangrowth: energyball, leafstorm, focusblast, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowerrock, powerwhip, earthquake, knockoff, sleeppowder, stunspore, leechseed, synthesis

kangaskhan: return, doubleedge, earthquake, hammerarm, suckerpunch, fakeout, substitute, focuspunch, wish

kingdra: hydropump, dragonpulse, dracometeor, icebeam, outrage, waterfall, dragondance, focusenergy, substitute, rest, sleeptalk

seaking: aquatail, waterfall, megahorn, return, hydropump, icebeam, raindance

starmie: surf, hydropump, psychic, icebeam, thunderbolt, rapidspin, trick, recover, reflect, lightscreen

mrmime: psychic, thunderbolt, shadowball, hiddenpowerfighting, thunderwave, encore, trick, calmmind, substitute, batonpass, healingwish

scizor: bugbite, uturn, bulletpunch, superpower, pursuit, roost, swordsdance, batonpass

jynx: icebeam, psychic, focusblast, shadowball, energyball, lovelykiss, trick, nastyplot, substitute

electivire: thunderpunch, earthquake, crosschop, icepunch, firepunch, thunderbolt, flamethrower, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowergrass, substitute

magmortar: fireblast, flamethrower, focusblast, thunderbolt, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerice, taunt, substitute

pinsir: xscissor, closecombat, earthquake, stoneedge, quickattack, stealthrock, swordsdance

tauros: return, doubleedge, earthquake, stoneedge, payback, pursuit

gyarados: waterfall, bounce, earthquake, stoneedge, icefang, thunderwave, dragondance, rest, sleeptalk, substitute, roar

lapras: icebeam, surf, thunderbolt, waterfall, avalanche, return, iceshard, toxic, dragondance, curse, healbell, substitute, rest, sleeptalk

ditto: transform

vaporeon: surf, hydropump, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, toxic, wish, protect, raindance, rest, acidarmor, substitute, batonpass, roar

jolteon: thunderbolt, shadowball, signalbeam, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerice, chargebeam, yawn, substitute, batonpass

flareon: fireblast, superpower, return, hiddenpowergrass, yawn

espeon: psychic, shadowball, signalbeam, hiddenpowerfighting, trick, morningsun, calmmind, substitute, wish, batonpass, healbell

umbreon: payback, toxic, moonlight, curse, wish, protect, baton pass, heal bell

leafeon: leafblade, xscissor, return, yawn, swordsdance, substitute, wish, batonpass, heal bell, roar

glaceon: icebeam, shadowball, hiddenpowerground, toxic, wish, protect

porygon2: triattack, icebeam, discharge, thunderbolt, toxic, thunderwave, trick, recover, trickroom

porygonz: triattack, icebeam, thunderbolt, darkpulse, hiddenpowerfighting, trick, nastyplot, agility

omastar: surf, hydropump, icebeam, earthpower, hiddenpowerelectric, stealthrock, spikes, toxicspikes, raindance

kabutops: stoneedge, waterfall, return, lowkick, aquajet, rapidspin, stealthrock, toxic, swordsdance

aerodactyl: stoneedge, rockslide, earthquake, aquatail, firefang, stealthrock, taunt, roost

snorlax: return, bodyslam, earthquake, crunch, firepunch, selfdestruct, pursuit, curse, rest, sleeptalk, whirlwind

articuno: icebeam, toxic, substitute, roost, healbell, roar

zapdos: thunderbolt, discharge, heatwave, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerice, toxic, roost, agility, substitute, batonpass

moltres: fireblast, overheat, airslash, hiddenpowergrass, uturn, willowisp, toxic, roost, substitute

dragonite: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, extremespeed, firepunch, dracometeor, fireblast, thunderwave, dragondance, roost, substitute, roar

mewtwo: psychic, fireblast, icebeam, thunderbolt, aurasphere, selfdestruct, taunt, trick, recover, calmmind, substitute

mew: psychic, fireblast, flamethrower, icebeam, aurasphere, darkpulse, zenheadbutt, earthquake, brickbreak, icepunch, uturn, explosion, stealthrock, thunderwave, willowisp, toxic, hypnosis, taunt, trick, softboiled, nastyplot, swordsdance, rockpolish, batonpass, transform

meganium: energyball, seedbomb, earthquake, toxic, grasswhistle, leechseed, synthesis, aromatherapy, swordsdance, reflect, lightscreen

typhlosion: eruption, fireblast, flamethrower, focusblast, extrasensory, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerground

feraligatr: waterfall, earthquake, return, lowkick, crunch, icepunch, aquajet, hydropump, swordsdance, dragondance

furret: return, doubleedge, aquatail, suckerpunch, icepunch, firepunch, brickbreak, shadowclaw, uturn, quickattack, superfang, trick

noctowl: airslash, heatwave, nightshade, toxic, roost, reflect, lightscreen, whirlwind

ledian: uturn, knockoff, toxic, encore, roost, swordsdance, agility, batonpass, reflect, lightscreen

ariados: xscissor, poisonjab, suckerpunch, shadowsneak, toxicspikes, toxic, swordsdance, agility, spiderweb, batonpass

lanturn: surf, hydropump, thunderbolt, discharge, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, thunderwave, healbell

togekiss: airslash, fireblast, aurasphere, thunderwave, encore, roost, wish, nastyplot, batonpass, healbell

xatu: psychic, heatwave, shadowball, hiddenpowerfighting, nightshade, uturn, thunderwave, toxic, trick, roost, wish, calmmind, batonpass, reflect, lightscreen

ampharos: thunderbolt, discharge, focusblast, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowergrass, thunderwave, healbell, reflect

azumarill: waterfall, return, doubleedge, superpower, icepunch, aquajet, bellydrum

sudowoodo: stoneedge, earthquake, woodhammer, hammerarm, suckerpunch, explosion, stealthrock

jumpluff: energyball, uturn, sleeppowder, toxic, leechseed, encore, synthesis, substitute

ambipom: return, seedbomb, lowkick, payback, uturn, fakeout, pursuit, switcheroo

sunflora: energyball, leafstorm, earthpower, sunnyday, solarbeam, hiddenpowerfire

yanmega: bugbuzz, airslash, hiddenpowerground, hiddenpowerfire, uturn, protect

quagsire: earthquake, waterfall, icepunch, toxic, yawn, encore, recover, curse

honchkrow: bravebird, suckerpunch, superpower, heatwave, pursuit, roost, substitute

mismagius: shadowball, thunderbolt, hiddenpowerfighting, willowisp, trick, nastyplot, substitute, destinybond

unown: hiddenpowerpsychic

wobbuffet: counter, mirrorcoat, encore, destinybond

girafarig: psychic, hypervoice, thunderbolt, thunderwave, toxic, calmmind, agility, substitute, batonpass

forretress: gyroball, earthquake, explosion, rapidspin, stealthrock, toxicspikes, spikes

dunsparce: headbutt, bodyslam, rockslide, bite, thunderwave, roost

gliscor: earthquake, stoneedge, icefang, stealthrock, taunt, roost, swordsdance, toxic, substitute, protect

granbull: return, closecombat, crunch, icepunch, thunderwave, healbell

qwilfish: waterfall, poisonjab, aquajet, explosion, spikes, toxicspikes, thunderwave, taunt, swordsdance, raindance, destinybond, painsplit

shuckle: knockoff, stealthrock, toxic, encore, rest

heracross: megahorn, closecombat, stoneedge, facade, nightslash, swordsdance

weavile: nightslash, icepunch, lowkick, brickbreak, iceshard, pursuit, fakeout, swordsdance

ursaring: facade, closecombat, crunch, firepunch, protect, swordsdance

magcargo: fireblast, lavaplume, hiddenpowerrock, earthpower, hiddenpowergrass, stealthrock, willowisp, toxic, recover

mamoswine: earthquake, stoneedge, superpower, iceshard, endeavor, stealthrock

corsola: surf, powergem, explosion, stealthrock, toxic, recover

octillery: surf, waterspout, fireblast, icebeam, energyball, waterfall, seedbomb, rockblast, thunderwave

delibird: aerialace, icepunch, seedbomb, brickbreak, iceshard, rapidspin

mantine: hydropump, surf, hiddenpowerflying, icebeam, toxic, rest, sleeptalk, raindance, haze

skarmory: bravebird, spikes, stealthrock, toxic, roost, whirlwind

houndoom: darkpulse, fireblast, hiddenpowerfighting, suckerpunch, pursuit, willowisp, taunt, nastyplot, substitute

donphan: earthquake, stoneedge, seedbomb, iceshard, rapidspin, stealthrock

stantler: return, headbutt, megahorn, earthquake, zenheadbutt, suckerpunch, bite, thunderwave, confuseray, hypnosis, gravity

smeargle: explosion, uturn, stealthrock, spikes, spore, destinybond, whirlwind, lunardance, taunt, bellydrum, nastyplot, spiderweb, substitute, batonpass

miltank: return, bodyslam, earthquake, hammerarm, stealthrock, milkdrink, healbell, curse

raikou: thunderbolt, aurasphere, hiddenpowerice, calmmind, substitute, raindance, thunder, weatherball

entei: flareblitz, extremespeed, ironhead, stoneedge, sunnyday, solarbeam

suicune: surf, hydropump, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerelectric, calmmind, rest, sleeptalk, roar

tyranitar: stoneedge, crunch, earthquake, aquatail, icepunch, fireblast, flamethrower, icebeam, pursuit, stealthrock, thunderwave, dragondance

lugia: aeroblast, icebeam, earthpower, toxic, roost, substitute, calmmind, whirlwind

hooh: sacredfire, bravebird, earthquake, thunderwave, toxic, roost, recover, substitute

celebi: psychic, energyball, earthpower, hiddenpowerfire, hiddenpowerice, seedbomb, zenheadbutt, uturn, stealthrock, trick, recover, nastyplot, calmmind, swordsdance, batonpass, healbell

sceptile: energyball, leafstorm, focusblast, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowerrock, leafblade, earthquake, xscissor, rockslide, synthesis, leechseed, substitute, swordsdance

blaziken: flareblitz, skyuppercut, superpower, stoneedge, thunderpunch, fireblast, overheat, hiddenpowergrass, vacuumwave, swordsdance, agility, substitute, batonpass

swampert: waterfall, earthquake, stoneedge, icepunch, avalanche, stealthrock, curse, rest, sleeptalk, roar

mightyena: crunch, icefang, firefang, suckerpunch, facade, superfang, toxic, taunt

linoone: bellydrum, extremespeed, seedbomb, shadowclaw, switcheroo, substitute

beautifly: bugbuzz, psychic, energyball, hiddenpowerground, hiddenpowerrock, uturn, stunspore

dustox: bugbuzz, sludgebomb, uturn, toxic, roost, whirlwind, protect

ludicolo: surf, hydropump, energyball, gigadrain, icebeam, toxic, leechseed, substitute, raindance

shiftry: seedbomb, suckerpunch, lowkick, explosion, energyball, darkpulse, hiddenpowerfire, swordsdance, nastyplot

swellow: bravebird, facade, return, uturn, quickattack, pursuit, protect

pelipper: surf, hydropump, airslash, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, uturn, toxic, roost

gardevoir: psychic, focusblast, thunderbolt, shadowball, willowisp, taunt, encore, trick, wish, calmmind, healingwish, trickroom

gallade: closecombat, drainpunch, zenheadbutt, stoneedge, icepunch, shadowsneak, trick, swordsdance, bulkup

masquerain: bugbuzz, airslash, hydropump, roost, agility, substitute, batonpass

breloom: superpower, skyuppercut, focuspunch, substitute, seedbomb, facade, stoneedge, thunderpunch, machpunch, spore, leechseed, swordsdance

slaking: return, doubleedge, earthquake, firepunch, nightslash, icebeam, pursuit

ninjask: xscissor, swordsdance, substitute, protect, batonpass

shedinja: xscissor, shadowsneak, suckerpunch, toxic, willowisp, swordsdance, batonpass, protect

exploud: hypervoice, overheat, fireblast, focusblast, icebeam, surf, shadowball, return, doubleedge, earthquake, hammerarm, crunch

hariyama: closecombat, revenge, payback, stoneedge, icepunch, fakeout, bulletpunch, bulkup

probopass: powergem, earthpower, explosion, stealthrock, thunderwave, toxic

delcatty: return, suckerpunch, icebeam, shadowball, fakeout, thunderwave, calmmind, wish, batonpass, healbell

sableye: nightshade, seismictoss, shadowsneak, willowisp, toxic, taunt, trick, recover

mawile: ironhead, crunch, firefang, suckerpunch, superfang, focuspunch, substitute, swordsdance, batonpass

aggron: headsmash, ironhead, earthquake, aquatail, lowkick, icepunch, stealthrock, thunderwave, rockpolish, protect

medicham: highjumpkick, zenheadbutt, icepunch, thunderpunch, fakeout, bulletpunch, trick

manectric: thunderbolt, flamethrower, overheat, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowergrass, chargebeam, thunderwave, switcheroo

plusle: thunderbolt, hiddenpowerice, nastyplot, substitute, batonpass

minun: thunderbolt, hiddenpowerice, nastyplot, substitute, batonpass

volbeat: bugbuzz, uturn, zenheadbutt, brickbreak, icepunch, thunderwave, toxic, encore, trick, roost, tailglow, substitute, batonpass

illumise: bugbuzz, thunderbolt, thunderwave, toxic, encore, roost, substitute, wish, batonpass

roserade: energyball, leafstorm, sludgebomb, hiddenpowerfire, spikes, toxicspikes, sleeppowder, synthesis, rest

swalot: sludgebomb, icebeam, earthquake, counter, toxic, yawn, encore, painsplit

sharpedo: waterfall, crunch, earthquake, hydropump, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, aquajet

wailord: surf, hydropump, waterspout, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, hiddenpowerelectric, selfdestruct

camerupt: fireblast, lavaplume, earthpower, stoneedge, earthquake, explosion, stealthrock, substitute

torkoal: lavaplume, earthquake, rapidspin, stealthrock, willowisp, toxic, yawn

grumpig: psychic, focusblast, shadowball, thunderwave, trick, calmmind, healbell

spinda: doubleedge, return, bodyslam, lowkick, suckerpunch, firepunch, shadowball, fakeout, flail, endure, teeterdance, hypnosis, trick, encore, wish, protect

flygon: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, stoneedge, firepunch, uturn, dracometeor, fireblast, roost

cacturne: seedbomb, suckerpunch, lowkick, energyball, darkpulse, swordsdance, spikes

altaria: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, fireblast, roost, dragondance, healbell

zangoose: return, doubleedge, closecombat, nightslash, quickattack, swordsdance

seviper: sludgebomb, flamethrower, gigadrain, poisonjab, earthquake, aquatail, suckerpunch, glare, switcheroo

lunatone: psychic, hiddenpowerrock, earthpower, icebeam, explosion, stealthrock, moonlight, rockpolish, calmmind, batonpass, trickroom

solrock: zenheadbutt, stoneedge, earthquake, explosion, stealthrock, willowisp, morningsun, rockpolish, batonpass, trickroom

whiscash: waterfall, aquatail, earthquake, stoneedge, bounce, surf, hydropump, earthpower, icebeam, toxic, dragondance, rest, sleep talk

crawdaunt: waterfall, crunch, superpower, return, xscissor, swordsdance, dragondance

claydol: psychic, icebeam, earthquake, rapidspin, stealthrock, toxic, reflect, lightscreen

cradily: seedbomb, rockslide, earthquake, stealthrock, recover, rest, toxic, swordsdance, curse, barrier

armaldo: xscissor, stoneedge, earthquake, aquatail, rapidspin, stealthrock, toxic, swordsdance

milotic: surf, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, hypnosis, toxic, recover, rest, sleeptalk

castform: fireblast, hydropump, thunder, icebeam, solarbeam, weatherball, sunnyday, raindance

kecleon: return, aquatail, lowkick, icepunch, shadowclaw, fakeout, suckerpunch, seismictoss, knockoff, stealthrock, thunderwave, toxic, trick, recover, trickroom, protect

banette: shadowclaw, suckerpunch, shadowsneak, willowisp, taunt, trickroom, destinybond

dusknoir: shadowpunch, earthquake, icepunch, firepunch, shadowsneak, pursuit, focuspunch, substitute, painsplit, willowisp, trickroom

tropius: energyball, leafstorm, airslash, hiddenpowerfire, leafblade, aerialace, earthquake, toxic, leechseed, substitute, roost, dragondance

chimecho: psychic, shadowball, hiddenpowerfighting, thunderwave, toxic, recover, calmmind, healingwish, trickroom

absol: nightslash, megahorn, superpower, psychocut, suckerpunch, pursuit, meanlook, swordsdance, batonpass

glalie: icebeam, earthquake, crunch, superfang, iceshard, explosion, spikes, toxic, taunt

froslass: icebeam, shadowball, thunderbolt, hiddenpowerfighting, spikes, thunderwave, taunt, trick, destinybond

walrein: surf, icebeam, earthquake, toxic, encore, roar

huntail: aquatail, return, hydropump, ice beam, suckerpunch, raindance

gorebyss: hydropump, icebeam, hiddenpowergrass, substitute, agility, batonpass

relicanth: headsmash, waterfall, earthquake, doubleedge, stealthrock, rockpolish

luvdisc: surf, icebeam, toxic, sweetkiss, protect

salamence: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, dracometeor, fireblast, roost, dragondance

metagross: meteormash, zenheadbutt, earthquake, thunderpunch, icepunch, grassknot, bulletpunch, pursuit, explosion, stealthrock, trick, agility

regirock: stoneedge, rockslide, earthquake, stealthrock, thunderwave, toxic, curse, rest, sleeptalk

regice: icebeam, thunderbolt, focusblast, thunderwave, rest, sleeptalk

registeel: ironhead, earthquake, seismictoss, counter, explosion, stealthrock, toxic, thunderwave, curse, rest, sleeptalk

latias: dragonpulse, surf, hiddenpowerfire, recover, calmmind, healingwish

latios: dracometeor, dragonpulse, psychic, surf, hiddenpowerfire, recover

kyogre: waterspout, hydropump, surf, thunder, icebeam, calmmind, rest, sleeptalk

groudon: earthquake, stoneedge, dragonclaw, firepunch, overheat, stealthrock, thunderwave, swordsdance, rockpolish, roar

rayquaza: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, extremespeed, dracometeor, fireblast, earthpower, dragondance, swordsdance

jirachi: ironhead, zenheadbutt, firepunch, icepunch, uturn, flashcannon, psychic, thunderbolt, stealthrock, thunderwave, trick, wish, protect, calmmind, healingwish

deoxys: psychoboost, icebeam, thunderbolt, superpower, extremespeed, firepunch

deoxysattack: psychoboost, icebeam, thunderbolt, superpower, extremespeed, firepunch, stealthrock

deoxysdefense: seismictoss, counter, mirrorcoat, spikes, stealthrock, toxic, thunderwave, taunt, recover, magiccoat

deoxysspeed: psychoboost, icebeam, superpower, spikes, stealthrock, taunt, lightscreen, reflect, magiccoat

torterra: woodhammer, seedbomb, earthquake, stoneedge, stealthrock, leechseed, synthesis, rockpolish

infernape: flareblitz, blazekick, closecombat, stoneedge, thunderpunch, uturn, fireblast, overheat, focusblast, grassknot, hiddenpowerice, machpunch, vacuumwave, stealthrock, taunt, swordsdance, nastyplot

empoleon: surf, hydropump, icebeam, grassknot, hiddenpowerelectric, stealthrock, toxic, roar

staraptor: bravebird, return, doubleedge, closecombat, uturn, quickattack, substitute, roost

bibarel: return, waterfall, quickattack, superfang, stealthrock, thunderwave, curse

kricketune: xscissor, brickbreak, nightslash, toxic, swordsdance

luxray: spark, superpower, crunch, icefang, firefang, thunderbolt, discharge, hiddenpowergrass, thunderwave

rampardos: stoneedge, headsmash, earthquake, zenheadbutt, crunch, firepunch, rockpolish

bastiodon: ironhead, stoneedge, fireblast, metalburst, stealthrock, toxic, roar

wormadam: signalbeam, energyball, leafstorm, psychic, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowerrock, toxic, protect

wormadamsandy: earthquake, bugbite, suckerpunch, toxic, protect

wormadamtrash: ironhead, gyroball, signalbeam, hiddenpowerfire, stealthrock, toxic, protect

mothim: bugbuzz, airslash, energyball, hiddenpowerfire, hiddenpowerground, uturn

vespiquen: attackorder, hiddenpowerground, toxic, roost, defendorder, substitute, protect

pachirisu: discharge, grassknot, superfang, uturn, toxic, thunderwave, lightscreen

floatzel: waterfall, return, crunch, brickbreak, icepunch, surf, icebeam, aquajet, switcheroo, bulkup, batonpass, raindance

cherrim: solarbeam, energyball, weatherball, hiddenpowerice, toxic, leechseed, aromatherapy, sunnyday

gastrodon: surf, earthpower, icebeam, earthquake, counter, mirrorcoat, toxic, recover

drifblim: shadowball, thunderbolt, hiddenpowerfighting, willowisp, hypnosis, trick, calmmind, stockpile, substitute, batonpass, rest, destinybond

lopunny: return, jumpkick, icepunch, fakeout, switcheroo, encore, agility, substitute, batonpass, healbell, healingwish

purugly: return, suckerpunch, shadowclaw, uturn, fakeout, quickattack, superfang, taunt

skuntank: crunch, poisonjab, suckerpunch, fireblast, pursuit, explosion, taunt

bronzong: psychic, earthquake, explosion, stealthrock, toxic, hypnosis, reflect, lightscreen, trickroom

chatot: hypervoice, chatter, heatwave, hiddenpowergrass, uturn, encore, nastyplot, substitute

spiritomb: darkpulse, shadowball, hiddenpowerfighting, suckerpunch, shadowsneak, pursuit, willowisp, trick, calmmind, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

garchomp: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, stoneedge, firefang, stealthrock, swordsdance

lucario: closecombat, earthquake, stoneedge, crunch, extremespeed, icepunch, aurasphere, flashcannon, psychic, darkpulse, bulletpunch, vacuumwave, swordsdance, nastyplot

hippowdon: earthquake, stoneedge, icefang, stealthrock, toxic, slackoff, stockpile, roar, protect

drapion: crunch, poisonjab, earthquake, aquatail, pursuit, toxicspikes, swordsdance, whirlwind, rest, sleeptalk

toxicroak: crosschop, drainpunch, suckerpunch, icepunch, sludgebomb, focusblast, darkpulse, fakeout, vacuumwave, swordsdance, bulkup, nastyplot

carnivine: powerwhip, return, crunch, sleeppowder, stunspore, synthesis, swordsdance, leechseed, substitute

lumineon: surf, icebeam, hiddenpowerelectric, hiddenpowergrass, uturn, toxic, raindance

abomasnow: blizzard, energyball, focusblast, hiddenpowerfire, avalanche, woodhammer, earthquake, iceshard, leechseed, substitute

rotom: thunderbolt, discharge, shadowball, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowerfighting, willowisp, trick, substitute, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

rotomheat: thunderbolt, discharge, overheat, hiddenpowerice, willowisp, trick, substitute, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

rotomwash: thunderbolt, discharge, hydropump, hiddenpowerice, willowisp, trick, substitute, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

rotomfrost: thunderbolt, discharge, blizzard, hiddenpowerfighting, willowisp, trick, substitute, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

rotomfan: thunderbolt, discharge, airslash, hiddenpowerfighting, willowisp, thunderwave, confuseray, trick, substitute, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

rotommow: thunderbolt, discharge, leafstorm, hiddenpowerice, willowisp, trick, substitute, painsplit, rest, sleeptalk

uxie: psychic, uturn, stealthrock, thunderwave, toxic, trick, healbell, yawn, reflect, lightscreen

mesprit: psychic, icebeam, thunderbolt, hiddenpowerfighting, hiddenpowerfire, zenheadbutt, firepunch, icepunch, uturn, knockoff, stealthrock, thunderwave, calmmind, trick, healingwish, trickroom

azelf: psychic, fireblast, thunderbolt, grassknot, zenheadbutt, icepunch, firepunch, uturn, explosion, stealthrock, trick, taunt, nastyplot, reflect, lightscreen

dialga: dragonpulse, dracometeor, fireblast, aurasphere, outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, stealthrock, bulkup, rest, sleeptalk, roar

palkia: spacialrend, dracometeor, hydropump, surf, fireblast, outrage, dragonclaw, aquatail, earthquake, thunderwave, bulkup

heatran: fireblast, lavaplume, magmastorm, earthpower, dragonpulse, hiddenpowergrass, explosion, stealthrock, willowisp, toxic, taunt, substitute, rest, sleeptalk, roar

regigigas: return, earthquake, firepunch, toxic, thunderwave, confuseray, substitute

giratina: dragonpulse, shadowball, aurasphere, willowisp, toxic, calmmind, rest, sleeptalk, roar

giratinaorigin: dragonpulse, dracometeor, shadowball, aurasphere, outrage, earthquake, shadowsneak, willowisp, calmmind, substitute, roar

cresselia: psychic, icebeam, thunderwave, toxic, moonlight, reflect, lightscreen, calmmind, magiccoat, rest, sleeptalk, trickroom, lunardance

phione: surf, icebeam, uturn, raindance, rest

manaphy: surf, icebeam, energyball, tailglow, raindance, rest

darkrai: darkpulse, focusblast, darkvoid, trick, nastyplot, substitute

shaymin: seedflare, earthpower, airslash, hiddenpowerfire, leechseed, substitute, rest

shayminsky: seedflare, airslash, earthpower, hiddenpowerice, hiddenpowerfire, substitute, leechseed

arceus: extremespeed, earthquake, shadowclaw, swordsdance, recover

arceusbug: xscissor, stoneedge, earthquake, judgment, icebeam, fireblast, earthpower, recover, swordsdance, calmmind

arceusdark: judgment, focusblast, recover, calmmind, willowisp, roar

arceusdragon: outrage, dragonclaw, earthquake, extremespeed, recover, willowisp, swordsdance, roar

arceuselectric: judgment, icebeam, recover, calmmind, roar

arceusfighting: judgment, icebeam, darkpulse, recover, calmmind

arceusfire: fireblast, flamethrower, spacialrend, icebeam, thunderbolt, recover, calmmind

arceusflying: judgment, earthpower, recover, calmmind, thunderwave

arceusghost: shadowclaw, shadowforce, extremespeed, brickbreak, judgment, focusblast, flamethrower, recover, stealthrock, willowisp, swordsdance, calmmind, roar

arceusgrass: judgment, icebeam, earthpower, stealthrock, thunderwave, recover, calmmind

arceusground: earthquake, stoneedge, extremespeed, judgment, icebeam, stealthrock, toxic, recover, swordsdance, calmmind

arceusice: judgment, icebeam, fireblast, earthpower, thunderbolt, recover, calmmind

arceuspoison: judgment, sludgebomb, focusblast, fireblast, icebeam, poisonjab, earthquake, waterfall, stealthrock, willowisp, toxic, recover, calmmind, swordsdance

arceuspsychic: judgment, focusblast, zenheadbutt, xscissor, brickbreak, recover, calmmind, swordsdance

arceusrock: stoneedge, earthquake, extremespeed, judgment, fireblast, icebeam, recover, willowisp, swordsdance, calmmind, refresh

arceussteel: judgment, flamethrower, earthpower, ironhead, earthquake, extremespeed, willowisp, recover, calmmind, swordsdance, roar

arceuswater: judgment, fireblast, icebeam, waterfall, dragonclaw, extremespeed, recover, calmmind, swordsdance
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Species -
Espeon, Alakazam line, Latios, Arceus-Psychic

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Butterfree, Venomoth, Beautifly, Dustox, Masquirain, Mothim

Remove -
Quiver Dance

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Burmy

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Electrode Line, Poochyena, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Glameow

Remove -
Foul Play

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Blastoise Line, Politoed, Tentacruel Line, Slowbro Line, Slowking, Vaporeon, Lanturn Line, Azurill, Quagsire Line, Corsola, Suicune, Ludicolo Line, Pelipper Line, Milotic Line, Empoleon Line, Gastrodon Line, Phione

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Tentacruel Line, Slowpoke, Vaporeon, Azurill, Corsola, Suicune, Lotad, Lombre, Pelipper Line, Milotic Line, Empoleon Line, Gastrodon Line

Add -

Reason: OG scald.


Species -
Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Articuno, Moltres, Dragonite, Pelipper Line,

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.

Will continue to update when I get some spare time.
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One of the main problems I ran into in Gen 2 was that some Pokemon had a lot of viable filler moves thrown in. The most important moves weren't given special treatment outside a few select exclusiveness rules, so you're often getting Pokemon without their main STAB move and with lots of filler moves instead. Granted, there are far more of these rules in the scripts of gen 4 and above, but these new metas are also far more complex. If you're going to keep the "gen 1 style" moveset generation, make sure to know which cases are covered in the tweaking scripts and, in general, avoid adding too many edge-case filler moves to the pool. Also, make sure that all Pokemon always get 4 moves when legitimately possible; I know NFEs are not relevant, but right now Charmander and Charmeleon would end up with 3 moves if Fire Blast is retrieved before either of the other fire-type moves.

All in all, I think a relatively simple improvement would be to enfore the choice of a certain move or combination of moves on each Pokemon. For example, Venusaur can have a Growth+GD+SB set, another SD+PW+EQ set, and another LS+Synthesis set. You'd start with one of these move combinations at random, then let the tweaking scripts do the rest to pick suitable moves.
One of the main problems I ran into in Gen 2 was that some Pokemon had a lot of viable filler moves thrown in. The most important moves weren't given special treatment outside a few select exclusiveness rules, so you're often getting Pokemon without their main STAB move and with lots of filler moves instead. Granted, there are far more of these rules in the scripts of gen 4 and above, but these new metas are also far more complex. If you're going to keep the "gen 1 style" moveset generation, make sure to know which cases are covered in the tweaking scripts and, in general, avoid adding too many edge-case filler moves to the pool. Also, make sure that all Pokemon always get 4 moves when legitimately possible; I know NFEs are not relevant, but right now Charmander and Charmeleon would end up with 3 moves if Fire Blast is retrieved before either of the other fire-type moves.

All in all, I think a relatively simple improvement would be to enfore the choice of a certain move or combination of moves on each Pokemon. For example, Venusaur can have a Growth+GD+SB set, another SD+PW+EQ set, and another LS+Synthesis set. You'd start with one of these move combinations at random, then let the tweaking scripts do the rest to pick suitable moves.
From what TI has told me, the gen4 random battle script he will create is poised to be a somewhat modified version of the existing gen5 script, which I presume should avoid these issues and account for the increased complexity.
Species -
Espeon, Alakazam line, Latios, Arceus-Psychic

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Butterfree, Venomoth, Beautifly, Dustox, Masquirain, Mothim

Remove -
Quiver Dance

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Caterpie, Metapod, Weedle, Kakuna, Wurmple, Silcoon, Cascoon, Burmy

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Electrode Line, Poochyena, Seedot, Nuzleaf, Glameow

Remove -
Foul Play

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Blastoise Line, Politoed, Tentacruel Line, Slowbro Line, Slowking, Vaporeon, Lanturn Line, Azurill, Quagsire Line, Corsola, Suicune, Ludicolo Line, Pelipper Line, Milotic Line, Empoleon Line, Gastrodon Line, Phione

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.


Species -
Tentacruel Line, Slowpoke, Vaporeon, Azurill, Corsola, Suicune, Lotad, Lombre, Pelipper Line, Milotic Line, Empoleon Line, Gastrodon Line

Add -

Reason: OG scald.


Species -
Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Articuno, Moltres, Dragonite, Pelipper Line,

Remove -

Reason: No such move in DPP.

Will continue to update when I get some spare time.
Implemented. Additional details of the implementation:
Gave Latios Psychic and Luster Purge
Gave Moltres Air Slash

i think it already had it lol
Did not make changes on NFEs that will not have sets (all of them), including all with Electroweb

I also finished moving the github moveset data into the more convenient listing beneath the hidetag
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EDIT: Implemented

- Cradily
Add: Barrier, Toxic
Remove: Stockpile

Stockpile is pretty bad; +1 Defense won't save you from the physical fightings/bugs/steels, you can take unstabbed Ice Beams anyway, and you can only boost up to +3/+3. Barrier is much more effective at deterring physical switchins. Toxic lets Cradily use Recover to break down bulkier foes its standard attacks won't.

This should handle all of the "no such move" cases. I generally didn't add new moves to replace unless an easy alternative (e.g. Scald->Surf) existed, or the Pokemon experienced a dire lack of moves.

Pure removals:

Remove: V-Create

No such move

-Blastiose, Steelix, Lickilicky, Meganium, Milotic, Dialga, Giratina
Remove: Dragon Tail

No such move

-Crobat, Jumpluff, Drifblim
Remove: Acrobatics

No such move

-Kangaskhan, Lopunny, Poliwrath
Remove: Circle Throw

No such move

-Weezing, Gastrodon
Remove: Clear Smog

No such move

-Arbok, Dunsparce
Remove: Coil

No such move

-Beedrill, Fearow, Rapidash, Dewgong, Seaking, Lapras
Remove: Drill Run

No such move

-Rapidash, Entei, Ho-Oh
Remove: Flame Charge

No such move

Remove: Heavy Slam

No such move

Remove: Icicle Crash

No such move

-Ambipom, Breloom
Remove: Low Sweep

No such move

Remove: Razor Shell, Shell Smash

No such moves

Remove: Retaliate

No such move

Omastar, Magcargo
Remove: Shell Smash
No such move

Clefable, Espeon
Remove: Stored Power

No such move

Magnezone, Jolteon, Lanturn, Ampharos, Forretress, Probopass, Manectric, Pachirisu, Rotom, all Rotom formes
Remove: Volt Switch

No such move

Remove: Work Up

No such move

-Nidoqueen, Gyarados, Dragonite, Lugia, Groudon, Giratina-Origin
Remove: Dragon Tail
Add: Roar

Dragon Tail doesn't exist, Roar is an alternative

Remove: Acrobatics
Add: Stone Edge

Acrobatics doesn't exist; its loss left only two attacks, SE makes Edgequake and is stronger than Ice Fang/gets other coverage

Remove: Flame Charge, Facade, Rest, Sleep Talk (it's entire moveset)
Add: Fire Blast, Superpower, Return, Hidden Power Grass

It doesn't learn Flame Charge, and the other moves are for a Guts set that doesn't exist yet. The four moves shown give it something usable until more is added.

Remove: Power Split
Add: Toxic

Power Split doesn't exist yet, and adding Toxic gives Shuckle four moves.

Remove: Psystrike
Add: Psychic

see psyshock, adding Psychic prevents total lack of STAB

Remove: Shell Smash, Baton Pass
Add: Ice Beam

Shell Smash doesn't exist, its absence makes BP pointless, and Ice Beam gives it four moves.

Remove: Shell Smash
Add: Agility

Shell Smash doesn't exist, Agility gives it something to Baton Pass (and since Sub/BP would otherwise be near-worthless, gives it four moves)

-Nidoqueen, Nidoking
Remove: Sludge Wave
Add: Sludge Bomb

Sludge Wave doesn't exist yet

Remove: Volt Switch
Add: Explosion

Volt Switch doesn't exist yet, Explosion gives 4 moves and is nice with such a fast mon under old Explosion mechanics
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EDIT: Implemented.

Some more de-gunking and focus on Pokemon with variety problems

-Raticate, Arcanine, Rapidash
Remove: Wild Charge

No such move

Remove: Wild Charge
Add: Thunder Punch, Thunderbolt

Wild Charge doesn't exist, STAB needed

Remove: Solar Beam
Add: Energy Ball

Solar Beam is for Drought, which it currently lacks

Variety (or both):

Add: U-Turn

Lets it maintain momentum and scout

Remove: Grass Knot
Add: Energy Ball, Rain Dance, Rest

Grass Knot is less reliable outside of Ubers and its heavy Pokemon. Rain Dance powers up STAB as well as activating Hydration for Rest, and supports certain teammates.

Add: Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses Cherrim's increased bulk to support the team.

Add: Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, Ice Beam

Aqua Tail gives desperately needed power, Hydro Pump also gets Rain boost and hits physical walls, ice beam hits dragons and such

Add: Hidden Power Grass, Sunny Day, Solar Beam
HP Grass and SunnyBeam give it ways to beat Water, Rock, and Ground-types. Sunny Day also powers up Morning Sun.
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EDIT: implemented

More primarily variety updates

Remove: Protect
no Speed Boost yet, sorry

Add: Thunderbolt, Spark
Remove: Wild Charge
missed this one it seems

Add: Crunch, Protect
Crunch lets it hit Ghost-types without needing them to attack, and Protect lets your status orb activate safely, for Guts/Facade.

Add: Rain Dance, Thunder, Hidden Power Grass
Uses its massive speed to set Rain, enabling Thunders and giving team support. HP Grass provides more coverage on Grounds, particularly the likes of Quagsire

Add: Bounce
Gives a better way of dealing with Grasses than Stone Edge, if you have enough boosts you can just kill what switches in on Bounce to tank it

Add: Hidden Power Grass, Charge Beam, Thunder Wave
An HP with different coverage on grounds/etc and an offensive+ a defensive option to punish switchins; those two importantly make non-choice sets usable (it was just switcheroo+3 attacks before) and predicting around you much less easy.

Add: Baton Pass, Protect, Toxic
BP lets you pivot (or if you're lucky, pass SD boosts), Protect scouts for random toxic/coverage that would kill you. Toxic helps you deal significant damage if you lack SD, and pairs well with Protect/priority/Sash. These additions also make Sucker Punch better, as it is less predictable and more useful.

Add: Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak
Gives non-TR sets more of a leg to stand on than the unimpressive destinybond/taunt/shadowclaw/willowisp possibility

Add: Aqua Tail, Rain Dance
Although a bit weaker than Hydro Pump, it comes off of that slightly higher Attack and is more accurate. In addition to boosting Water STAB, Rain Dance triggers Swift Swim.

Add: Energy Ball, Hidden Power Fire, Hidden Power Ground, Tailwind, U-Turn
Remove: Giga Drain

Energy Ball outranks Giga Drain, the Hidden Powers give some kind of coverage on Steels, Tailwind supports the team and alleviates an unimpressive 66 Speed, and U-Turn pivots you to live another day off that nice 94 attack (especially helpful after a Tailwind)

Add: Gyro Ball
You're really slow so GBall can often outdamage Iron Head, although the lower PP stinks. There really isnt much to work with to create less-superficial variety here.

Add: Focus Blast
Mono-Dark is better in Ubers than normal, Fblast gets coverage on Darks/Steels. Refresh is less key in a format less littered with Toxic stallers that actually have a chance of beating an Arceus

Add: Iron Defense
Even quakers that can take an Ice Beam are helpless now!

Add: Earth Power
Basically the case of Arceus-Dark with different types involved
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EDIT: Implemented

some tlc for the gen4 mons

Remove: Drain Punch
No 75 Base Power yet, rip. EQ gives much needed power. For specific steels that eq doesnt hit, Fire Punch is a much better secondary option (and is already there)

Add: Wood Hammer, Earthquake, Energy Ball
Remove: Giga Drain
physical versatility, and like drain punch, giga drain lacks the 75 power now

Add: X-Scissor, Night Slash
Remove: Bug Bite, Aerial Ace
No Technician yet, mate. Night Slash prevents Ghosts from walling you.

Add: Stone Edge
Remove: Rock Slide
And no Sheer Force for you...

Add: Encore, Heal Bell
Remove: Thunder Punch, Fire Punch, Quick Attack
Lopunny only has 76 Attack and has a massive support movepool, so I made the appropriate changes. I kept Jump Kick since it covers both Rocks and Steels, as well as Ice Punch for the great super effective coverage it provides.

Add: Super Fang, Thunder Wave
Stealth Rock sets now have better things to do than Quick Attack

Add: Iron Head, Stone Edge
Remove: Ice Beam
All these nice moves and none of them are STAB...

Remove: Hidden Power Fire
You have Ice Beam for grasses, and nothing else Fire hits SE wants to take a Hydro Pump (also you resist all of their STABs 2x or 4x)

Add: Taunt, Shadow Claw, Super Fang
Taunt is useful with your high speed and extant offensive presence, and Shadow Claw gives a less prediction-reliant way to handle ghosts than Sucker Punch. Super Fang helps you break bulky walls that don't mind much from you.

Add: Nasty Plot, Sludge Bomb, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, Vacuum Wave
Remove: Substitute
Sub isn't so hot on a Pokemon like Toxi that loves to setup and that isn't hyper-threatening off the bat. The Nasty Plot special set lets you take full advantage of his unpredictability and versatility.

Add: Toxic
Gives Storm Drain sets variety (Rain Dance is for Swift Swim), and pairs nicely with a fairly speedy U-Turn to maximize annoyingness/effectiveness

Add: Earthquake
Remove: Thunderbolt
Earthquake gives you a Steel-killing option boosted by Bulk Up and not lowered by Draco Meteor. Thunderbolt just pales in comparison to Dialga's vast options granted by its versatility. (I've also re-ordered its moves to make it easier to break down.)

Add: Aura Sphere, Bulk Up, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Dragon Claw
Remove: Thunderbolt
This helps it catch up to speed versatility-wise, but I'll pass on Restalk since you lack that awesome defensive typing Dialga has. Aqua Tail gives you another STAB for physical sets, one importantly more powerful than Dclaw that doesn't lock you in like Outrage.

Add: Magic Coat, Trick Room
Magic Coat makes Toxic users and hazard setters think twice, without you having to restalk for the former. With your massive bulk you can usually survive a mispredict. Trick Room + Lunar Dance is an awesome combination which usually supports at the very least one team member.

edits for any non-gen4s i see

Add: Surf
Remove: Hydro Pump
You don't get Hydro yet

Add: Fire Blast
Remove: Waterfall
Fire Blast lets you hit troublesome Steels and such with a high BP move on their Special Defense, making it better than Fire Punch if you lack DD. Waterfall fails the primary test of physical coverage moves, hitting Steels super effectively, and overall just isnt as beneficial as any other coverage move

Add: Self-Destruct
KABOOM, adds some color to the standard water/ice/hidden power moveset for waters

Add: Energy Ball
Remove: Giga Drain, Safeguard
Giga Drain is so weak, Safeguard is kinda bad when you have Aromatherapy and are fairly slow.

Add: Hidden Power Ground, Extrasensory
Remove: Nature Power
You dont get Nature Power yet, but why did you have it anyways? HP Ground and Extrasensory give additional special coverage.

Add: Stealth Rock, Encore, Knock Off
Remove: Acupressure, Rollout
A decent and non-gimmicky moveset
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I plan on re-ordering the movepools in the OP drop-down, for ease of use/analysis, generally according to this framework. Exceptions can be made, especially for combos (eg Thunder + Rain Dance).

The order is important, higher rules take priority.

1. Damaging moves go before non-damaging moves

For Damaging moves:
1. Niche moves (attacks too weak, costly, etc. to be "reliable") go last.
2. Moves coming off the most important attacking stat go first.
3. STAB moves go first.
4. More powerful moves go first, unless some drawback makes them a worse primary option (draco meteor etc. usually will go back, for hydro pump v. surf etc. it's usually case-by-case)

For Non-Damaging moves:
1. Entry hazards go first
2. Major status moves go first
3. Other moves that directly debuff the foe go first
4. Reliable selfhealing goes first
5. Moves that boost stats go first
6. Moves that benefit the entire team go first
7. Other self-buffing moves go first

Re-ordering done through: Completed!

Specific things I have noticed and added:

Add: Calm Mind
very useful to boost its mediocre power and differentiate it from other waters

Remove: Gunk Shot
only 70 acc this gen :/ just so unreliable

Add: Return
it had no STAB for some reason

Add: Baton Pass
good partner with protectless Wish and CM

Add: Discharge, Thunder Wave, Reflect
Spreading paralysis is great with your bulk and (lack of) Speed, Reflect makes you very bulky in conjunction with 90/90 special bulk + a single weakness while making Earthquake and the 75 Defense less problematic

Add: Belly Drum
Normally BD+Aqua Jet is incompatible at this point, but this is randoms! No compatibility issues here!

Add: Low Kick, Pursuit
A way to scratch Steels plus a Technician Pursuit to trap what a Technician Payback can't

Remove: Stockpile
This wasn't so hot even with Unaware, but you don't have that now

Remove: Hidden Power Grass
If I ever got this, I'd kick whoever reviewed this set (myself) for not giving me a more useful move, like Superpower (which hits Rocks anyway)

Add: Explosion, Gyro Ball
Remove: Bug Bite
KABOOM! The threat of Explosion alone makes exploiting you much trickier business. And if we're going to have a STAB, at least use the strong one...

Remove: Glare
Paralyzing Grounds is cute and all, but you're not actually going to be able to hurt them much... You have enough dice roll troubles as is.

Remove: Stockpile
Like Magcargo itself, this option appears to be hot garbage.

Add: Explosion
You can't do much besides wannabe stall so why not go out with some pop?

Add: Brick Break, Seed Bomb
Brick Break hits Rocks and Steels, Seed Bomb hits Rocks and Waters. You don't have a ton of options here.

Add: Hidden Power Flying, Haze
Remove: Air Slash
you don't get Air Slash yet, and Haze lets you use your massive special bulk to stop setup sweppers/baton passers.

Add: Toxic
gives you a way to deal damage besides a Brave Bird of dubious power/coverage

Add: Stone Edge
Remove: Head Smash, Superpower
you don't get rock head now... or ever, actually. these major bulk-reducing options dont really fit well.

Add: Explosion, Lunar Dance, Taunt, Belly Drum, Nasty Plot, Spider Web, Substitute, Baton Pass
Variety, ho! Explosion and Lunar Dance give you ways to preserve momentum when your time is up, in addition to being the most stylish ways to spinblock. Everything else is primarily for BP, although Taunt could perhaps have other uses off that decent 75 speed.

Add: Rain Dance, Thunder, Weather Ball
These moves combine to make Raikou an excellent weather supporter/sweeper and give it much-needed variety.

Add: Sunny Day, Solar Beam
Needs variety? Able to become a weather supporter/sweeper? Few sun sweepers can boast Entei's physical power with a sun-boosted Flare Blitz, while able to back it up with Solar Beam and the rare Stone Edge to maim opposing Fires.

Add: Aeroblast, Earth Power, Calm Mind
Remove: Roar
Adding Roar was a redundant mistake by me. Aeroblast gives STAB and Earth Power hits troublesome Rocks/Steels. These give Lugia much more offensive presence, especially bolstered by CM that is easier to set up thanks to your speed, Roost, and fast phazing.

Add: Thunder Wave
In addition to spicing up the moveset, Twave lets Ho-Oh cripple fast switchins. It has good sync with Sacred Fire, as few Grounds want to risk the burn.

Add: Agility, Thunder Punch, Stone Edge, Superpower, Sky Uppercut, Fire Blast, Hidden Power Grass, Vacuum Wave
Remove: High Jump Kick, Protect, Brave Bird
Big rework. No HJK or Speed Boost yet, and Brave Bird is pretty redundant coverage with Fire. Agility gives you now more-needed Speed and something else to Baton Pass, Thunder Punch/Stone Edge nails Waters/Fire+Flying resp., and SP/SU give Fighting STAB. Fire Blast + HP Grass and Vacuum Wave let you go mixed.

Remove: Superpower
Coverage isn't essential, and the drops sync terribly with most of your other moves

Add: Facade, Super Fang, Toxic, Taunt
Remove: Howl
Howl looks very amateur and the boost will probably not be enough to significantly frighten the many pokemon in Randoms that can manhandle Mightyena's 70/70/60 bulk and 70 speed. Facade takes advantage of Quick Feet, which remedies one problem in Speed, and the rest do something to deter bulkier threats.

Add: U-Turn
A pathetic 50 SpA gives you few ways to deal with counters, so U-Turn semi-gives a way for Dustox to handle the steels/poisons/not-delibird-tier-weak Pokemon that vex him

-Shiftry, Camerupt
Add: Explosion
Remove: Nature Power (Shiftry)
Nature Power? Tri Attack stinks lol. Explosion is itself, so good for both in mixed sets especially.

Add: Agility
Gives it a stat-boosting move to Baton Pass in lieu of Quiver Dance

Add: Seed Bomb, Facade, Superpower, Sky Uppercut
Remove: Bullet Seed, Low Sweep
You don't get Low Sweep or Technician, Seed Bomb gives STAB, and Facade lets you abuse the Toxic Orb that will be even more common now. The Fighting moves give you STAB more reliable than Focus Punch.

Remove: Giga Impact
theoretically painless since you cant act the second turn anyways, but you can switch, however...

Add: Calm Mind, Shadow Ball, Baton Pass, Heal Bell
Remove: Zen Headbutt
Zen Headbutt is extremely weak and overall not that useful. CM gives you something besides Wish to use with the new Baton Pass, Shadow Ball can actually somewhat threaten Ghosts after a Boost (your best Normal Special move is Swift, so just go for Return), and Heal Bell lets you support your team somewhat.

Add: Focus Punch, Sucker Punch, Super Fang
Focus Punch is a good fit with Substitute and Steel typing, while the latter two let you somewhat threaten fast/bulky Pokemon respectively.

Remove: Drain Punch
Your goal as Pure Power Medicham is to deal maximum damage as fast as you can, and a 60 BP STAB doesn't get that done.

Remove: Substitute
This feels like a filler move on a Pokemon that needs none

Add: Low Kick
Remove: Drain Punch
Low Kick gives the power SD needs, more than Drain Punch's 60.

Add: Heal Bell
Great support option bolstering non-DD sets

Add: Poison Jab
Gives physical STAB, making mixed sets even less predictable, and making Band Switcheroo feasible o3o

Add: Return, X-Scissor
Its moveset did it no favors, as it was near-guaranteed to have an attack-boosting setup move and Superpower as coverage... these options give it less painful coverage, good neutral coverage overall or on grasses/darks in particular respectively

Add: Rest
Gives Curse/Barrier a way to deal with Toxic

Add: Trick Room, Fake Out, Seismic Toss, Shadow Claw, Aqua Tail, Ice Punch, Low Kick, Trick, Knock Off, Toxic, Protect

Somebody with this expansive a movepool only had 5 options? Trick Room abuses your low speed and decent bulk to help yourself and particularly the team, Fake Out comes off STAB and decent Attack to pick off threats (perhaps together with Sucker Punch?), Seismic Toss deals consistent damage against bulkier foes not scared of 90 Attack, Knock Off and Toxic provide good support (the latter especially good with Recover), Protect scouts for Sucker Punch windows and things that would exploit your Color Change, and the other attacks+Trick enable Choice Band shenanigans. Shadow Claw gives ghosts that would try to (indirectly, as you're immune to it) make you Ghost type a big surprise, Aqua Tail hits bulky Rocks/Grounds, Ice Punch hits Dragons that would make you Dragon, and Low Kick hits bulky rocks/steels.

Add: Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Pursuit, Trick Room
Remove: Ice Beam
Beam over Punch doesn't make much sense, and this adds a few attacks plus Trick for offensive/band sets as well as the coveted Trick Room, which is excellent on such a bulky and slow Pokemon.

Remove: Wish
You already have Recover, and 65 HP isn't anything special. A pity you cant use Baton Pass for it and CM...

Remove: Substitute
Intended for Hail stall, which you generally won't get, and anytime you could Substitute otherwise is a time to Spike/paralyze

Add: Earthquake, Encore
Remove: Substitute, Protect
Same problem as Froslass but you need to dig in deeper. After you remove SubProtect, you're down to four moves. Earthquake has great coverage with Ice Beam and comes off a decent 80 Attack, and Encore proves to be a nasty surprise for defensive Pokemon or sweepers that must setup to break you.

Remove: Wish
90% of the time a reliably healthy latias outranks an unreliably healthy latias + a kind of reliably healthy teammate

Add: Earthquake, Fire Blast
It seems this Rayquaza moveset relied a bit much on the currently nonexistent V-Create

Add: Zen Headbutt, Trick, Healing Wish, Thunderbolt, Protect
Remove: Thunder
Some additional tricks plus Tbolt over Thunder for much-needed accuracy and Protect for Wish

Remove: Agility
A choice very optimized for Ubers that is very strange to maintain here

Remove: Trick
Apparently for a niche BW set, this could work with Specs in theory but you're Deoxys-S, set hazards or screens

Add: Rock Polish
An excellent boosting choice nearly tailored to it, very surprised that it wasnt included

Remove: Protect
A pretty poor fit, since generally when you'd want to Protect, you either have something better to be doing (Rocks? Roar? Toxic? Metal Burst?) or the opponent will switch into a Ground/Fighting/etc.

Add: Hidden Power Ground
To ensure that you arent guaranteed to be helpless against Steels/Poisons

Add: Rain Dance, Surf, Ice Beam
Rain Dance (swift swim and 100+ speed and possible team support) and special moves increase his rather large versatility

Add: Hidden Power Ground, Hidden Power Fire
Options to dispatch Steels better

Add: Explosion, Magma Storm
Special, schmecial, no wall is safe with these two abound.

Add: Fire Blast, Grass Knot
Gives CM sets something besides mono-attacker, Rock is worse than Dark for monoattacking cm since its rather worse defensively. Fire Blast is reliably powerful and gets Steels + good neutral coverage with Rock, while GK nails fat Grounds/Waters
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I did a poll in the Showdown Ruins of Alph Room regarding Arceus and set variety.

Right now in Gen. 4 Random Battles, all Arceus can get Calm Mind, while certain ones can get Swords Dance or support. What should happen now?

1. No Change (33 votes) 32%
2. There should be more equality among the three, but not the below choice (33 votes) 32%
3. All/Most Arceus should get access to all of these (37 votes) 36%

These results are very split, but remember that overall 68% of people voted for increased variety. Some (including CZ), however, raised the important point that randoms shouldn't diverge excessively for standard. Given that and the non-radical slant of the poll, I shall increase Arceus variety but not to an extreme / all-encompassing degree for the moment. I might add more later.

EDIT: Implemented

Add: Dragon Claw, Roar, Toxic, Will-O-Wisp
Dclaw is less self-painful than outrage. Use your great typing/bulk to phaze and status, burn any cheeky dragonite/kingdra/flygon/rayquaza/dialga/palkia/giratina (but be careful, scarfgon and garchomp outspeed) looking to outrage and in general own physical attackeres

Add: Spacial Rend, Ice Beam
rend+fire is awesome neutral coverage (nails dragons as well), ice hits problem grounds and dragons, surf crushes fires/grounds/rocks but needs a third partner so Dragons and Waters dont walk over you

Remove: Toxic
you can do better (and this is more suited for Ubers in specific)

Add: Shadow Force, Extreme Speed, Stealth Rock
shadow force is so strong, priority is even better when you're immune to it, and you can spinblock yourself!

Add: Extreme Speed
edgequake doesnt need another coverage move so take this

Add: Fire Blast, Earth Power
Remove: Focus Blast
You aren't that desperate for Steel coverage!

Add: Swords Dance, Poison Jab, Earthquake, Waterfall, Toxic
Remove: Stealth Rock
coverage nails steel/ground. nice defensive typing and I'll take Toxic, but Rocks are kinda odd

Add: Swords Dance, Zen Headbutt, Brick Break, X-Scissor
Who is prepared for a physical psychic this strong?

Add: Earthquake, Extreme Speed, Flamethrower, Earth Power, Toxic
Everything was severely bereft of coverage, and Toxic is great to stall with that defensive typing
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Finished the re-ordering for all Pokemon! This also turned out to be a surprisingly big quality control project for every Pokemon, which means that these movesets may actually be ready for testing, which TI is working on making possible. Any suggestions are still greatly appreciated (and will be during testing as well)
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Hello All! Thank you for allowing my friends and I in the Randbats GC to help we will begin right away and give updates on anything we decide through both of you all. If anyone else is interested in helping pm me on PS or through Smogon. I am very excited and thank you for this opportunity!
EDIT: Implemented

Accepted Suggestions:

Add: Taunt
Works well with Froslass's high Speed to punish walls and save Froslass from paralysis/etc.

Add: Weather Ball
A more reliable alternative instead of Hydro Pump/Fire Blast once the appropriate weather is active\

Add: Focus Energy
An option to further increase Kingdra's versatility and unpredictability, using access to Sniper to deal major damage

Add: Fake Out
A great tool off of Weavile's strong attack to deal chip damage and revenge kill, especially in combination with Ice Shard

Add: Volt Tackle, Thunderbolt, Surf, Nasty Plot, Encore, Substitute, Hidden Power Ice, Grass Knot, Focus Punch, Fake Out
Yes, it's Pikachu. But with 90 Speed, Light Ball, and freedom from move incompatibilities that plague it otherwise, this is actually usable.
Changes that weren't suggestions

Add: Poison Jab
Gives a STAB with over 70% accuracy

Add: Surf, Volt Tackle
Remove: Extreme Speed
You don't get Espeed yet, Surf gives another coverage option for bulky Grounds and such, and Volt Tackle gives you variety and physical offense

Add: Yawn
Gives you some kind of variety, and surprises incoming counters while forcing tricky decisions.

Add: Double-Edge
Gives power that is often much-needed

-Venusaur, Butterfree, Crobat, Vileplume, Bellossom, Victreebel, Gengar, Exeggutor, Tangrowth, Jumpluff, Sunflora, Yanmega, Celebi, Sceptile, Ludicolo, Shiftry, Roserade, Tropius, Wormadam
Add: Hidden Power Fighting (Crobat), Hidden Power Electric (Tentacruel), Hidden Power Fire (Yanmega), Energy Ball (the rest)
Remove: Giga Drain (all Pokemon that learn it now except Ludicolo and Seviper)
The much-needed Giga Drain degunking. Giga Drain only has 60 Base Power this generation, making it a largely inferior option unless a Pokemon has severe movepool trouble. In most cases, a better Grass move is used. The others now get HPs that suit them better. Ludicolo keeps Giga Drain (+ Energy Ball) since it can be useful for Toxic/Subseed/etc. shenanigans due to its extra healing. Seviper keeps it because it helps and seviper has no better options here.

Add: Rain Dance
You don't have Shell Smash, so use your decent bulky and typing/Swift Swim access to get the next best thing. The possible team support can be great as well.

Add: Recover, Toxic
Both Roost and Recover are valid and differentiable on a decently fast mon like Ho-oh; the former notably halves Rock/Ice/Electric on it but also notably removes the Fighting resistance and transforms the Ground immunity into a weakness. Toxic is terrifying if you can't deal, and you're facing a 106/90/154 behemoth with reliable recovery that can burn/quake Stone Edge users, so you probably can't.

Add: Explosion
Reason #472 why Explosion is amazing; Spinners are rather less common, meaning that hazard setters require less long-term usefulness.

Add: Hydro Pump
A balance in between Spout and Surf
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EDIT: Implemented

This is mainly exploiting wide and unpredictable movepools of certain Pokemon

Add: Low Kick, Double-Edge, Body Slam, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Shadow Ball, Psychic, Trick, Encore, Teeter Dance, Hypnosis
Remove: Superpower
You don't get superpower (or contrary) yet, Shadow Ball gives a less painful way for Ghosts and comes off your equally bad SpA. You then get a few more offensive options and tools to further annoyance / maximize your short survival. Teeter Dance is a fun pair with Body Slam/Wishtect.

Add: Zen Headbutt, Headbutt, Bite, Confuse Ray, Hypnosis, Gravity
Remove: Jump Kick
You don't get Jump Kick yet, but you do get good coverage to nail your enemies as well as some tricks. The flinching moves and Confuse Ray pair well with Twave, and Gravity with Hypnosis and Earthquake. Bite also hits Ghosts more reliably than Sucker Punch.

Add: Aqua Tail, Shadow Claw, Brick Break, Quick Attack, Super Fang
Some more offensive options to expand your usefulness.

Add: U-Turn
A useful pivoting move after you've finished non-BP support business... also, having an offensive move stronger than Knock Off on the movepool looks great.

Add: Swords Dance, Seed Bomb, Earthquake
Keeps the opponent a bit on their toes and lets you actually threaten Steels

Add: Spider Web, Sucker Punch, Shadow Sneak
TRAP PASS and some priority options to mitigate your poor Speed / surprise opponents

Add: Earthquake
Spicing up its physical coverage and nailing bothersome Poisons

Add: Heal Bell
Before this addition, Twave was the only break from the standard STABS+water coverage. In addition to providing great team support, Heal Bell cures toxic from yourself.

Add: Return, Double-Edge, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Crunch, Fire Blast
No reason to let that equal Attack go to waste! Also, Fire Blast doesn't drop SpA like Overheat does.

Add: Fake Out, Payback, Revenge
Remove: Cross Chop
Fake Out is like a damaging Protect for status orb sets, Payback for Ghosts, and Revenge probably outdoes CChop in randbats for accuracy
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Edit: Implemented

Approved suggestions:
Add: Toxic
Lets Empoleon buts through bulky tanks that could fend it off otherwise, lets it use good typing and bulk to spread status, good sync with Roar/SR.

Add: Taunt, Blaze Kick, Vacuum Wave, Focus Blast, Overheat
Taunt lets you use crushing stallbreak with that speed and setup, Blaze Kick is fairly powerful and doesnt kill you, and you have some boons for the mixed/special sets (although NP+Overheat is definitely bad sync)

Add: Seed Bomb, Toxic
Seed Bomb gives a less painful (to yourself) Grass STAB than Wood Hammer, and Toxic cripples physical walls/random defensive Pokemon that wouldnt mind you and syncs well with Leech Seed/Synthesis

Add: Trick
Excellent TrickSpecs or even TrickScarf shenanigans, since the items actually help Froslass quite a bit before their tricking and incapacitated opponents cant stop Spikes/etc.

Add: Shadow Ball, Hidden Power Fighting, Pain Split
Shadow Ball gives an alternate STAB with a better secondary effect and HP Fighting gets great coverage with it/hits Darks; both makes Trick sets better. Pain Split is less incapacitating recovery than Rest.

Add: Brick Break
Unlike Low Kick, it isnt weight-reliant, making it more reliable and better against opposing Darks (although it is often weaker against Steels/Rocks)

Add: Grass Knot, Thunder Wave
Fat Grounds have more to fear than Toxic, and Twave gives you another support option

Add: Energy Ball, Toxic, Leech Seed
A non-weather dependent STAB option plus a way to actually hurt things without Sunny Day and a semi-guaranteed semi-support option

Remove: Roost
This feels criminal but you're a 70/50/50 bulk Bug/Flying type, how many hits are you going to take here? Just focusing on maximizing damage output or TailTurning (tm) may be wisest.

Add: Avalanche, Roar
Avalanche is great for nailing Grasses and Dragons, while Roar works great with Rocks and you have the bulk (especially physically) to cause chaos and shuffle teams
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EDIT: Implemented.

Approved suggestions:
Add: Hammer Arm, Knock Off, Shadow Ball, Fire Blast, Counter
Hammer Arm nails Steels and Rocks as well as fat Normals, Knock Off is helpful support, and the special moves nail Ghosts/Steels respectively off that solid special attack. Counter uses your own bulk to give physical attackers an unpleasant surprise.

Add: Hidden Power Fire, Avalanche
HP Fire gives a more reliable way to nail ever-troublesome Steels and such than Focus Miss, and Avalanche provides surprising physical power

Add: Trick, Rest
Trick is great with Specs to give you a bit more power while letting you cripple walls. Rest works great with Chesto Berry + Unburden to make you very hard to take out.

Add: Wish
Wish + SD + Sub gives you a bevy of unpredictable options to Baton Pass

Add: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Flash Cannon, Psychic
EQ gets power and coverage on Poisons / occasional other things like Rachi while not lowering defenses, and Stone Edge nails Flyings/Bugs/Fires. The others add coverage/power for Special/Mixed/NP sets.

Add: Trick, Destiny Bond
Remove: Calm Mind
Especially in the fast paced Random Battles NP>CM, and the other two are very useful options to cripple or kill common stops.

Add: Zen Headbutt
Remove: Psycho Cut
Zen Headbutt is significantly stronger.

Changes that are not suggestions:
Add: Earth Power
Hits Rocks and Steels on their weaker Special Defenses

Add: Energy Ball
Remove: Giga Drain
Missed this one.

Remove: Belly Drum
yeah, I don't think you'll be pulling this off very well with your terrible speed/lack of priority (although passing it would be hilarious if you were so fortunate to survive)

Add: Explosion, Rain Dance, Aqua Jet
Welcome to boom town! Also, Swords Dance + Explosion AND Rain Dance + Swift Swim + Explosion are godly. If not swimming swiftly, Aqua Jet is great to revenge kill and pick off things faster than your good but not insane speed, and hurts quite a bit after a SD.

Add: Reflect, Light Screen, Zen Headbutt, Fire Punch
Great speed and countless ways to terrify counters make you an excellent screener. The others make using/Tricking Choice Bands much more possible, and your speed could bring some fun ZH flinches.

Add: Earthquake, Counter, Mirror Coat
EQ gives you physical offensive coverage, which can be helpful, and CounterCoat prepares a possibly nasty surprise for attackers looking to punch through your bulk

Add: Pursuit
Guts Pursuits hurt, and makes you deadly midgame/lategame as your speed and power randomly pick off fleeing pokemon

Add: Ice Punch
A physical Ice Beam, useful for DD and specially bulky Dragons/Grasses. Fire Punch isn't used since its targets are overall much more threatened by Fire Blast.

Add: Heal Bell, Trick, Signal Beam
Bell gives great team support while acting as a Refresh for CM, while Trick pairs well with Scarf/Specs: you either temporarily become an extremely fast revenge killer or a decently strong breaker. Signal Beam gives TrickSpecs/Scarf variety while hitting Psychic/Dark at once (and a pinch stronger than HP)

Add: Shadow Ball, Signal Beam
Before this, Jolteon only had Electric + HP for coverage. Shadow Ball is especially good at getting neutral coverage, while Signal Beam nails Grasses in particular (and should probably pair with HP Grass more as opposed to HP Ice). This, in addition to boosting attack variety, makes Specs sets much more plausible alongside Baton Pass.
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Add: Flamethrower, Hidden Power Ice, Taunt
Remove: Overheat
Overheat has no a particular use, little better than Fire Blast before the drop, and terrible sync with Substitute. Flamethrower gives a better variety STAB. Hidden Power Ice hits Dragons and the occasional Ground not frightened by Fire Blast. Taunt lets you break slower, bulkier foes more while sparing you from Toxic/Twave, and Magmortar's solid 83 Speed keeps it usable.

Add: Draco Meteor, Fire Blast
Remove: Superpower
Move over, MixQuaza! In addition to surprising standard physical irritations (particularly physically bulky/Flying Steels for Fire Blast), these make Choice sets a little less omnipresent. Also, you don't learn Superpower yet lol.

Add: Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Grass Knot, Pursuit, Explosion
Punches for Waters / great coverage overall like Dragons resp., GK to snipe bulky Grounds, Pursuit works with BP and your defensive typing to make excellent mind games and revenge killing, while Explosion is still amazing.

Add: Taunt, Super Fang, Toxic
You're pretty weak with predictable and non-spectacular coverage, so here are some fun tools to actually scare bulkier Pokemon.

Add: Zen Headbutt
Remove: Psycho Cut
For pure power, and both meanings thereof.

Add: Night Slash
Hits despised Ghost types hard and reliably.

Add: Stealth Rock, Toxic Spikes
Especially since you don't get Sheer Force yet and Randoms has fewer spinners, these are indeed valuable on the king as well.

-Kabutops, Dragonite, Feraligatr, Tyranitar, Aggron, Armaldo
Add: Kabutops: Low Kick, Return
Feraligatr, Aggron: Low Kick
Tyranitar: Earthquake
Armaldo: Aqua Tail, Rapid Spin
Remove: Superpower
Superpower is currently on a surprisingly large number of sets despite its heavy drawbacks. While many Pokemon do appreciate it, others either suffer too much from it, have better options, or both.
Specific notes:<br />
Kabutops: hates the attack/def boosts hurting SD/Spinning sets (which will probably be most of them)
Dragonite: its very optimized for specific Pokemon (a recurring theme), and you're far from short on options to dispatch targets
Feraligatr: Superpower's Attack drops hurt DD/SD greatly
Tyranitar: you have EdgeQuake that is half STAB, use that
Approved Suggestions:

Add: Iron Head, Toxic, Protect
Iron Head is Steel STAB, and although it isnt as power/giving as good coverage as Head Smash, it is more reliable and can flinch nicely after a Rock Polish/Thunder Wave. Toxic punishes bulky Waters/Grasses/etc., while Protect helps your do-or-die nature defense-wise by scouting for random coverage that kills you in addition to syncing with toxic

-Volbeat, Illumise
Add: Toxic, Roost (both), U-Turn, Brick Break, Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt, Trick (Volbeat), Thunder Wave (Illumise)
Toxic helps both actually threaten bulkier Pokemon somewhat, and Roost uses their support movepools and acceptable bulk to stick around. The physical moves and Trick let Volbeat use and trick Bands/Scarves to further threaten non-paper thin mons, and Illumise gets the useful support option in Twave it didn't have before for some reason.

Add: Yawn
Jolteon's somewhat limited coverage means that many Pokemon can switch on it with some degree of comfort, so Yawn works excellently to predict them and force the opponent into a corner.

Add: Dragon Claw, Overheat
Dragon Claw hits, well, Dragons (especially the Flying ones). Overheat nails physical walls and deals major damage in Sun overall.
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Add: Heat Wave, Hidden Power Fighting, Shadow Ball, Trick
These give more offensive presence and let Xatu use that nice 95 SpA to dispatch standard counters. I originally intended to add them for purposes of more offensive CM setup, but Xatu's coverage and access to Trick/U-Turn/BP is almost begging for a Specs set.

Add: Cross Poison, Pursuit
Remove: Whirlwind
To make more physically-based sets (especially with U-Turn) usable. Pursuit isn't awesome to have as your only "coverage" besides U-Turn, but it's that or Zen Headbutt. The long list of Pokemon ZH hits harder than a STAB option is... Toxicroak. At least Pursuit has use. Whirlwind makes less sense on a high-speed, mediocre-bulk Pokemon like Crobat.

Add: Return, Hammer Arm
Return gives a different and more powerful STAB than Body Slam, while Hammer Arm gets the Rock/Steel coverage of Earthquake while hitting bulky Normals and denting non-grounded Normal resists. Also, the Speed drops mean less after Curses.

Add: Thunder Punch, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Flare Blitz, Swords Dance, Dragon Dance
I accept that BellyZard generally won't work here lol, but that's no reason to not exploit your great setup and physical attack moves.

Add: Heat Wave
Remove: Magic Coat
Magic Coat is unreasonably hard to use effectively on a Pokemon with the weaknesses and non-exceptional (physical especially) bulk Noctowl has. Heat Wave gives powerful coverage on Steels, which are immune to Toxic and resist Air Slash.

Add: Shadow Punch
Shadow Punch is a more powerful STAB that gives good neutral coverage.

Add: Hydro Pump, Reflect, Light Screen
Hydro Pump gives a more powerful STAB especially useful for offensive/Specs sets, while fast screens are great team support that also boosts your non-outstanding 60/85 bulks on both sides.

Add: Hidden Power Rock
To hit the Fires and Flying Dragons that resist Fire/Grass coverage

Add: Revenge, Pursuit, Toxic
A pair of options to further exploit Technician; Revenge notably gives a STAB that doesn't lower your decent bulk. Toxic gives non-Technician sets another option instead of the less-useful-in-Randoms Foresight that helpfully cripples physical tanks.

Add: Agility, Stun Spore, Psychic, U-Turn
Agility gives you a stat boost to BP, Stun Spore works with Sleep Powder to cripple the post-sleep switchin and overall cripple even more things, and Psychic works well to nail Poisons/Fightings (and resistors face Tinted Lens, and Darks face Bug Buzz). U-Turn gives useful pivoting with your solid speed and works well with your ability to force switches.

Add: Explosion, Double-Edge, Substitute
Remove: Hammer Arm, Fire Punch
Explosion is amazing, Double-Edge gives great neutral coverage and runs off Rock Head. Substitute pairs well with Explosion, since things that could outspeed and kill otherwise are unable to prevent the boom, while also easing Golem's often make-or-break choices caused largely by his poor defensive typing and other flaws. Hammer Arm and Fire Punch seem cool, but for the few things STABs dont cover better than them, you have recoil-free Double-Edge.

Add: Surf, Water Spout, Waterfall, Seed Bomb
Remove: Hydro Pump
Lots more STAB here. Surf is more reliable than Hydro Pump, Water Spout is super duper powerful, and Waterfall smacks special walls off of that equally nice 105 Attack. Unfortunately, you don't learn Hydro Pump yet. Seed Bomb hits special Waters and such more threatened by it than by Energy Ball and spices up your unpredictability.

Add: Trick Room, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Psychic
Great bulk, a single weakness, and Recover let you set up this ever-terrifying support option very well. You can even use it fairly well yourself. The rest are different coverage options for more offensive sets, with Tbolt outpowering Discharge and Sball/Psychic nailing Ghost/Fighting + Poison resp.

Add: Shadow Sneak
Useful priority coming off of a decent Attack that also somewhat remedies your 50 Speed

Add: U-Turn, Encore
U-Turn gives useful pivoting, especially on a possible Specs set, while Encore stops Pokemon from damaging your very frail bulk while opening up NP setup opportunity.

Add: Psychic
Solid power, reliability, and coverage

Add: Avalanche
Hits many Flyings harder than Ice Punch/Edge (and more reliably than the latter, assuming opponent attacks and doesnt kill you)

Add: Crunch, Stun Spore, Synthesis
Crunch is more coverage that gets more super effective hits than Return, Stun Spore cripples more than Sleep Clause Sleep Powder, and Synthesis healing is good with your... tolerable bulk.

-Mr. Mime
Add: Focus Blast
More powerful than HP Fighting
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EDIT: Implemented

Add: Aqua Tail
A more powerful STAB, and DD already has a 100% accurate STAB in EQ.

Add: Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Soft-Boiled, Thunder Wave, Hypnosis, Trick, Ice Punch, Brick Break
Remove: Shadow Ball, Thunderbolt, Superpower, Substitute, Roost, Calm Mind
A refinement of the movepool titan's movepool. Lets run it down.
Dark Pulse over Shadow Ball because you're fast enough to flinch and Normals aren't immune to it, Flamethrower gives a more accurate Fire-type option for killing Steels, Softboiled>Roost since you don't get the latter yet, the ability to delegate four major statuses o3o since you have the bulk/healing for Hypnosis misses, Trick is another cool... one of itself, more options for SD sweeping/bp, Superpower has bad sync with SD/BP and you have BB, and the others (Tbolt Sub CM) aren't bad but you have so much better.

Add: Taunt, Self-Destruct
Taunt is great for shutting down defensive Pokemon with your blistering Speed and non-horrible bulk, as well as serving as an alternative to Substitute, and S-D isn't Explosion but you have 110 Attack and everything to murder physdef mons... it's Explosion.

Add: Signal Beam, Hidden Power Fire
Now you can tickle enemies from the special side, too!

-Latios, Latias
Add: Recover
Remove: Roost
Recover is so you don't lose your Levitate-given Ground immunity

Add: Earthquake
EdgeQuake is good, and unlike Fire Blast, EQ is boosted by SD.

Add: Mean Look, Baton Pass
SD / Mean Look and BP let Absol stun standard counters by simply pivoting them out and threatening with a boosted/certain respectively response of your own.

Add: Trick Room
Remove: Hypnosis
Sleep is great but 60 Accuracy with your poor bulk and speed isn't ideal. Trick Room can give awesome team support and syncs well with your unimpressive 60 Speed; TR+Healing Wish securely brings sweepers in fast, and fully healed, as well. Recovery gives you a chance to set it up more than once.

Add: Hidden Power Fighting
Especially with Specs, surprises standard Rock/Steel/Dark checks.

Add: Explosion
Especially good if you can guess what will come in for/after the Sleep Powder



Add: Destiny Bond
Great supporting move, especially considering its unpredictability and high speed

Add: Substitute, Toxic
Sub works with BP and even otherwise lets it get a turn to decide whether to Twave/Attack/etc., Toxic actually hurts bulky things

Add: Energy Ball, Stun Spore
Eball is good coverage for Rocks and the bulky Grounds that often use Rock moves. Stun Spore is useful for crippling opponents even if you lack sleep powder.

Add: Trick, Hidden Power Fire
Trick is great with Specs for power/crippling, HP Fire is a more reliable way to kill Steels.

Add: Thunder Wave
Remove: Aura Sphere
Thunder Wave remedies yourself for when you're occasionally outsped / cripples sweepers. While a good move, Aura Sphere has trouble finding use that a STAB does not.

Add: Seismic Toss, Earthquake, Sleep Talk, Explosion, Counter
Seismic Toss deals steady damage where Iron Head/Toxic cannot, EQ hits opposing Steels and gains power after Curses, Sleep Talk makes you less predictable and passive, after resting, especially since we have the next two moves available: Explosion is awesome and lets you end on a good note after supporting/whatever, and Counter is a terrifying possibility (esp with Curse/Rest) for the many EQs/etc. that can try to break Regi but cant OHKO.

Add: Agility, Substitute, Baton Pass
Agility is more explicitly helpful to BP, but Sub gets good sync with Hypno/Morning Sun as well. Overall, a useful concept that gives variety to Rapidash in general and betters sets that could be questionable otherwise.
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EDIT: Implemented

Add: Hydro Pump, Swords Dance, Waterfall, Poison Jab
Remove: Hidden Power Electric
Hydro Pump gives a stronger STAB, SwordaCruel (gg best name) works surprisingly well with your speed/typing, and HpE is less needed when you have STAB Sludge Bomb.

Add: Swords Dance, Leaf Blade, Earthquake, Rock Slide, X-Scissor
More dancing ♪♫♬. Great speed, usable power, and excellent physical coverage for a "special" Pokemon make this work.

Add: Dark Pulse, Energy Ball
Lets Cacturne use its equally strong Special Attack (and gives a dependable Dark STAB that isn't Sucker)

Add: Counter
Physical attackers may seek to whittle you down because you lack recovery; this will make their task rather harder.

Add: Ice Punch
Remove: Crunch
Crunch has good power but gets less helpful coverage (also you resist psychic/ghost), and Ice Punch nails problematic grounds/gets many super effective hits overall.

Add: Rest, Sleep Talk, Yawn, Water Spout, Earthquake, Hidden Power Grass(, Roar)
Remove: Aqua Jet
Giving offense and defense a little pop. Restalk increases durability of your good bulk/typing and shrugs off toxic, while also (Yawn as well) making switching chaos with Roar (which I apparently got rid of my mistake? Re-adding). Spout is super powerful for breaking and a huge surprise; I at first didn't remember that it got it, actually! EQ nails Electrics/Steels not bothered by Water for whatever reason and has a bit of power for special walls, while Hp Grass nails opposing waters. Aqua Jet is pretty weak, even with STAB, and occupies a moveslot very valuable on Blastoise.

Remove: Substitute
You definitely aren't bulky enough to SubRoost, and you need all the coverage/help you can get.

Add: Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, Substitute
Will-O-Wisp patches up that terrible 50 Defense while crippling opportunistic Grounds/etc., Taunt is great at preventing Twave/healing/etc. and boosting NP setup opportunities, and Sub specifically syncs well with a bevy of your attacks (Sucker/75% acc Wow/NP jump out) as well as your tendency to die yknow a lot to what you cant kill while sharing some benefits with Taunt. Both Taunt and Sub are aided by your solid 95 speed.

-Nidoking, Nidoqueen
Add: Poison Jab, Earthquake, Taunt (both), Super Fang (Nidoqueen), Thunder Punch, Surf, Pursuit, Stone Edge, Megahorn, Sucker Punch (Nidoking)
Remove: Focus Blast (both), Thunderbolt, Earth Power (Nidoqueen)
A nido-renovation to help them focus on their advantages. Nidoking gets a huge expansion into the physical movepool coming off of his higher Attack (also you dont have Sheer Force yet for Earth Power etc) as well as Pursuit for fun trapping and Surf for special Grounds and such should you carry Earhtquake. Nidoqueen gets the defensively-useful Taunt/Super Fang and physical coverage as well, while losing distracting special moves it didn't really make great use of. Both lose Focus Blast because its unreliable and not hugely helpful.
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EDIT: Implemented.

Add: Hydro Pump, Surf, Earth Power, Ice Beam, Toxic, Rest, Sleep Talk
Mixed and defensive options to work with your solid SpA and greet defensive typing.


Add: Thunder Wave, Hidden Power Fighting, Zen Headbutt, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Knock Off, Trick Room
Remove: Hidden Power Ground, Substitute
TWave is great support that remedies your average 80 Speed, HP Fighting outdoes HP Ground for its Dark coverage and other reasons, and the physical movepool plus Uturn and Trick enables fun band shenanigans with your equal Attack. Especially with Healing Wish, Trick Room is great support, and you use it well yourself.

Add: Double-Edge
Remove: Thunder Punch
Double-Edge gives much needed power, while Thunder Punch doesn't provide particularly important coverage.

Add: Hidden Power Ground
Useful coverage on Poisons, Fires, and Steels.

Add: Encore
Gives this frail and speedy Pokemon more opportunities to wreak havoc.
already there
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Remove: Growth
It looks like Growth was swiped from the BW Analysis set, which presumes Drought Ninetales and your Hidden Ability of Chlorophyll, neither of which exist yet. Here it is too slow and wishywashy to be effective, especially for a slow Pokemon.

Remove: Focus Blast, Perish Song, Protect
Focus Blast could occasionally be useful but it will generally be "wut.", and Perish Song + Protect don't make massive sense except as a very poor man's phazing. Too bad Whirpool is bad in Gen. 4.

Add: Stone Edge
Remove: Rock Slide
No Sheer Force yet, and you aren't Aerodactyl fast.

Add: Brick Break
A Fighting STAB if you aren't using SubPunch.

Add: Hidden Power Grass, Hidden Power Ice, Fire Punch
Some special options for Grounds (and Dragons for the latter), plus Fire Punch as a physical option for Grasses/Steels.

Add: Hydro Pump
A more powerful Water STAB for more offensive sets.

Add: Counter
Remove: Stockpile
A lack of offensive fright, lack of reliable recovery, and weakness to common moves like Earthquake make Stockpile rather dubious. Counter uses your decent defensive typing to royally mess up many physical threats.

Add: Hidden Power Grass, Thunder Wave
HP Grass nails Grounds and Rocks on their lower Special Defenses, and TWave brings opponents down below Luxray's mediocre 70 Speed.
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EDIT: Implemented.

Add: Encore, Heal Bell, Fire Blast
Encore and Heal Bell are great support that also help setup, and Fire Blast is a more powerful partner(/alternative if youre okay with not hitting rocks) to Aura Sphere.

Add: Explosion
All the self-destructive fun without the prediction needed for Dbond!

-Vileplume, Bellossom
Add: Sunny Day, Solar Beam
Both are extremely slow for fully evolved Grasses at 50 Speed, so in addition to boosting Sbeam/Moonlight/HP Fire and possibly providing team support, it brings the pair to decent speed.
Also, I will replace Synthesis on both with Moonlight, as a purely subjective cosmetic change (they are identical in function) to make the pair less like every other half-decent Grass-type.

Add: Swords Dance
Manage to scare something out/survive a hit and set up SD as Guts triggers? Have fun stopping that. Also, I apparently forgot to add in Crunch from earlier so I put that in.

Add: Trick Room, Encore, Taunt
Remove: Protect
An excellent supplement to an already wide supporting movepool with the removal of the comparatively unhelpful protect.

Add: Return, Double-Edge
Remove: Facade
No Toxic Boost yet :(. You're not going to stick around forever so maximum power in DE can be useful.

Add: Signal Beam
Best coverage for two Attack possibilities like sub/cm/psychic/x and gets reliable coverage overall

Add: Hypnosis
I decided against this earlier but with great speed/Roost/usable bulk and typing/stallbreaking tools to force switches, how can I turn this down? Also it's illegal with Brave Bird which normally hurts it, but that issue isn't present here.

Add: Toxic, Dragon Dance, Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace
Toxic to add very useful stalling, and DD+more physical moves since your attack is barely worse than your SpA and DD is very interesting with your low speed/bulk/roost/EQ.
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I haven't been finding many new things to add, I'll probably mostly pause this until testing is available.

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