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Hi, I've noticed a couple of problems lately which create inconveniences for the system, so I'd like to bring them to light in order to amend the situation.

1. People haven't been changing their thread's tag to (Copyediting) when it reaches QC 3/3. Maybe it's because people think they're only supposed to do so once they've written it, so I'm going to clarify this now: Change your tag to (Copyediting) once the skeleton reaches QC 3/3 and simply add a GP 0/2 to the title once you write the analysis out. You don't change the tag once you've written it.

2. Speaking of which, once your analysis has been written, you must post in the GP Team Queue to let them know it needs GP checks. This is something else people have been failing to do, and it really slows down upload time and makes my job harder because then I have to check what's there and what isn't.

3. This is a less common problem, because it only happens among those new to Contributions & Corrections, but it's still an inconvenience for the QC team, so I might as well mention it here. When you first start an analysis, you must do so in bullet point form, NOT in written form. This makes it easier for the QC team to skim through it and make any necessary changes.

If you're a regular to UU Contributions & Corrections and/or are working on a UU analysis at the moment, please post here letting me know you've read and understood this. Thank you for your attention and continued participation in UU C&C.

That is all.


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If I have a Contributor badge, can I just ignore these?

Like for real, I earned this badge, I feel like these shouldn't apply to me

Also, why is UU the only one doing this, wtf Koko

Read them anyways, you're welcome

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