Rate my team

My team is for the battle frontier in Gen3. I've just started team building and I know I'm bad at it so don't be too mean. Suggestions are greatly appreciated also. Please no trade Pokemon, I don't really have a way to get anything through trade unfortunately.

NOTE: The stats with leveled EV's have 30-31 IV's, other stats vary at a range of 14-26 due to inexperience.


Ability: Initmidate

Nature: Adamant

EV's: 252Attk/252spe/4hp

Dragon Dance
Dragon Claw
Rock Slide
Brick Break

I picked Salamance as my physical sweeper because he is such a monster, with 405 attack maxed he is truly a force to be reckoned with. I looked at smogons move set reccomendations but decided to use dragon claw because of its stab.


Ability: overgrow

Nature: modest

EV's: 252Sp.A/252spe/4Hp

Leaf Blade
Aerial Ace

This is where my big flaw is, I didn't know what Pokemon to use to counter Ghost/Water so I chose sceptile for his move pool. I would have used dragon claw on sceptile but I moved it to Salamance for its stab. Sceptile has almost nothing to counter ice, but switching to Salamance who is also weak to ice to use brick break is a problem. Suggestions will help and maybe a new Pokemon as well.


Ability: Sturdy

Nature: Sassy

EV's: 252Def/252Sp.D/4Hp


I honestly really like my shuckle, having a move set which makes me seems like a coward and having a cheap shot way to deal damage is quite fun. I really wouldn't like to put an attack on him because of his awful attack and Special attack but if convinced I might.
Sorry about that, I just started on this site and I guess I skipped over the part of 6v6 only while reading rules.

I was thinking about starmie as a good replacement so I'll definitely be using it now. I'm playing Emerald so I'm afraid moxie isn't a choice from what I've read. I also like the idea of shuckles EV's, I was more focused on his defense rather than his HP which is also crucial with his def, thanks for pointing that out!

Hopefully I can get better and start battling other players other than NPC's, haha.

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