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Hi everyone,

I know people have probably been wondering about what, if anything, will change in CAP32's process as a result of Pokemon Home, so I'd like to share our current plan.

Hemogoblin's main process is complete following the conclusion of the Movesets stage and it will release into the new metagame exactly as we've created it so far. Still, the CAP is very much in active development going forward. Under normal circumstances, the Post Play Lookback is held after a CAP's playtest tournament has concluded, where we're able to make minor adjustments based on the CAP's performance up to that point––but CAP32's situation is not exactly normal.

Because we've been creating CAP32 in such a different metagame than the one we now find ourselves in, myself and the rest of the TLT wanted to make additional space for future adjustments. As a result, we will be holding two Post Play Lookbacks following the release of CAP32. We plan to expedite the first PPL to be held two-three weeks after CAP32's release, depending on when the tier becomes more stable. Movepool changes, minor stat changes, and secondary ability changes will all be on the table. The second PPL will be held sometime after the conclusion of Hemogoblin's playtest as normal. Major changes to typing, primary ability, and stats will be permitted here IF NECESSARY. Should we need any further changes, all adjustments will be carried out by the Metagame Council.

Lastly, Hemogoblin's release will probably be delayed a little. I can't give an expected date, but the PS development team's first priority is (rightly so) on dealing with Pokemon Home. This will also let the hype from Home die down a bit so as to not completely overshadow CAP32. Just be patient.

Here's to a successful release!
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