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thank you to the dpp ou sample team thread for parts of the op!

thank you to Melbelle for helping to gather teams and to Aliss, Nails and SMB for looking things over
Amazing art courtesy of Kolohe!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new and improved RBY OU Sample Teams. This thread aims to showcase popular playstyles and archetypes to help beginning intermediate level players become acclimated to the tier, or simply to help anyone in need of a solid team to play. In preparation for the RBY Cup, I have completely redone the Sample Teams, and plan on updating them before every SPL and Smogon Classic. If you would like to see anything changed, please send me a message on Discord at emma#0404.

RBY OU has been around for a long time, and with only 13 OU Pokemon, it is sometimes very hard to pinpoint who exactly built these teams first. If you would like to see anyone get credit for something they built, again please send me a message on Discord.

Exeggutor Teams

:starmie: :exeggutor: :alakazam: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Exeggutor / Alakazam
:starmie: :exeggutor: :zapdos: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Exeggutor / Zapdos
:starmie: :exeggutor: :rhydon: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Exeggutor / Rhydon
:starmie: :Exeggutor: :gengar: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Exeggutor / Gengar
:alakazam: :exeggutor: :zapdos: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Alakazam / Exeggutor / Zapdos
:alakazam: :exeggutor: :slowbro: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Alakazam / Exeggutor / Slowbro
:alakazam: :exeggutor: :lapras: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Alakazam / Exeggutor / Lapras

Sing Chansey Teams

:starmie: :cloyster: :jolteon: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Cloyster / Jolteon
:starmie: :cloyster: :alakazam: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Cloyster / Alakazam
:starmie: :rhydon: :slowbro: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Starmie / Rhydon / Slowbro
:gengar: :starmie: :alakazam: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Gengar / Starmie / Alakazam
:gengar: :zapdos: :articuno: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Gengar / Zapdos / Articuno

Jynx Teams

:jynx: :starmie: :alakazam: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Jynx / Starmie / Alakazam
:jynx: :starmie: :jolteon: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Jynx / Starmie / Jolteon
:jynx: :starmie: :rhydon: :chansey: :snorlax: :tauros:
Jynx / Starmie / Rhydon
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