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Random Battles Team Tour - Week 5

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Steven Snype

Kunclord Supreme
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won in 3 vs havens ggs

Won 2-0 in a very intense series. I've never calced so much in my life. gg and wp to my opponent, sharp claw

managers... winning?

no this cant be real the real hydra would never win im literally crying and shaking right now

gg to cloud



Properly Beautiful
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Won gg

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Won 2-1 v ihasdisname, ggs

edit: ignore this or cancel pls, sorry for the confusion
Subbing in LordST for Oro e Diamanti

GaryAjax pokeblade101 SciencePanda Faisal sagar0027 Smoochyena(i think i got the tags right)
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won 2-1 gg



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vod wins again cc1v1 god
Got a win for the hoops in 3 ggs against Sparksblade

Let´s go, tie fighters! HOOP HOOP!

The Immortal

They Don't Want None
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win for team silvally
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