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Hello! Please read this whole thread before making any threads. If you choose to skip reading this, your thread will be closed and you can risk being warned. This is your ONE AND ONLY WARNING.

What Is This Place?

This "place" is the Suggestion Box. It is only for suggestions regarding ideas that will benefit Smogon in some way. Not for asking for team help, not for simple questions (i.e. questions that are one sentence and have to do with finding a thread or deleting a VM or the like), ONLY for ideas that will benefit Smogon in some way.

1. Be sure to elaborate on your idea. Don't just post one sentence consisting of, "i want there 2 b a forum for clans and stuff." This is the worst thing to do, and the fastest way to get your thread locked. Posting logic and reasoning behind your idea makes for discussion (in most cases) and allows you to answer questions if others have any. Generally, posts consisting of well-thought-out ideas and reasons will garner the most attention.

2. Be sure to search the forum before posting your idea. A simple search can go a long way. If your idea was suggested before and closed, it will most likely be closed again for the same reason. If you feel that you have substantial evidence to back your claim, be sure to
elaborate on your idea.

3. Don't be afraid to suggest frequently, but be sure to not suggest bad ideas. I realize that "bad" is subjective, but there is a fine line between posting for RMT thread tags and posting to have a plugin to show your favorite pony in your postbit, multiple times. If you are wondering whether or not your idea is questionable, you can always ask in THIS THREAD. If it shows promise (read: if a moderator suggests to post it in this forum), you can make a thread in the Suggestion Box. If not, don't bother making a thread.

4. Read rule #1 again.

5. DO NOT SUGGEST TO BLACKLIST SOMEONE HERE. Use the Wi-Fi Blacklist thread.
Be sure to read that thread before posting in them. If you do not, you will get warned (also, a warning means an infraction). UPDATE 5/8/2014 - a custom title has been implemented indicate if someone is on the blacklist.

6. DO NOT SUGGEST A NEW METAGAME OR METAGAME CHANGES. EVER. This is the farthest forum from posting these here, so don't do it. For a new metagame, you can post here, but also be sure to read the rules of the forum. If you do post one of these two things, v will warn you.

7. DO NOT SUGGEST A MOBILE APP. Smogon works just fine on Xenforo on mobile, and is not in need of an app. If you would like to make one, though, posting in this forum with the tag (Programming) would be great.

8. DO NOT POST A SELF-INTRODUCTION THREAD OR SUGGEST AN INTRODUCTION FORUM. Smogon's culture is very different than many other forum's, and one result of this is no introduction forum. It serves as nothing but postcount++ and doesn't help you get integrated into the community at all. There is an introduction thread for new members to post in, though. Do not make small talk in the thread. It is for you to post a quick something about yourself and move on. If you want to look through for anyone who you think would be your friend, look through it and leave them a VM.

9. DO NOT POST SUGGESTIONS FOR THE SIMULATOR POKEMON SHOWDOWN!. There is a thread for that in the Pokemon Showdown! Forum, right here.

10. Read rule #1 again.

Remember, this forum is for only posting ideas that will benefit Smogon; not C&C, not the OU tier--Smogon as a site. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or an existing Suggestion Box. If you have any general questions and don't know where to ask them, the General SQSA is your best bet (it also links to all other SQSA's that might be handy for you).
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