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Hi, I am relatively new on Smogon being here for about a week and Im trying to construct a decent team. Ive had some initial success with a couple different lineups only to lose 10 straight after winning 5....hoping for some good input on my latest attempt...

Hi, I am relatively new on Smogon being here for about a week and Im trying to construct a decent team. Ive had some initial success with a couple different lineups only to lose 10 straight after winning 5....hoping for some good input on my latest attempt...


Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Adamant
EVs: 252 HP/252 Atk/4 Sp D
Moves: Avalanche
Stone Edge

I traded out Rhyperior for Rhydon to gain the extra bulk, sacrificing the ability solid rock and a choice band. This is my hopeful main counter to zapdos and victini seeing as he resist's their fire and electric attacks and can hit back with a stone edge or earthquake. Also he's not limited to choosing a move and then switching out. Megahorn for psychics grass and darks and avalanche for gliscor and flygon. Most of the time he'll move after them so avalanche gets ramped up to 120 power, my main reason for choosing this over ice punch. Edit: it takes 3 earthquakes to ko from adamant gliscor and 2-3 from adamant choice band flygon, enough time to get a good avalanche in

Gligar@ eviolite
Nature: Impish
Evs: 252 Hp/252 d/4 atk
Moves: taunt
stealth rock

I chose Gligar for his natural defensive bulk and handy resistances to everything but ice...He's my scouter and stealth rock setter and i'll usually start a match with either him or mienshao. Taunt for other stealth rock users since he's usually faster than the others except froslass, toxic for residual damage and u-turn to scout and get out quick and regroup.


Mienshao@choice band
Ability: Regenerator
Nautre: Jolly
EV's: 252 atk/252spd/4 sp D
Moves: Hi Jump Kick
Stone Edge
Aerial Ace

It seems that everyone lately in UU is using Mienshao, so I decided to give him a try. His very powerful Hi Jump Kick, choice band set and Regenerator ability works well with the hit and run strategy that I've been seeing lately. Stone Edge for coverage on flying and fire types and aerial ace to catch rival mienshao and hitmontop unaware.


Victini@Choice Scarf
Ability: Victory Star
Nature: Adamant
Ev's: 252 Atk/252 spd/4 sp D
Moves: U-turn
Bolt Strike
Zen Headbutt

This is the Basic Smogon Moveset. I'm using him because his fire and electric moves are very powerful against the majority of the tier and almost everyone has a victini on their team. He's a good scout with U-turn with witch he can rack up residual damage, he's just got to watch out for stealth rocks. A spinner is something I do not have on this team so that poses a danger.


Ability: Levitate
Nature: Sassy
EVs: 252 HP/252 Sp D/ 4 sp A
Moves: Calm Mind
Hidden Power Ice

I've deviated from the usual bronzong sets to help with the element of surprise, going with a more special attacking role. Most people think bronzong will set up rocks and earthquake, or explode, but I have the chance of catching them off guard with CM, Psychic and Hidden power Ice. Bronzong still has the bulk to pull off a few hits, but unfortunately I haven't been seeing too much success with this...


Ability: levitate
Nature: timid
Evs: 252 sp A/252 spd/4 Hp
Moves: Shadow Ball
Nasty Plot
Will O Wisp

I kind of threw Mismagius on here as a fast and powerful spin blocker who's capable of dealing out some damage as well. Will O Wisp to cripple any physical attackers and nasty plot if forces a switch and gets the chance to set up

I desperately need help with my team, lol. I peaked around 1550 a couple of days ago and have since then fallen back down to 1400...not great but I do want to make some improvements. I made this team after my main team of Core Snorlax/Roserade/Slowbro seemed to be faltering, and the offensive nature of UU was destroying my stall team. Any help would be extremely appreciated!
Hello there. Cool team but I see this team having problems with water types especially Kingdra. I would replace the Bronzong for a special defensive Empoleon.

Calm 252 hp,252 spdef, 4spd
Stealth rock/toxic
grass knot/ice beam/knock off

You can then put roost,earthquake or aerial ace on your gligar. Next I would switch choice items on Mienshao and Victini. Giving Victini and choice band instead of scarf allows him to be a wallbreaker and do some serious damage to opponent's team. This would allow choice scarf mienshao to clean up late game. Mienshao is one of the best scarfers in uu.I should know because I use him on one of my teams. Well thats all I can think of for now. If I see anymore problems I will post again.
thank you for the input! i am very happy to receve criticism ojn this and have since tried your suggested changes on my team and it seems to be working well. I have never used empoleon before and hes a nice wall/stealth rocker. I took aerial ace off of mienshao and gave him hidden power ice and gave gligar earthquake roost, aerial ace and u-turn. Hopefully i will post again once i have seen some succes!
Welcome to Smogon!

I am so sorry that I'm basically dis-assembling your team. Just walking you threw my mindset here.
So firstly:

Rhydon isn't a solid counter to Zapdos. Most Zapdos run HP: Grass, which tear through Rock/Ground type. Now I recognize (I haven't ran the calcs) that this might not 1 hit kill Rhydon because of Eviolite... but given Zapdos will definitely strike first, you're "counter" is left to be revenge killed no matter what. He's too slow and too low on health past that to even get 1 more attack off. So he's "best" when he trades 1 to 1 and is worse when he... does very little. I like that you're trying some new things here, but this isn't worth the sacrifice. Because you have a SR user already, I'd drop Rhydon for a CB Snorlax. Grants you a physical, bulky, attacker that counters Zapdos/Victini/and CHANDELURE (huge threat in UU), without a gimmick.

Secondly: I don't think you'll surprise anyone with your Bronzong. You have a gligar on your team, so you are pretty darn likely to run Stealth Rocks on him. If you were running Dual Screens on Bronzong is just about the only option out there aside from an offensive one. Either way, it'd be handled the same way: Taunt. I'd scrap Bronzong for a more offensive SpA attacker. Perhaps a Zapdos or Raikou as they both fair well in this metagame.

Thirdly: Jolly over Adament on Victini. You need it to beat other scarfers in speed tests desperately because lord knows it can't take hits. This also makes U-Turn scouting far safer.

Fourthly: "Thrown mismagius in here" is exactly what this sort of looks like. Absolutely not trying to offend you, but yeah. Spinblockers are great, and you have a physical wall, but it's not worth 1 full slot to just block spin. Especially one as low tank as Mismagius. You could actually trade Bronzong for Cofagrius and free yourself up a spot for an actual sweeper here, get the best of both worlds. Maybe find a way to get another real threat in on this.

Fifthly: Gligar needs roost. I'd drop toxic OR uturn for it, probably toxic. The whole point is that he's a physical wall, so keeping him high on health is important. Roost takes away his flying typing for the turn, so slow rock users will do even LESS damage to him.

Sixth: Mienshao should probably use a Life Orb instead. Either that or just run Reckless. HJK does a buttload of damage without being move locked when a ghost comes into play, and Regenerator heals the recoil damage. If you won't do that, then at least use reckless to get the full use out of these super pumped HJKs.

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