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Cheers guys ^.^

So, art deadline is the 8th, which means I'd be shooting to knock this out probably on the 7th or 8th, so all the info is fresh. Art isn't an issue for this at all, and I'll hunt down GPers on IRC for it. A quick outline of what will probably be covered (keep in mind it might change a bit based on how things go over the next week, since it'll all be recent events and all~)


- Rebracketed finals, blunder coming out on top there
- WhiteQueen vs blunder (supposed to happen on the 6th or 7th): cover replays in-depth
- Heist vs Ojama "match of the century" coverage
- Other quarterfinalist pairings covered as well
- If semis are finished in time, go into details of those and hype the upcoming finals
- Never too early for drama, so cover any that pops up in the next week
- BW's being decided on Live Suspect Tours
- First and second of the Suspect Tours will be on the 6th and 7th respectively, so cover both of those
Live tours
- Landorus-I Suspect Tours
- Magneton NU Suspect Tours
- Introduce the Lower Tier Series and cover those
- Possibly get into some Old Gens Tour Nights, depending on how much space is left
Other Tours
- Battle Spot Triples Tournament - won by NOVED, finalists Level 56 and Chenkovsky. Replay of G3 against Chenk:
- No Excuses - won by McMeghan, who never dropped a series (it was triple elimination.) Replays against Destiny Device:
- Iconic DPP Tour - won by WhiteQueen, replays against Level 56:
- RBY OU World Championship - won by Tiba, against MetalGro$$, no replays, took them almost 2 months to get it done v.v
- Doubles Winter Seasonal? - will it be done in time?
- Starter Overload? - still in finals, so only if done in time. Disenchanted, Christo The Gr8, and Scotti

Tagging Zebraiken and FireMage for if there's anything else they think should be added to that outline so far. I'll probably flesh out some of the stuff that I can (mostly the other tours that are done) over the next few days so Sunday / Monday I'm not doing everything at once :P
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