Proposal Re: SPL Tier Lock / Price Fixing

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Seeing as SPL signups just went up, now is probably a pertinent time to get this sorted out before the tournament actually starts. Currently, there's a lot of issues with how we handle signups in team tournaments, most notably with regards to avoiding potential price fixing. One thing in particular sticks out:
  • The current tier lock rules are very easy to abuse, as players can sign up for a tier they're not as coveted in for the first two weeks of the tour then pivot over to their "main tier", price fixing pretty blatantly.
    • The solution to this is a little less simple to decide on, but I personally feel that locking player tiers to those in signups until the midseason seems fair, as the advantage you get by getting a top 5 player in a pool for 10k less than they would normally go for is more than worth using a suboptimal lineup for several weeks.
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Since no one of status has had the decency to reply, I am going to go ahead and agree that all tiers signed up for must be the tiers a person plays until mid season.

The clear and obvious attempts at price fixing are 100 percent pure bush league.


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Locking people into tiers over the course of a tournament is silly. Things change and people need to rotate in and out of slots every spl. 2 weeks gives managers a good idea of where people are and aren’t gonna work and allows them to fix holes in their teams with who they have available. I can give countless examples of people from past spls slotting into tiers they hadn’t signed up to play and helping out their team tremendously, adapting to change is part of what makes a team great.
1.People shouldn't be forced to play a tier they don't want to before the season even starts.
2.Tiers played is perfectly reasonable and the current standards should not be changed.


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MANNAT has spoken, I approve of extending the tier lock to midseason

serious edit: it's a good idea and also gives a bit more significance to mids which with no trading is honestly pretty useless rn. i think two weeks isn't quite enough time to discourage what the original ruling sought to do and a lot of signups this year have demonstrated that
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The solution to this is a little less simple to decide on, but I personally feel that locking player tiers to those in signups until the midseason seems fair
We will be going with this suggestion from the OP.

From this point forward, the sign-up tier lock applies until midseason, not just through week 2. We feel this is a stronger way to combat price fixing than the current rule. Thank you to everyone who seriously addressed this matter and feel free to shoot us a message if you have any questions.
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