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Rands Slam 3 Logo [Recovered].png

Logo by Syrinix

Random Battles Slam III
Hosted by Fragments, Javi, and sharpclaw

Welcome, one and all, to the third annual Rands Slam! Rands Slam is a tournament circuit organized by the Random Battles room on PS! that gives players the opportunity to prove their individual skill, prowess, and mettle in a variety of relevant and competitive Random Battles formats. Over the coming months, players will compete in 8 different Single Elimination tournaments with the objective to earn points and standing on the Slam III leaderboard. The top 32 players will qualify for the Rands Slam Playoffs, with the eventual first-place prize of a custom avatar!

To grant more flexibility in routes towards playoffs qualification, only each player’s 5 best performances will count towards their standing on the leaderboard. (Of course, players are still free to play in as many tournaments as they’d like, to increase their odds of reaching the top!) Every Open will use the same system of points as the first Rands Slam (the same as Smogon's Grand Slam).

While the circuit as a whole will be coordinated by the Slam III hosts, each individual Open will be hosted by different members of the Random Battles room auth. Slam III hosts will have final say over all administrative decisions regarding the tour, with input from each Open’s respective hosts. All Opens will follow the basic guidelines for tournaments on Smogon, but may differ slightly due to their varying structures, so remember to read each OP carefully when signing up!

The Tournaments

Gameboy Classic Open

The games, and the system, where it all began. Reject modernity, return to the first three generations of Pokémon!
Signups: April 3rd
Formats: Gen 1, 2, 3 Random Battles
Hosted by Celever and Syrinix

Multi Factory Open
Proper EVs? Battling by tier? Look no further than Battle Factory, in all its guises. Show how great you are in formats with sets created by Smogon's councils!
Signups: April 24th
Formats: Gen 8 Battle Factory, Gen 8 BSSF, Gen 7 Battle Factory, Gen 7 BSSF, Gen 6 Battle Factory
Hosted by Mathy, Frozoid, and RSB

Gen 8 Open
Gen 8 Random Battles is a staple, and one of the best-balanced on offer. Are you a master of Dynamax? Prove it here!
Signups: May 15th
Format: Gen 8 Random Battle
Hosted by Magmar54, pokeblade101, and Wubben

Gen 7 Open
Alola, trainers! Come strut your stuff in one of the most popular randomized formats!
Signups: June 5th
Format: Gen 7 Random Battle
Hosted by Casual dot exe, Celever, and Irpachuza

Multi Hackmons Open
Hackmons Cup is here to offer the chaos and extreme sets you’ve come to know and love. Push your adaptability to the limit!
Signups: June 26th
Formats: Gen 9 Hackmons Cup, Gen 8 Hackmons Cup, Doubles Hackmons Cup
Hosted by Chains of Markov and sharpclaw

DS Classic Open
That second screen brought us so much. The new physical/special split is finally here; come demonstrate your expertise in the middle generations of Pokémon!
Signups: July 17th
Formats: Gen 4, 5, 6 Random Battles
Hosted by Javi and Mathy

Gen 9 Random Doubles Battles Open
Playing with two Pokémon on the field is twice as nice. Go all in on strategy and mind games in this excellent metagame!
Signups: August 7th
Format: Gen 9 Random Doubles Battle
Hosted by Celever, nemoauditur, and sharpclaw

Gen 9 Random Battles Open
The circuit wraps up with our premiere current-gen format. Can you successfully utilize terastallization in this final chance to qualify for the playoffs?
Signups: August 28th
Format: Gen 9 Random Battle
Hosted by LoSconosciuto and pokeblade101

Rands Slam III Playoffs
The top 32 players from the circuit will collide in this final showdown as they duke it out to become the very best!
Signups: October 20th*
Formats: TBA
Hosted by Fragments, Javi, and sharpclaw
*Playoffs will be announced as soon as the last Open finishes, so this date is tentative.


The Prizes
- The winner of each Open will get the Room Prize Winner rank and a joinphrase in the Random Battles room for a month
- The overall Rands Slam III winner (the player who emerges at the top of the playoffs bracket) will get a Smogon banner, their choice of either a custom avatar, a color change, or a disabled name on PS, a 1-month joinphrase, and Room Prize Winner rank for a whole year
- All winners will be recorded in the Random Battles Hall of Fame

Remember: if you don't want to miss out on any of the action, remember to comment, like and subscribe watch this thread (heck, watch the whole subforum as well; we have a lot of great activities!), and hang out in the Random Battles room on PS!

Good luck to you all! Here’s to a great Rands Slam!


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Update Regarding the Points Awarded for a 3-Player Round-Robin Finals:

It appears that there has been a mistake with the number of points that a 3-player RR finals awards on the Rands Slam 3 Spreadsheet. Previously, the winner would receive only 2 points, but the correct number is actually 3. As mentioned in the OP, we use the same points system as Smogon's Grand Slam, which awards 3 points to the winner of a 3-player RR final.

At the moment, the only player this affects is RSB, who will receive an extra point for winning the Gameboy Classic Open. Any future tournaments in Rands Slam 3 (and future Rands Slam circuits) with a 3-player RR final will also award 3 points to the winner.

Huge thanks to Amaranth for pointing this out and Chains of Markov for implementing this update on the spreadsheet!
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