Tournament Random Battles Team Tour VII - FINALS (Won by Team Chi-Yu)

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won for third place, ggs

thanks Clem & Pulse for letting me join the fun, playing Random Battles is always a breath of fresh air & doing so against ace trainers in a tournament context provides a very different experience compared to my usual laddering on phone

my gratitude to the randbat community as well; it's a unique battling format in the Pokémon universe that would not be as good as it is without the many people who are racking their brains to find new & refreshing sets (how do you even find all those ideas?), great players pouring a lot of thoughts in what some less informed ones consider a succession of dice rolls, as well as contributors creating resources and hosting tournaments (can't say many non official ones have such PRs for instance sorry we Ogerpons made them lie). keep doing what you do, you are great :heart:


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Won vs shane, ggs
Wanted to thanks clem and pulse for picking me up, even after some bad perfs on WC 2022 and a mid one in 2023, u guys got me and I could end doing well here, also wanted to s/os to all the rest of the team for being the goats and grabbing us the 1st on regular season, and as my final words I just wanted to say:
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