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Approved by Ludicrousity.
This Pet Mod is made with the authorization of AquaticPanic, the creator of the Regional Variants Pet Mod.

Regional Evolutions Header.png

Welcome to a new addition to the Regional Variants, namely the Regional Evolutions! The Pet Mod’s premise is all around Regional Evolutions, as well as Regional Variants that gets one. An unexpected but well-receive addition to the Regional Forms concept, it allows the Regional Forms to take a "logical conclusion", allowing some to become stronger akin to traditional cross-gen evolutions (like Obstagoon and Sirfetch'd), or simply being a completely different evolution than the original one (like Runerigus instead of Cofagrigus, as well as Perrserker instead of Persian), allowing for more creativity.

The rules here goes as it follows:​
  1. You may submit for any legal line you’d like as long as you included either a New Stage Evolution or a Replacement Evolution. This includes Branched Evos, except for Eevee and Tyrogue themselves (their respective evolutions are okay). Any other branched evo line will count as a single submission (so feel free to make a whole Ralts line, for an example). Giving just a New Stage Evolution to a canon RV that doesn’t have one or the accepted submissions from the Regional Variants Pet Mod (preferably yours) is also permitted.​
  2. You may submit for up to a total of 6 lines. Adding a New Stage Evolution for a pre-existing Regional Variant or an accepted submission (preferably yours) counts as a full line.​
    1. Two people may make a Regional Variant of the same evolutionary line, or a New Stage Evolution for a pre-existing or accepted submissions, as long as they are different from each others.​
    2. Do not make a regional “counterpart” to existing Regional Evolutions, which are as Perrserker, Obstagoon, Mr. Rime, Sirfetch’d, Runerigus and Cursola, as well as accepted New Stage/Replacement Evolutions.​
    3. You also cannot submit an evolution of the original counterparts even if their regional variants have one. This is Regional Evolutions, not just Evolutions.​
  3. You may vote for up to 7 lines per slate. You cannot self-vote more than two submissions, and if you do self-vote, vote for at least three more submissions that aren't yours.​
  4. Minimum BST for the New Stage Evolutions will be 500, with the maximum will be 600. However, try to aim for 500-530 BST range unless you have a good flavor reason for the New Stage Evolution to have a higher BST.​
    1. Pokémon with BST at 486 or higher should not be given a New Stage Evolution. Exception will be given for Regional Forms that are exceptionally poor in competitive scene, or that you honestly think it wouldn’t perform so well. Even then, consider a New Stage Evolution as an option in this case instead of mandatory. Otherwise a Replacement Evolution is always an option. Unlike the other rules starting from 3rd March 2022, this is not the hard rule anymore, but I do recommend to stick with the BST lower than 486 unless your submission have bad, bad typing, and will be judged by case-by-case basis.​
    2. Pokémon that is already a three-stage evolutionary line (i.e. Pichu to Raichu, Cleffa to Clefable) are not allowed to received a New Stage Evolution. However, a Replacement Evolution is always possible for these.​
    3. Obviously, don't go with the min-maxing. New Stage Evolutions tend to much stronger than their pre-evolution, so be cautious of what Abilities you will give (remember, only pre-existing Abilities allowed).​
    4. New Stage Evolutions can have up to six new Moves that their pre-evolution(s) cannot learn. If you decided to give it a new Type and that the Pokémon was single-typed, then ten extra Moves (preferably for STAB and flavor) will be added instead.​
    5. Original branched evolutions can each receive a New Stage Evolution as long as it respects the conditions required for one. Otherwise, it’s Replacement Evolutions instead. A New Stage Evolution or Replacement Evolution can be branched as well, but no more than two branched evolutions per line.​
    6. For Flavor/Design, be sure to give Height and Weight to your New Stage Evolutions. Weight is especially important does to moves like Low Kick and Grass Knot.​
    7. Not every canon Regional Variant with BST below 485 and are single-stage or stage 1 evo needs a New Stage Evolution. Things like Alolan Marowak and especially Galarian Darmanitan will go overkill with a New Stage Evolution. The rest that would be compatible for a new evolution are fine.​
  5. Replacement Evolutions follows the same rules as standard Regional Variants, but with a new name instead of “[Regional Pre-Fix] Pokémon”, and be sure that the design is drastic from the original evolution. They must share the same BST as the original evolution of the Pokémon, like how Perrserker (the Replacement Evolution) and Persian (the original) shares the same BST.​
  6. Does to taking place in NatDex (where Mega Stones and Z-Moves can be used), no Moves goes “unusable”. However, unlike Regional Variants Pet Mod, you cannot give a Mega Evolution to any submission regardless if the original counterpart had any. The original Regional Variants Pet Mod is where you can do so, anyways.​
Full Regional Variant submission rule, directly used from AquaticPanic’s Regional Variants. This only concerns for new Regional Variants in here.

New Typing:

New Abilities:
New Stats:
New Moves:
Removed Moves:
New Typing: One may shift it around as much as desired. The evolutionary family must share at the least one typing, unless only the evolved form is recieving a Regional Variant (Akin to Cubone).

New Abilities: Must keep the same amount of abilities as the original or less. They must be already-existing abilities or a clone Ability (new Ability that works a bit differently from the original in term of interacted Type, Stats, Weather or Terrain).

New Stats: Net change must equal 0. No more than +/- 30 in any single stat. You cannot increase a Pokemon's higher attack/defense if the difference between both attacks/defense is more than 50. For example, Tauros has an attack "gap" of 60 (100 - 40), so you can't add to its higher Attack stat. You can deduct from it, however, to put toward other stats. Also, try not to go too crazy with boosting already powerful stats; Just because you can make a Tyranitar forme with 164 base Attack doesn't mean you should. You may swap a Pokemon's stats before modifying them, but the gap rule still applies to the new higher stat. For New Stage Evolutions, you may add also up to +50 for any (and more than one) stat as long as the attack/defense gap doesn’t make more than 50.

New/Removed Moves: You cannot add more moves than you remove unless you're adding a dual type to a single typed Pokemon. Then you can double the new moves total. If you're just adding a secondary type to a single-typed Pokemon, you can add 10 moves for free. Only clone moves (i.e. a Ghost-type Play Rough) can be created. Please do note that Sketch is banned from being added to a Pokémon. New Stage Evolutions can gain up to six additional moves.

Flavor/Design: Give flavor and/or design on how the Pokémon adapted to the environment. Giving height or weight is optional to Regional Variants of existing Pokémon or Replacement Evolutions, but for New Stage Evolutions, it is mandatory.

The rules on Flavour are the following:
- All New Stage Evolutions must keep the same theme and Type for their respective “Pre-Evolutions”. That said, you may add a Type if the “Pre-Evolution” is single-typed, or change one of the two types (not both). Obviously, New Stage Evolution and Replacement Evolution should be given to only pre-evolutions that are Regional Variants, and not standard variants.

- You may not give Legendary Pokémon, Mythical Pokémon or UBs regional variants. Those will receive their own special slates in the original Regional Variants Pet Mod.

- You may not make a regional variant for a Pokémon based around on the region it debuted. For an example, it would not make sense for Bisharp to get an Unovan Form, since it already is from Unova. The only exception to this rule is the Gumshoos line due to it not being originally from Alola, and the Crawdaunt line for similar reasons.

- Justify the changes done. Explain why the Pokémon has changed types and learned the moves it does. Also please explain how it would look in this new forme. You must give new Height and Weight for a New Stage Evolution while also making it sound more distinct than it’s “pre-evolution”.

- An evolutionary line must be entirely based on the same region. In other words, please don’t make a Kalonese Riolu evolve into a Hoennian Lucario. The only exception to this rule is with Kantonian / Johtonese forms evolving into one another due to the regions being right next to one another.

- It is important to note that you should make the Regional Evolution more like a “logical conclusion” to the Regional Variant form, and not something of an hypothetical Evolution for the original counterpart. This is done in order to keep the regional line unique and interesting.

The name of each region's variants go as it follows:

Kanto - Kantonian
Johto - Johtonian
Hoenn - Hoennian
Sinnoh - Sinnohan
Hisui - Hisuian
Unova - Unovan
Kalos - Kalosian
Alola - Alolan
Galar - Galarian
Orre - Orrean
Ultra Space - Ultra

Note: For being entirely new species, Regional Evolutions does not have the pre-fix name of the respective region.

It is important to read the spreadsheet as to not repeat ideas, as well as not giving a Pokémon line that already got two Regional Forms + Regional Evos in this Pet Mod.
Council (Two open slots left)
:swampert: Samtendo09 :swampert:
:buzzwole: alephgalactus :buzzwole:
Have fun with the new era of Regional Variants!​
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Please read the archieve (the spreadsheet) before submitting anything! If a Pokémon already have a Regional Evolution in a specific region, then they cannot gain an addiitonal line of regional form + regional evolution within the same region.

Hisui is considered as part of Sinnoh due to being a distant past to that region question, so if the Pokémon already have a regional line in either region, they cannot have a Hisui form if already having a Sinnoh form, and no Sinnoh form if already having a Hisui form.

Starting from 3rd March 2022, there is no strict BST limit of what Pokémon is allowed to gain a New Stage Evolution - it still will not be allowed if it already reached a second stage evolutionof course (i.e. Raichu, Wigglytuff, Slaking)! - but individual submissions will be judged in a case-by-case basis. This is so if you submit, say, a Misdreavus line with poor typing, then Mismagius can evolve further. Things with already very high BST (525-570) aren’t recommended to be given Regional Evolutions and will be judged more strictly, however.

The following Legends: Arceus can be given to submissions due to being clones of existing moves: Headlong Rush, Raging Fury, Chloroblast and Mountain Gale. All other Legends: Arceus moves cannot be given. See the New Move page of the spreadsheet for details about the “clone moves” from Legends: Arceus.

Also from such date above (forgot to add it btw) Pokémon whose original form got a Mega Evolution can receive a Regional Evolution through their regional variant; prior to this date, it was not allowed, but I realized it was too abritrary.​
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You may now post! Submissions will last for up to a week while voting phase lasts for 3 days.

To make clarification, here are the two styles of Regional Evolutions.

New Stage Evolutions
A new species that is part of the Regional line, essentially an extra evolution stage akin to traditional cross-generation evolutions. It cannot be given to a line that already have three stages and not recommended to anything higher than 485 BST.

Replacement Evolutions
Some Regional Variants instead evolve into a different Pokémon of the same stage instead of the usual one (example, Galarian Meowth evolves into Perrserker, not a Galarian Persian). Can be given to any line with two or three stages, but you cannot give the original evolution counterpart to anything with a Replacement Evolution. (I.E. Galarian Persian cannot be made as a counterpart of Perrserker.)​


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I had a dumb question. Can we do things like Johtonian Cursola/Kantonian Farfetch’d/Hoennian Obstagoon?
No, since those would be considered as standard evolutions, not Regional Evolutions. You also cannot make Regional Variants of already existing Regional Evolutions, either, just in case someone would ask that.
Replacement Evolution for Flygon
(All heights and weights are unchanged from original line.)
Pokémon: Trapinch
New Typing: Bug
New Abilities: Compound Eyes, Arena Trap, (Sheer Force)
New Stats: 45/45/45/100/45/10 (Swap Atk and SpA)
New Moves: String Shot, Infestation, Rage Powder
Removed Moves: Sand Tomb, Bulldoze, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Super Power, Fissure, Hyper Beam

Flavor/Design: Johtonian Trapinch make its home inside fallen logs of Ilex Forest, often hollowing them out for unsuspecting prey to wander inside. It will keep its mouth open at the end of the log and stick its tongue out disguised as a dark green Tanga Berry to attract Caterpie. Trapinch retains its clampy, zigzag jaws with 4 stubby feet, with males growing a plain carapace shell on its back, while female carapaces are yellow polka-dotted. Its colored forest green to help blend in with its surroundings.

Pokémon: Vibrava
New Typing: Bug/Dragon
New Abilities: Tinted Lens
New Stats: 50/50/50/70/50/70
New Moves: String Shot, Infestation, Rage Powder, +Power Gem +Parting Shot
Removed Moves: Sand Tomb, Bulldoze, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Super Power, Fissure, Hyper Beam, -Dragon Rush, -Steel Wing

Flavor/Design: Johtonian Vibrava will scour the Ilex forest canopy in search of shedded Metapod skins to feast upon. It compensates for its juvenile vision in the near total darkness by reverberating its wings to echo-locate the unique shape of its food whilst flying, often frightening nearby hikers. Colored a tad lighter shade of forest green than its infant form, it's wings are fish-netted parallelograms like its Hoenn counterpart, but tinged with purple lining. It's eyes are coupled with a midnight blue lens over black pupils.

Pokémon: Flaygon
New Typing: Bug/Dragon
New Abilities: Tinted Lens
New Stats: 80/80/80/100/80/100 (BST 520)
New Moves: String Shot, Infestation, Rage Powder, +Power Gem +Parting Shot +Quiver Dance, +Extrasensory, +Forest Curse
Removed Moves: Sand Tomb, Bulldoze, Sandstorm, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Super Power, Fissure, Hyper Beam, -Dragon Rush, -Steel Wing, -Fire Punch, -Thunder Punch, -Stone Edge, -Iron Tail, -Dragon Claw, -Dragon Dance

Flavor/Design: Opportunistic Flaygon resort to the forest floor of Ilex, hunting for dead Butterfree carcasses to eat to earn its infamous name. Older generations of Flaygon used to suspend themselves high in trees to Boomburst unsuspecting Butterfree into unconscious sacks of dinner, however Celebi, the Protector of Ilex Forest, put a swift stop to the brutal hunting tactic over time.
Competitive Uses: Flaygon is versatile 'mon equipped to wall break, sweep, or offensively pivot in a new ability of Tinted Lens, kickass boosting move Quiver Dance, and the added Parting Shot among other new moves to bolster its list of sound-based moves. I feel as though this was a possible direction GF wanted to go with its Mega in Gen 6, but couldn't pull the trigger on something already perfect :psyglad:. It can run many sets aside from choice scarf, be that throat spray, specs, life orb, or eject pack Draco Meteors for some hit 'n run action. Hopefully the wide special movepool and ability don't set it over the edge...

Competitive Flaws: Added Stealth Rock weakness, prone to being revenged by common priority moves, slight 4MSS, easily chipped by other hazards.
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May I reserve a replacement evolution for the Trapinch line found in Johto?
Yes, you are allowed to make a reservation.

By the way, here are one submission of a Regional Variant with a New Stage Evolution, and another with a Replacement Evolution. You can use them as examples too.

:spritzee: + :aromatisse: + (New)
Pokémon: Spritzee
New Typing:

New Abilities: Infiltrate | Corrosive
New Stats: 78 HP / 52 Atk / 65 Def (swapped with SpD) / 63 SpA / 60 SpD (swapped with Def) / 23 Spe | BST: 341
New Moves: Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Gas, Toxic Spikes, Acid, Acid Spray, Mythical Fire, Nasty Plot (+8)
Removed Moves: None
Flavor/Design: Adapting into the more industrial side of Johto, Spritzee ends up adapting the Poison-type in order to be immune of Zubat, Koffing and Grimer. However, it also developed a malicious streak of poisoning the others, including those Poison-type Pokémon in question. Gain a more purple plumage and the beak leaning upward.

Pokémon: Aromatisse
New Typing:

New Abilities: Infiltrate | Corrosive
New Stats: 101 HP / 62 Atk (-10) / 99 Def (swapped with SpD, +10) / 99 SpA / 72 SpD (swapped with Def) / 29 Spe | BST: 462
New Moves: Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Gas, Toxic Spikes, Acid, Acid Spray, Mythical Fire, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Fire Blast (+10)
Removed Moves: None
Flavor/Design: Being responsible for the newfound poison plague that affect even other Poison-type, Johtonian Aromatisse are proven to be dangerous to the public. Fortunately, Ground-type Pokémon are trained by authority in order to deal with them. Retain physical changes from Johtonian Spritzee in addition of more frowning eyes.

Pokémon: Plaguesee
New Typing:

New Abilities: Infiltrate | Corrosive
New Stats: 117 HP (+16) / 62 Atk / 111 Def (+12) / 111 SpA (+12) / 72 SpD / 50 Spe (+21) | BST: 523
New Moves: Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Gas, Toxic Spikes, Acid, Acid Spray, Mythical Fire, Nasty Plot, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, Clear Smog, Venoshock (+10, +2 with new Evo)
Removed Moves: None
Flavor/Design: 1.4 m | 55.4 kg | Infuriated with being fought back, Johtonian Aromatisse eventually developed a new evolution in order to spread their plague further. This ends up backfiring as some Plaguesee ends up joining the human side instead, tackling on other Poison-type that plagues the humanity and other Pokémon alike. Much taller than Aromatisse, and have a design much more in-line with an actual plague doctor.
Competitive Uses: A stallbreaker with Toxic not being stopped by Poison or Steel, or a wallbreaker with access to Nasty Plot and Fire-type coverage. Infiltrate allows Plaguesee to attack anyone behind a Substitute and ignores Light Screen or Aurora Veil, or Corrosive to use Toxic on even Poison and Steel-types.
Competitive Flaws: 50 Speed can hamper Plaguesee as it leaves it vulnerable to many Special attacking threats, especially with Psychic, Ground or Steel STAB. The two Abilities are situational as while Steel-type are common for Corrosive, both aren't useful against an HO team or anything that don't use a defensive Pokémon. Lack of reliable recovery also hurts.

:magikarp: + (Replacement)
Pokémon: Magikarp
New Typing:

New Abilities: Sturdy | Magic Gard
New Stats: 20 HP / 10 Atk / 45 Def (-5) / 15 SpA / 15 SpD (-5) / 90 Spe (+10) | BST: 200
New Moves: Rock Throw (+1)
Removed Moves: Bounce, Hydro Pump (-2)
Flavor/Design: Turning rocky and arid in the Ultra Desert, Magikarp have to envelop a new sturdier body in order to survive an onslaught from Pheromosa. It have light brown scales, and the whiskers are longer. It also already got an angrier expression, if a bit dopey one...

Pokémon: Gargony
New Typing:

New Abilities: Berserk | Magic Guard
New Stats: 95 HP / 60 Atk (swapped with SpA) / 74 Def (-5) / 125 SpA (swapped with Atk) / 85 SpD (-15) / 96 Spe (+15) | BST: 540
New Moves: Rock Throw, Earth Power, Draco Meteor, Dragon Breath, Dragon Pulse, Solar Beam, Power Gem, Rock Polish, Nasty Plot (+9)
Removed Moves: Bounce, Brine, Dive, Waterfall, Muddy Water, Power Whip, Rain Dance, Scald, Hydro Pump (-9)
Flavor/Design: 5.5 m | 354 kg | As it evolves differently, Magikarp become a gargoyle-like creature with black scleras, longer snout, grows arms and legs, as well as long, dark purple demonic wings. The whiskers are also shorter, and is overall a little shorter than Gyarados, but fairly bulkier. It also have another pair of teeth as well. Worse of all, it is even more aggressive than Gyarados, as a single word toward it will cause a murderous rampage, and enter a feud with Pheromosa ever since.
Competitive Uses: This set-up wallbreaker or set-up sweeper can put a dent on unprepared teams, with Berserk punishing anything that fails to OHKO it. Magic Guard can also be used to deal with stall that dares to put Toxic into it, or run Toxic Orb to become an useful status absorber. With a decent speed of 96, it can run a Choice Scarf or Choice Specs to break things up.
Competitive Flaws: Rock/Dragon isn't the best defensive type, and can leave itself vulnerable to Ground, Ice, Fighting, Steel and Fairy. It can also fall against faster threats such as Dragapult and anything with 90-ish Speed with Choice Scarf.

I also have some more submissions.

:volbeat: + (New)
Pokémon: Volbeat
New Typing:

New Abilities: Illuminate / Shield Dust | Natural Cure
New Stats: 65 HP / 72 Atk / 70 Def (-5) / 47 SpA / 70 SpD (-15) / 105 Spe (+20) | BST: 430
New Moves: Shadow Claws, Shadow Sneak, Night Shade, Ominous Wind, Shadow Punch, Astonish, Scary Face, Will-o-Wisp (+8)
Removed Moves: Lunge (-1)
Flavor/Design: Volbeat are thought to be extinct in the old time of the Kanto region, but it turned out that they were adapted to the Pokémon Tower, making sure that the spirits are undisturbed. They carry a wisp of light that is said to be a spirit of a fallen fellow Volbeat. Their hue are much darker except their face, and their "head pillow" become a skull-like figure similarly to a Cubone and Marowak. Their body is covered by a large carapace.

Pokémon: Hikorror
New Typing:

New Abilities: Tough Claws / Shield Dust | Natural Cure
New Stats: 85 HP (+20) / 112 Atk (+40) / 105 Def (+35) / 57 SpA (+10) / 70 SpD / 126 Spe (+21) | BST: 555
New Moves: Same as Kantonian Volbeat (+8), plus Crunch, Reflect, Megahorn and Swords Dance (+4)
Removed Moves: Lunge (-1)
Flavor/Design: 2.5 m | 177.7 kg | With a thin, eerie structure, and having the withered carapace shaping like a Japanese lantern, Hikorror is much more merciless toward ill-intentional intruders. The skull-like "pillow" developed long horns, with the arms becoming long and thin, and the hands looking skeletal. It also have three light wisps surrounding it. Despite despising heartless intruders, it will guide people who are lost in forests and protect them against other Ghost-type.
Competitive Uses: Very fast and have an useful Attack, Hikorror can hold either a Choice Band or Choice Scarf to sweep out. STAB Megahorn allows it to break apart anything that don't resist it, and it also have plenty of coverage moves. With Tough Claws, many of it's physical moves become stronger, especially Megahorn. Or it can go for Natural Cure and U-Turn to scout anything, even if it got Burned, Paralyzed or Poisoned. It also have Shadow Sneak priority, allowing it to finish off a damaged opponent. Had to remove Lunge since it would give it an unfair advantage with it's decent physical bulk, Tough Claws boost + opponent's reduced Attack.
Competitive Flaws: It's Special bulk is mediocre and can be taken down by faster Special threats, preferably those carrying a Choice Scarf. It also have five weaknesses, which means it will have a hard time setting up. Ghost-type moves in general are not really strong STAB to use, which can only be solved by Tough Claws. While it do have U-Turn and can use Natural Cure, it can drain momentum if used carelessly. It is also weak to Stealth Rocks, and anything that managed to take a hit can leave it into a peril.

:illumise: + (New)
Pokémon: Illumise
New Typing:

New Abilities: Oblivious / No Guard | Technician
New Stats: 65 HP / 47 Atk / 70 Def (-5) / 73 SpA / 70 SpD (-15) / 105 Spe (+20) | BST: 430
New Moves: Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Vacuum Wave, Calm Mind, Air Cutter, Air Slash, Hurricane (+7)
Removed Moves: None
Flavor/Design: The Illumise of Kanto were unaware of Volbeat's near-extinction, so it ended up wondering near dojos, including the very Fighting Dojo. Aspired by the fighting spirit of the Fighting-type Pokémon, it eventually developed a sense of aura control in order to come a match of them. Their wings become much longer, but fades into pure light-like particles, and their colors in general become a bit darker, with the "head pillow" becoming scruffy.

Pokémon: Spirikari
New Typing:

New Abilities: Competitive / No Guard | Technician
New Stats: 85 HP (+20) / 77 Atk (+30) / 70 Def / 112 SpA (+40) / 105 SpD (+35) / 106 Spe (+1) | BST: 555
New Moves: Same as Kantonian Illumise (+7), plus Reflect, Flash Cannon, Heal Pulse and Psychic (+4)
Removed Moves: None
Flavor/Design: 2.5 m | 217.7 kg | Finding out that simply channeling their aura isn't enough, Illumise developed a new evolution that allows it to channel it with great power, rivaling Lucario of the Sinnoh region. They also develop a competitive spirit, but otherwise focused on staying calm. Their wings become enlightened as much as Spirikari became, and let out bright light that can help guide a Hikorror and the lost people of the forest. Other than the wings, they are still pudgy, but taller and developed longer bug-like limbs.
Competitive Uses: With Calm Mind, it can become a wallbreaker, with powerful moves like Focus Blast and Thunder being complimented by No Guard, or Vacuum Wave and Charge Beam complimented by Technician. Spirikari can quickly turn the tide if not handled quickly, with a moderate base 106 Speed allowing it to outspeed most walls. Competitive is situational, but can harshly punish an Intimidate user. Being a rare Special Fighting-type helps standing out from the other Bug/Fighting-type.
Competitive Flaws: It's physical bulk is lower than average and can be revenge killed by fast physical attackers. A double weakness to Flying is also troublesome, as while Thunderbolt (or No Guard Thunder) allows it to defend against them, Flying-types wearing a Choice Scarf or that are naturally faster can annihilate it quickly. Fire, Psychic and Fairy-type are also common attacking type and can pressure Spirikari quickly, especially if it hit on the physical side.
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Yung Dramps

awesome gaming

Pokémon: Sinnoan Furret
New Typing:

New Abilities: Keen Eye, Fluffy, Stakeout
New Stats: 85 / 76 / 64 / 45 / 55 / 90 (415 BST)
New Moves: Branch Poke, Bullet Seed, Icicle Crash, Power Whip, Seed Bomb, Spite
Removed Moves: Fire Punch, Flamethrower, Thunder, Thunderbolt
Flavor/Design: Furret now has a lighter brownish-red tint across its whole body and it holds a little branch in its sharper teeth ie Pancham. Based on the Siberian Weasel

Pokémon: Shentret
New Typing:

New Abilities: Keen Eye, Wandering Spirit, Stakeout
New Stats: 85 / 113 / 84 / 60 / 78 / 105 (525 BST)
Movepool: Sinnoan Furret's + Grudge, Hex and Shadow Sneak
Flavor/Design: "It is also said in China that the Siberian weasel is a wandering spirit (shen) that can steal and replace people’s souls. Eek."
Height: 2.2 m
Weight: 22.5 kg
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Pokémon: Johtonian Bagon and Shelgon
New Typing: Dragon/Rock
New Abilities: (unchanged)
New Stats: Both reduce SpAtk by 10 and speed by 5 for +5 Atk and both defenses
New Moves: Rock Throw, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Head Smash, Stealth Rock, Iron Defense, Body Press, Wild Charge, Heat Crash, Rock Polish Shell Smash (Shelgon only)
Removed Moves: Ember, Flamethrower, Fireblast, Hydro Pump, Fire Fang, Dragon Rush
Flavor/Design: Pretty much the rocky and touch defensive parts are actually rocks now and its body is grayer.

Pokémon: Shelldra
New Typing: Dragon/Rock
New Abilities: Rock Head (Solid Rock)
New Stats: 100/120/135/75/120/60
New Moves: Johtonian Shelgon's + Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Rollout, Rock Blast, Accelerock
Flavor/Design: The dream is dead! Poor Shelgon never had a chance to sprout wings as they are crusted and vestigial within its shell of a body. Shelldra is doomed to be a land dwelling armored tank that is denied access to the skies!

Pokémon: Unovan Ratatta
New Typing: Poison/Normal
New Abilities: Strong Jaw/Guts (Corrosion)
New Stats: +5 Atk and speed, -5 both defenses
New Moves (compared to Kanto Rat): Poison Fang, Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, Sludge, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes
Removed Moves: Sucker Punch, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave
Flavor/Design: New "Unova" York City is a place where rats are the Plague and go for a slice of pizza. These disgusting creatures can infect if left to breed like crazy. Its even more purple and its fangs are almost sharpened at the end. It looks like it foams at the mouth.

Pokémon: Unovan Raticate
New Typing: Poison/Normal
New Abilities: Strong Jaw/Guts (Corrosion)
New Stats: +5 Atk, +10 speed, -5 SpDef defenses, -5 Def, -5 HP
New Moves (compared to Kanto Rat): Poison Fang, Gunk Shot, Sludge Wave, Sludge, Poison Jab, Toxic Spikes
Removed Moves: Sucker Punch, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Thunder Wave
Flavor/Design: Sleeker than other Raticates, this thing needs to fit into sewers, steal food and cause damage. It's less sturdy although its typing lets it survive many infections, but it can move about the underground with relative easy.

Pokémon: Cholerat
New Typing: Poison/Normal
New Abilities: Strong Jaw/Guts (Corrosion)
New Stats: 70/111/80/50/85/117 (513)
New Moves: Unova Raticate's movepool +Earthquake, Stone Edge, Rockslide, Mega Kick, Coil
Flavor/Design: Chollorat is a disgusting barer of the disease it is name-saked for, (Cholera) and has a fleshy tail like a real rat. With large whiskers, it can detect great danger and cause massive damage as it bites through powerlines. Its tail is so long it can coil it up and its feet possess a powerful kicking force to defend itself if its teeth cannot work.
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Haunted Chimes:
Pokémon: Unovan Chingling
New Typing:

New Abilities: Levitate
New Stats: 45/30/50/65/50/45 (unchanged)
New Moves: Astonish, Destiny Bond, Eerie Impulse, Electric Terrain, Electro Ball, Hex, Perish Song, Spite, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Will-o-Wisp
Removed Moves: Future Sight, Light Screen, Magic Coat, Reflect, Skill Swap, Stored Power, Telekinesis, Zen Headbutt
Flavor/Design: The bell is silver, and the ribbon is replaced with purple lightning bolts. Unovan Chingling lives around the Celestial Tower, the Giant Chasm, and Reversal Mountain, and appears in surrounding areas whenever a Pokemon cherished by a trainer dies. An old legend says that the sound of Unovan Chingling's bell helps calm the spirits of dead Pokemon, which inspired people to construct the bell on top of the Celestial Tower.

Pokémon: Unovan Chimecho
New Typing:

New Abilities: Levitate
New Stats: 75/50/80/95/90/65 (unchanged)
New Moves: Astonish, Destiny Bond, Eerie Impulse, Electric Terrain, Electro Ball, Hex, Perish Song, Spite, Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Volt Switch, Will-o-Wisp
Removed Moves: Future Sight, Light Screen, Magic Coat, Reflect, Skill Swap, Stored Power, Telekinesis, Zen Headbutt
Flavor/Design: Its body is dark purple, and the bell on top of its head is silver and exudes lightning bolts. Unovan Chimecho travels on wind currents that always seem to lead to a recently-deceased Pokemon. The sound of its chime lures the spirit away from the body and carries it to the afterlife. While some believe Unovan Chimecho does this out of respect, Unovan Chimecho actually has no idea that it is even doing so.

Pokémon: Chimelody
New Typing:

New Abilities: Levitate
New Stats: 85/50/90/125/115/75 (Total: 530)
New Moves: Ominous Wind, Overdrive
Flavor/Design: Its body is like a larger Unovan Chimecho, but with 10 dark purple glass chimes of different sizes arranged in a circle. Its head is also taller, with shadows that represent a face. Chimelody carries with it the spirits of 10 dead Pokemon, one in each of its chimes. The chimes play a more beautiful sound the more each Pokemon was loved by its trainer when it died.
Pokémon: Ultra Inkay
New Typing: Psychic/Dragon
New Abilities: Beast Boost
New Stats: 53/59/43/37/53/43 (+5 Atk, -10 Def, +7 SpD, -2 Spe)
New Moves: Cosmic Power, Roost, Dragon Rage, Twister, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dive, Surf, Scald, Water Pulse, Dragon Dance (13)
Removed Moves: Topsy-Turvy, Payback, Switcheroo, Night Slash, Foul Play, Taunt, Thief, Fling, Fake Tears, Flatter, Embargo, Knock Off, Snatch (13)
Flavor/Design: Inkay switches to a more greenish palette and grows dragon wings. Wormholes leading to Ultra Inkay's home world only appear when the stars are in a certain alignment

Pokémon: Ultra Malamar
New Typing: Psychic/Dragon
New Abilities: Beast Boost
New Stats: 89/97/67/73/89/67 (+3 HP, +5 Atk, -21 Def, +5 SpA, +14 SpD, -6 Spe)
New Moves: Cosmic Power, Roost, Dragon Rage, Twister, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Dive, Surf, Scald, Water Pulse, Dragon Dance, Outrage (14)
Removed Moves: Topsy-Turvy, Payback, Switcheroo, Night Slash, Foul Play, Taunt, Thief, Fling, Fake Tears, Flatter, Embargo, Knock Off, Snatch, Throat Chop (14)
Flavor/Design: As above - additionally, Ultra Malamar's eyes glow. Ultra Malamar has far less fine control over its hypnotic abilities than its Kalosian counterpart, usually driving its victims mad when it attempts to control them.

Pokémon: Hp'lamaroth
Typing: Psychic/Dragon
Abilities: Beast Boost
New Stats: 137/127/67/89/113/37 (570)
New Moves: Recover
Height: 13 m
Weight: 666 kg
Flavor/Design: Compared to Ultra Malamar, its tentacles are moved to the front of its face, covering up its beak (but not its eyes as they are moved). It's also generally bigger and more monstrous and stuff. Hp'lamaroth's hypnotic abilities can be used on a global scale. It can sleep for over a million years.
Pokemon: Johtonian Mimikyu
New Typing: Ghost/Normal
Abilities: Disguise
New Stats: 55/85/80/75/95/86
New Moves: Ember, Flamethrower, Water Gun, Surf, Thunder Shock, Body Slam, Wish
Removed Moves: Draining Kiss, Drain Punch, Thunder, X-Scissor, Leech Life, Dazzling Gleam, Psychic
Flavor/Design: The Mimikyu of Johto are highly unstable in terms of genetic makeup, yet still desire love just as other Mimikyu do. The evolutions of Eevee are quite popular in Johto thanks to the Kimono Girls, so Mimikyu imitates Eevee to seek affection. Its disguise is charming, but it feels like it can never be as loved as a real Eevee.

Pokemon: Flareyu
New Typing: Ghost/Fire
Abilities: Flash Fire
New Stats: 65/110/80/75/100/95 (Total: 525)
New Moves: Flare Blitz, Fire Blast, Flame Charge, Fire Fang, Heat Wave, Lava Plume, Fire Spin, Incinerate, Mystical Fire, Sizzly Slide
Flavor/Design: This Mimikyu evolution clearly resembles Flareon, but its back legs are black matter coming out the back of its body. Its eyes also have socket holes instead of drawn on swirls, within which are yellow glowing eyes, and it has an actual mouth. Due to Mimikyu’s desire to become a real Eevee paired with its genetic instability and the influence of a Fire Stone, it became one with its disguise and evolved into a Flareyu. Flareyu are generally the nicest of the Johtonian Mimikyu evolutions, and their fluffy, warm body makes it very pleasant to hug. But if someone they care about is in danger, they’ll defend them with powerful spectral flames.

Pokemon: Joltyu
New Typing: Ghost/Electric
Abilities: Volt Absorb
New Stats: 65/95/70/100/85/110 (Total: 525)
New Moves: Thunder, Wild Charge, Discharge, Volt Switch, Thunder Fang, Electro Ball, Pin Missile, Quick Attack, Agility, Buzzy Buzz
Flavor/Design: Same sort of design elements as with Flareyu, but for Jolteon instead. The black matter of the upper legs also has spikes to match the backside of the main body. Due to Mimikyu’s desire to become a real Eevee paired with its genetic instability and the influence of a Thunder Stone, it became one with its disguise and evolved into a Joltyu. Joltyu are the boastful sort, proud of their new body and wanting to show it off to as many people as possible. Oftentimes, they’ll get into fights with real Jolteon, and the shower of sparks that ensues is a real spectacle indeed.

Pokemon: Vaporyu
New Typing: Ghost/Water
Abilities: Water Absorb
New Stats: 105/65/75/95/100/85
New Moves: Hydro Pump, Scald, Aqua Tail, Bubble Beam, Ice Beam, Ice Fang, Haze, Calm Mind, Nasty Plot, Bouncy Bubble
Flavor/Design: Same sort of idea as with Flareyu and Joltyu with Vaporeon. Due to Mimikyu’s desire to become a real Eevee paired with its genetic instability and the influence of a Water Stone, it became one with its disguise and evolved into a Vaporyu. Vaporyu have strangely indecisive personalities, flipping from sweet, calm creatures to mischievous pranksters spontaneously. Researchers believe this might have something to do with their liquid-like body structure, though nothing has conclusive has been discovered. Thankfully, Vaporyu is never really malicious, and keeping it entertained leads to less antics in serious situations.
Pokémon: Alolan Ariados
New Typing: Bug/Fire
New Abilities: Flame Body / Swarm / Sniper (HA)
New Stats: 70 / 90 / 40 / 60 / 50 / 90 (swapped with defense, +20 speed, -20 Special Defense)
New Moves: Fire Fang, Flare Blitz, Fire Lash, Ember, Overheat, Fire Blast, Flamethrower,
Removed Moves: All Poison-type moves barring Poison Jab and Toxic
Flavor/Design: Ariados gains a dark red color to the parts of its body that are normally light pink (What the hell is the coloration of this thing good lord). The purple on its legs are replaced with dark gray and the yellow is replaced with orange. Alolan Ariados are oftentimes seen around Wela Volcanic Park. They are not easily provoked, only attacking when there is a threat to their nests. However, when they do attack, it's rumored they attack with deadly precision and speed, and their bites leave a searing pain on their victims.

Pokémon: Pyriados
New Typing: Bug/Fire
New Abilities: Flame Body / Swarm / Mold Breaker (HA)
New Stats: 70 / 120 (+30) / 70 (+30) / 60 / 80 (+30) / 120 (+30) (520 BST)
New Moves: Same as Hoennian Ariados + U-turn, Knock Off
Flavor/Design: 4'11" | 41.2 lbs. | Pyriados are even more hostile and are the ones that lead a swarm of Alolan Ariados. They, like Alolan Ariados, are extremely relentless hunters, and attack with extremely deadly precision and speed. It's rumored they can reach speeds of up to 90 miles per hour! Their body now looks similar to Beedrill. It has 2 wings attached to the back of the center part of its body, and there are 4 arms, similar to Ariados, on its center portion of its body. Its eyes are light blue and it has an extra pair of fangs on the stinger part of the body. Speaking of which, it no longer has a stinger on the third section of its body.
Competitive Use: Pyriados goes from primarily Sticky Web setting (it's still very good at this, don't get me wrong), to a powerful and fast offensive threat that can get the jump on quite a bit of common threats, be it Hydreigon, Corviknight, and the like. HDB will likely be mandatory given Pyriados's 4x weakness to Stealth Rock. Mold Breaker will likely be its most useful ability as it allows Pyriados to bypass threats that would normally wall it like Rotom-H via Stomping Tantrum.
Competitive Drawbacks: Pyriados has terrible bulk. 70/70/80 isn't great and will cause it to get OHKOed by any strong attack. Furthermore, its quad Stealth Rock weakness mandates HDB, making it impossible to viably run other items like Life Orb or Choice Band. Lastly, its offensive typing doesn't help despite being fairly potent offensively, it will always cause it to fall short against threats like Toxapex, Seismitoad, Hippowdon, and Dragault, with the latter outspeeding and OHKOing back despite the fact Pyriados can Knock Off on the switch.

Unovan Tropius only changes typing to

Evolves at level 57 in Alola
Pokémon: Palmodon ("Palm" + "-(o)don" suffix [for dinosaurs])

Abilities: Chlorophyll / Thick Fat | HA: Serene Grace
New Stats: 118 / 83 / 91 / 101 / 101 / 56 (550)
New Moves: Draco Meteor, Dragon Breath, Dragon Claw, Dragon Rush, Dragon Tail, Dual Chop, Ancient Power, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Aromatherapy, Grassy Terrain, Power Whip, Solar Blade, Wood Hammer
Height: 3.7 m
Weight: 300 kg
Flavor/Design: It is a giant leaf-winged dragon with a banana crest. Although they seem very menacing, they have a kind heart and they usually bring bananas to children lost or in danger. There is a festival in Alola near where they live, during which they come to a village and people give them food (especially berries), so they thank them with their bananas. The fruits on their neck are extremely sweet and even a single bite of them is said to bring good luck. Their only predators are the speciemens of Salamance that happen to fly around Alolan skies, but the battles between them are very rare and the result is always unpredictable. Many places in Alola have been reshaped over time by a battle between a Palmodon and a Salamence.

When Spoink reaches level 32 while holding Pearl in Kalos
Pokémon: Baboink ("Babau" [= italian for "Boogieman"] + "Oink")

Abilities: Thick Fat / Afermath | HA: Dry Skin
New Stats: 100 / 45 / 85 / 55 / 95 / 80 (460)
New Moves: Curse, Destiny Bond, Hex, Phantom Force, Ancient Power, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Shore Up, Rock Polish, Earthquake, Earth Power, Bulldoze, Nasty Plot, Knock Off, Dark Pulse, Memento, Pursuit, Snarl, Dazzling Gleam, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up
Height: 1.5 m
Weight: 83.5 kg

When Spoomkie reaches level 56 or higher at night
Pokémon: Babadjin ("Babau" + "Djin")

Abilities: Levitate | HA: Analytic
New Stats: 110 / 63 / 97 / 83 / 107 / 80 (540)
New Moves: Curse, Destiny Bond, Hex, Ominous Wind, Phantom Force, Ancient Power, Stealth Rock, Stone Edge, Rock Slide, Sandstorm, Shore Up, Rock Polish, Earthquake, Earth Power, Bulldoze, Nasty Plot, Knock Off, Dark Pulse, Memento, Pursuit, Snarl, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Stored Power, Cosmic Power, Hypnosis, Stockpile, Swallow, Spit Up
Height: 2.5 m
Weight: 120.5 kg

Flavor/Design: The pearls of Kalos are full of AZ's machine energy, and this seems to react with Spoink's bodies in a strange way. When they grow up, if they hold a Pearl found in Kalos, they'll absorb it in their belly and inflate their body with the pearl's energy. So they will become Baboink, a Pokémon very resistant that snatches travelers with its tricks. Once the energy inside their body comes to a balance with the energy inside their mind, they become Babadjin, a floating genie that always carries many pearls with him.
Pokémon: Galarian Bronzor
New Typing:

New Abilities: Levitate / Funace (Fire-type clone of Water Absorb) | HA: Heavy Metal
New Stats: 60 / 33 / 96 / 20 / 71 / 20 (+3, +9, +10, -4, -15, -3)
New Moves (13): Ember, Fire Blast, Fire Spin, Flame Burst, Flame Charge, Flame Wheel, Flamethrower, Harden, Heat Crash, Heat Wave, Incinerate, Lava Plume, Will-O-Wisp
Removed Moves (13): Ally Switch, Confusion, Extrasensory, Future Sight, Gravity, Guard Swap, Hypnosis, Imprison, Power Swap, Speed Swap, Wonder Room, Trick, Confuse Ray

Evolves from Galarian Bronzor when they level up holding Iron Ball
Pokémon: Castadle ("Cast Iron" + "Ladle")

Abilities: Levitate / Funace (Fire-type clone of Water Absorb) | HA: Heavy Metal
New Stats: 80 / 102 / 126 / 72 / 96 / 24 (BST: 500)
New Moves: Eruption, Overheat, Curse
Height: 2.5 m
Weight: 715.0 kg

Flavour/Design: Speciemens of Bronzor work in Galarian steelworks, so their body hardened due to the quenching of the metal inside their bodies over time and, while already very resistant to heat (Heatproof), they developed the ability to reinforce their body with high temperatures. A long time ago a Bronzor fell inside a ladle (Wikipedia: "a vessel used to transport and pour out molten metals"), but instead of dying, it took control of the whole thing becoming Castadle, so the Bronzor that were born from its egg gained this new evolution. The role of Castadle in Galarian steelworks is now fundamental, because they're used to carry and pour high temperature metals.

Question: are regional pre-evolutions allowed?
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Pokémon: Hoennian Cleffa
New Typing:

New Abilities: Cursed Body / Magic Guard / Friend Guard
New Stats: 50 HP / 45 Atk / 55 Def / 25 SpA / 28 SpD / 15 Spe
(Swapped with Atk with SpA and Def with SpD)
New Moves: Confuse Ray, Lick (+2)
Removed Moves: Knock Off, Softboiled, Sweet Kiss (-3)
Flavor/Design: Originally descending from a meteor that fell on Mt. Pyre, these Cleffa were altered by the spiritual energy within the mountain over the years, resulting in them becoming more like the ghosts that haunt the mountain. They have a purplish body (as opposed to the pink body of normal Cleffa) and have meaner-looking eyes, as well as a shadowy aura and a tongue sticking out (like a Gastly).

Pokémon: Hoennian Clefairy
New Typing:

New Abilities: Cursed Body / Magic Guard / Friend Guard
New Stats: 70 HP / 60 Atk / 65 Def / 45 SpA / 48 SpD / 35 Spe
(Swapped with Atk with SpA and Def with SpD)
New Moves: Bulk Up, Confuse Ray, Lick, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Shadow Claw, Shadow Punch, Spirit Break, Shadow Sneak (+9)
Removed Moves: Knock Off, Softboiled, Sweet Kiss (-3)
Flavor/Design: Hoennian Clefairy have learned how to better control spiritual energy, allowing them to manifest shadowy fists that they can use to manipulate objects and attack. These hands are shadowy and semi-corporeal, while the Hoennian Clefairy itself is purplish with meaner eyes and a smug grin.

Pokémon: Clefatal
New Typing:

New Abilities: Cursed Body / Magic Guard / Prankster
New Stats: 95 HP / 95 Atk / 90 Def / 60 SpA / 73 SpD / 70 Spe
(Swapped with Atk with SpA and Def with SpD)
New Moves: Bulk Up, Confuse Ray, Lick, Night Shade, Phantom Force, Shadow Claw, Shadow Punch, Shadow Sneak, Spirit Break, Spirit Shackle (+10)
Removed Moves: Knock Off, Softboiled, Sweet Kiss (-3)
Flavor/Design: Clefatal have learned how to perfectly control their spiritual energy, resulting in the creation of a second, shadowy copy of itself that helps it battle. This copy has roughly the same body shape, but is more shadowy and ethereal, with a Spiritomb-like face; the Clefatal itself looks similar to a Clefable, but has tattered wings, a purplish body, meaner eyes and a smug smile. The Clefatal and the body are connected by the tail, with the end of the Clefatal's tail connecting to the tail of the copy.
Competitive Use: Essentially a physically-based Clefable, trading access to Knock Off and Unaware for a second STAB and Prankster. It can be a defensive behemoth with Prankster sets (Stealth Rock + priority healing), a bulky wincon with Bulk Up and Magic Guard, or even a cheeky sweeper with Belly Drum + Shadow Sneak. Throw in STABs with great utility in Spirit Break and Spirit Shackle, and you've got a dangerous threat on your hands.
Competitive Drawbacks: Clefatal's stats are kind of mediocre, though normal Clefable has shown that even with mediocre stats it can get by amazingly. It also can get overwhelmed on the Special side due to lacking Unaware, and while Prankster sets can get priority healing, it doesn't get Softboiled and it gets chipped easily by hazards.

I might post more later.​


Pokémon: Sudowoodo-Alola
New Typing:

New Abilities: Sturdy / Rock Head / Sand Force
New Stats: 70/90/105/40/65/40 (-10 Atk, -10 Def, +10 SpA, +10 Spe) [BST 410]
New Moves: High Horsepower, Mud Shot
Removed Moves: Taunt, Ice Punch
(Sand Tomb is moved into Level-Up movepool, replacing Rock Tomb, but both remain available by TM)
Flavor/Design: Sudowoodo's body is lighter, with its fingers being thin and the same color as its body, indicating it to be made of sandstone. It has three prongs on its head instead, which become thin, green growths of rock reminiscent of palm leaves. The Ground-typing evolved in due to Sudowoodo's preference for sandy beaches, but though Water and Ice may be its bane, being in a tropical sunny region has its perks and nobody expects the "tropical tree" to be destroyed by actual trees. It also seems much more mellow than most other Sudowoodo, but will lash out even more violently if disturbed by water. Alolan Sudowoodo stands at 1.3m and weighs in at 43kg, its preferred habitat being Akala Island.

Bonsly still evolves into Alolan Sudowoodo if it knows Mimic. Alolan Sudowoodo evolves into Sudofrooto at Level 38.

Pokémon: Sudofrooto
New Typing:

New Abilities: Sturdy / Rock Head / Sand Force
New Stats: 80/120/135/60/105/20 [BST 520]
Moves: Has Alolan Sudowoodo's moveset, plus Solar Beam, Shadow Ball, Outrage, Body Slam, Seed Bomb [Upon evolving from Alolan Sudowoodo, it will try to learn Rock Slide.]
Flavor/Design: Sudofrooto's feet are still tiny, and are just barely able to hold its weight. It's much taller, reaching 3m and weighing in at 220kg, on top of its body being thicker. Its face is in the middle of its body, its arms still just beneath its facial area in terms of distance from the ground. Having a gentle smile on its face, the wildlife takes to it as shelter, but Water-types make it uncomfortable and when dripping wet, it's prone to dropping stones on the offender. In fact, some Pokémon have mistaken the five crescent-shaped yellow stones hanging off the top of its head for actual fruit. The body remains made of sandstone, and this time it has five large, thin green growths atop its head, its arms remaining small. In fact, the arms are roughly the same size as Sudowoodo's. And in case you're wondering how it gets Seed Bomb: Johtonian Sudowoodo gets Wood Hammer. Same principle applies here.
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Pokémon: Unovian Ekans
New Typing: Dark/Poison
New Abilities: Shed Skin / Corrosion / (Oblivious)
New Stats: 35/40/54/60/44/55
New Moves: Dark Pulse, Night Daze
Removed Moves: Bite, Poison Sting
Flavor/Design: it's a black ekans.

Pokémon: Nohtyp (hint: backwards Python)
New Typing: Dark/Dragon
New Abilities: Shed Skin / Intimidate / (Oblivious)
New Stats: 60/60/74/90/64/90 (+10 spA in gen 7)
New Moves: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Tail, Twister, Draco Meteor, Breaking Swipe, Volt Switch, Mystical Fire
Removed Moves: U-turn, All poison-type moves ekans can't learn
Flavor/Design: Based on a Python, a deadly snake.

Pokémon: Kalosean Aipom
New Typing: Fighting
New Abilities: Skill Link / Technitian / (Rattled)
New Stats: 65/55/55/55/55/75
New Moves: Arm Thrust, Bulk Up, Aura Sphere, Air Slash, Snarl, Draining Kiss
Removed Moves: Double-Edge, Cut, Zap Cannon, Uproar, Focus Punch, Double Slap, All Dark-type Moves except Nasty Plot and Snarl
Flavor/Design: It masters the strength of martial arts. It rivals pancham in Kalos, and occationally, if one somehow got onto galar, it also rivals kubfu in a similar matter.

Pokémon: Ambiry
New Typing: Fighting/Fairy
New Abilities: Skill Link / Technitian / (Fairy Aura)
New Stats: Unchanged
New Moves: Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Moonlight, Volt Switch, Celebrate
Removed Moves: Snarl
Flavor/Design: It evolves when it learns Draining Kiss, at level 25 in XY and ORAS and level 32 in SM and USUM and level 28 in SwSh and its happiness is above 180. It should be noted that if Aipom evolves with Snarl into Ambiry it will be replaced with Celebrate.

Pokémon: Ambark
New Typing: Fighting/Dark
New Abilities: Skill Link / Technitian / (Dark Aura)
New Stats: 75/100/66/60/66/115
New Moves: All dark-type moves removed from aipom, Splash
Removed Moves: Draining Kiss
Flavor/Design: It evolves when it learns Snarl, at level 25 in XY and ORAS and level 32 in SM and USUM and level 28 in SwSh and its happiness is below 180. It should be noted that if Aipom evolves with Draining Kiss into Ambark it will be replaced with Splash.

Please do note that Sketch is banned from being added to a Pokémon.
I was going to make a Unovian Smeargle :( wait Smeargle naturally have Sketch so…

Pokémon: Unovian Smeargle
New Typing: Dark
New Abilities: Prankster / Moody / (Simple)
New Stats: 45/35/20/55/20/75
Flavor/Design: it's a Black Smeargle.

Pokémon: Graffidog
New Typing: Dark/Fighting
New Abilities: Intimidate / Moody / (Simple)
New Stats: 65/85/75/85/75/115
Flavor/Design: its hands became paint brushes similar to the one on Smeargle's tail, but is red (Blue for Shiny) and its tail separated into three brushes. Its crippling 4x weakness to fairy prevents it from being broken, and Moody is banned in this meta. Simple is event exclusive so its stuck with intimidate for now.

Also I made a galarian emolga line Ill upload as soon as I figure out how to use my computer's camera.
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Bad idea time?

Unovan Misdreavus and Melanimus

Pokémon: Unovan Misdreavus the Poppet Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Dark
Ability: Analytic
Stats: 60 HP / 85 Attack / 60 Defense / 85 Special Attack / 60 Special Defense / 85 Speed total 435; switched Attack and Special Defense
Moveset Alterations
- lv 1: Growl is replaced with Curse previously an Egg move for Misdreavus
- lv 28: Psybeam is replaced with Feint Attack
- lv 55: Power Gem is replaced with Stored Power
- Egg moves: Curse is no longer an Egg move; now able to inherit Revenge (example parent: Stunfisk), Block (Muk) and Spikes (Pincurchin)
- TMs: now compatible with TM85 Snarl, TR23 Spikes and (ORAS) TM94 Secret Power
- A form of Misdreavus that only appears in Unova. They made their homes around the Abundant Shrine, but a long time ago, they were punished for their constant mischief by being sealed away in straw bodies.
- They still pull pranks from time to time, sometimes acting as a nuisance to farmers and sometimes toying with thieves or pests like Murkrow.
- The nail in Misdreavus's chest keeps it bound to the straw doll. It gradually loosens over time.
- When the area around the Abundant Shrine was a thriving village, the people were responsible for the Misdreavus, so they carefully maintained the seals on each and every one. What could happen if it were to come out...?

Pokémon: Melanimus the Torment Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Dark
Ability: Analytic
Stats: 105 HP / 105 Attack / 105 Defense / 60 Special Attack / 60 Special Defense / 60 Speed total 495; switched physical stats with special stats and HP with Speed
Moveset Alterations:
- all changes from Unovan Misdreavus are carried over
- as it's no longer a stone evolution, it still learns all of its moves at the same levels Unovan Misdreavus does
- evolution: learns Spirit Shackle
- lv 1: Mystical Fire, Lucky Chant and Magical Leaf are removed; Splash, Focus Energy, Needle Arm and Hammer Arm are added in their place
- TMs: now compatible with TM52 Bounce, TM63 Drain Punch and TR18 Leech Life; no longer compatible with TR65 Energy Ball
- An evolution of Misdreavus that has only been found in Unova.
- Since the population of the village around the Abundant Shrine dwindled over time, many of the Misdreavus were released back into the wild, where there was no one to maintain the nails that bound them. The complete removal of the nail has caused this transformation...
- As soon as it was freed from the nail that bound it, there was no turning back. It now confidently wields nails of its own and stores them in its body with no ill effects.
- Its body is surprisingly stiff, so it hops around on its legs. It has become somewhat proficient at this, but its movement is still a bit awkward.
- When it unleashes cursed energy, the tag on its neck glows vividly. The same mark which is based on the Spell Tag appears on the four tags around its legs.
- Evolves by leveling up while knowing Curse.

Main battle options:
- As a Spikes setter, Melanimus is supported by its Ghost type, which prevents Rapid Spin. In addition, I think trapping move + stacking hazard is a totally unexplored niche - by taking advantage of an opponent that can't do enough to it, Melanimus can create opportunities to set multiple layers of Spikes with ease.
- In addition, its Analytic-boosted Spirit Shackles hit decently hard, particularly if it's holding a boosting item, and Ghost is an excellent offensive type that's complemented perfectly by its various new Fighting coverage options Hammer Arm or Revenge for raw power or Drain Punch for longevity. Its lack of physical boosting options likely cement it as a mostly utility-oriented Pokémon, but the offensive pressure it creates will certainly help it by generating the free turns it needs to fulfill that role.
- Other notable utility options include Will-o-Wisp and Thunder Wave. Thanks to Spirit Shackle and its high physical bulk, Melanimus may also be able to pull off a gimmicky Curse + Pain Split set to stall out its opponents, although this is probably not as effective as a more straightforward utility set.
- It also comes with two STAB priority options in Shadow Sneak and Sucker Punch, which can come in handy to retaliate against sweepers.
- Analytic is supported somewhat by its low Speed, and Hammer Arm and Revenge both take advantage of this.

Inspired by the scrapped line from Gold and Silver, which went on to be replaced by Misdreavus. Also draws a bit from scarecrows, although the main inspiration is still Jiangshi.

Various edits:
- I did this way too late at night and made several mistakes, so fixing those and making absolutely sure this is a legal submission, haha.
- I'm not a hundred percent sure how the move restrictions work - this is a single-typed Pokémon gaining a dual-type, so it's okay to add more moves than removed, right? Is that ten free moves, or twice as many as were removed? (I might be misreading it, but I think the OP says both and I'm not sure if one is more up-to-date than the other.) This should be within the limit if either of those interpretations is accurate, but I might also not be right about either of them, so just double-checking!
- It's worth noting that most of these are just for flavor reasons coughs in Splash and Focus Energy - the only ones that are actually competitively relevant are Spikes, Spirit Shackle and the various Fighting options (and I could get rid of one of those, too) - so let me know if I need to cut down on these! I can easily fit them into 1:1 replacements - I've cut seven moves, which is more than enough to fit the ones that I expect to see any use!
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:impidimp: -> :morgrem: -> ???
Impidimp-Johto -> Morgrem-Johto -> Grimmdigo


New Abilities: Prankster | Frisk | Pickpocket
New Stats: 40/45/30/55/40/55
New Moves: Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Icicle Spear
Removed Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough, Draining Kiss


New Abilities: Prankster | Long Reach | Pickpocket
New Stats: 60/60/45/75/55/70
New Moves: Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Icicle Spear, Aurora Veil, Parting Shot
Removed Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough, Draining Kiss, Light Screen, Reflect



New Abilities: Prankster | Long Reach | Pickpocket
New Stats: 70/110/65/100/65/95
New Moves: Ice Shard, Ice Beam, Icicle Spear, Aurora Veil, Parting Shot, U-Turn
Removed Moves: Dazzling Gleam, Play Rough, Draining Kiss, Light Screen, Reflect, Superpower

Flavor Design:
This Pokemon is inspired by the Wendigo, often described as goat like skeletal beings. Grimmdigo reflects this, with frail defenses but meeting a common speed tier of 95. It's Long Reach ability enables it to be able to break Pokemon with Contact-based abilities such as Ferrothorn and Bewear.​
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Pardon the double-posting, but the voting phase begins! Here's a reminder for rule 3:

"You may vote for up to 7 lines per slate. You cannot self-vote more than two submissions, and if you do self-vote, vote for at least three more submissions that aren't yours."
Tropius/Palmodon (Stitch98)
Smeargle/Graffidog (Lolgod3)
Impidimp/Morgrem/Grimmdigo (Spook)
Misdreavus/Melanimus (Hematite)
Inkay/Malamar/Hp'lamaroth (Pika Xreme)
Furret/Shentret (Yung Dramps)
Chingling/Chimecho/Chimelody (PokePoindexter)

- Palmodon is... honestly just perfect all around - it looks incredibly versatile and has a ton of interesting set options, all of which look fair and balanced but also super fun to use, and its flavor and design are also wonderful
- Graffidog because it has the most exciting competitive implications (it's something I would totally want to use, but I definitely can't see it being broken, either... at least until Simple is "released," but I assume the point of that note)
- Melanimus is my submission
- Hp'lamaroth looks well balanced and also seems competitively unique, and it also gets a ton of bonus points for its perfect execution of the prime number scheme
- Chimelody has interesting flavor that integrates it well into the Unova region, and its battle role also looks interesting (cleric + pivoting move + Defog is a pretty rare and useful combination)

I typed this up last night before Grimmdigo was added! That looks SO FUN!! I've always wanted a Prankster Parting Shot user!! Adding that right now oh man
EDIT 2: my first edit was so hurried that I wrote "Pranskter" instead of Prankster... kinda didn't even notice

EDIT 3: sorry for so many edits I was originally slightly concerned about how bulky Eviolite Sinnohan Furret would be, which is the only reason I didn't vote for that in the first place, but I'm realizing it doesn't have the tools to abuse that in any unhealthy way - and it's very physically biased - so I think I was overestimating it. On the other hand, Shentret looks perfectly well balanced, it has a clever name and a really cool inspiration Wandering Spirit is such a clever flavor pick too??, and we don't really have any viable Stakeout users, so I support it! Using my seventh vote for that!
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