RBY RBY OU Global Championship 2023: Round 1 | Stage2 @post 145 [One Week Deadline]

Requesting an activity win vs localpotguy as they have not responded to the message I wrote on their wall to schedule a match from over a week ago and they haven't been online since the 19th May.
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Any chance we could an extension?
Conversation is on my wall but the tldr is that we scheduled 10 hours after the deadline.
I'll update that for future rounds but deadlines going forward will be Sundays 11:59 PM GMT -4 (which are the most common deadlines for tours across the site). Don't worry about the current deadline, as long as the set is played at scheduled time and you post in the thread it'll be good since next round is most likely going up after the time you guys scheduled for anyway.

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