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  • Registeel's viability stems from its immense bulk coupled with its excellent defensive typing, providing it the defensive capacity to withstand attacks from many of the top tier threats of the 1v1 metagame between pokemon like non-Choice Band Dragonite, Choice Specs Greninja, Mega Metagross, Porygon-Z, and Primarina.
  • Access to moves that boost both physical and special defense allow Registeel to keep up with or even outpace many of the common pokemon that utilize their own set up moves like Magearna, Tapu Lele, non-Choice Band Zeraora, and Togekiss.
  • The raw PP of all of Registeel's moves even give it an advantage against other stallers, as it will survive long enough to eventually force the opponent to knock themselves out by using Struggle, namely Mega Slowbro, non-Taunt Mega Sableye, Mega Venusaur, and Type:Null.
  • Unfortunately, as a stall-oriented pokemon, Registeel faces issues from Taunt users like Mega Gyarados, Torrent Greninja, Kee Berry Mew, Kommo-o, and Tapu Fini that block it from setting it up and healing off damage.
  • Additionally, as a Steel type, Registeel faces severe weaknesses to the common and powerful offensive types of Fire, Ground, and Fighting, which are utilized by prevalent threats like Mega Charizard, Zygarde, Landorus-T, Victini, Mega Lopunny, and Pheromosa.

name: Mon of Steel
move 1: Amnesia
move 2: Iron Defense
move 3: Rest
move 4: Seismic Toss
item: Leftovers
ability: Clear Body
nature: Calm
evs: 248 HP / 172 Def / 88 SpD


  • Amnesia is one of Registeel's two defensive boosting moves, boosting its Special Defense by two stages in order to avoid KOs from special attackers like Genesect, Serperior, Timid Choice Specs Naganadel, and Choice Specs Necrozma.
  • Iron Defense is Registeel's other boosting move, boosting its Defense by two stages so that it can withstand physical attacks from the likes of non-Choice Band Dragonite, Mega Metagross, and Choice Scarf Haxorus.
  • Rest is Registeel's sole recovery move, allowing it to heal off damage before being KO'd, as well as granting it extra turns from being asleep in order to aid in PP stalling opposing stallers.
  • Seismic Toss is Registeel's best damaging move, dealing damage based on level, rather than its underwhelming offensive stats.

Set Details

  • 172 EVs in Defense coupled with 248 HP allows Registeel to withstand +4 Earthquake from Dragonite after boosting to +6 Defense without being 3HKO'd.
  • 88 EVs in Special Defense alongside 248 HP ensures that Registeel isn't KO'd by Timid Choice Specs Naganadel after using Amnesia.
  • Leftovers effectively acts as extra bulk that allows the previous two points to be possible, in addition to preventing Registeel from losing to being locked into Encore by Primarina and Togekiss.
  • Clear Body prevents Registeel's stats from being lowered, which is useful for blocking Metal Sound from the likes of Aegislash, Magnezone, and Celesteela.

Usage Tips

  • Using Registeel is pretty straightforward; you typically have it boost up whichever defensive stat corresponds to the opponent's most prevalent offensive stat and then have it either KO with Seismic Toss or eventually stall them down to the point of having to use Struggle.
  • An important thing to note in PP stall matchups against Magearna, Mega Slowbro, Type:Null, and Mega Scizor is that you want to use Rest whenever you're at less than full HP so that you can get as many extra turns as possible since Rest doesn't put Registeel to sleep otherwise.
  • Against Rest Mega Slowbro and Type:Null, in particular, you need to play carefully, because you actually tie them on PP with Amnesia and Iron Defense vs Mega Slowbro's matching moveset and Type:Null's Confide and Iron Defense. After both sides use up all of their Iron Defense and Amnesia/Confide, Registeel wins by repeatedly using Rest because it would either gain extra turns from sleeping or eventually KO with Seismic Toss after they use up all of their Rest PP. It can be a bit reliant on rng against Mega Slowbro, as you'd be fishing for Scald to burn or crit Registeel so that it can use Rest at least 6 times.
  • Against Choice Scarf Porygon-Z and Togekiss, it is ideal to use Seismic Toss on the first turn, so that you can KO them in the event that they try to lock Registeel into its first move by Tricking a Choice Scarf onto it. Even if Porygon-Z turns out to be a Z-Conversion set, Registeel can withstand just about any attack and boost up its Special Defense with Amnesia to stall Porygon-Z down.
  • Against Primarina, it is ideal to use Amnesia on the first turn, even if you expect the Primarina to run Encore, as Registeel will eventually boost itself so much that Primarina's attacks won't even be able to deal more damage than Registeel would be restoring with Leftovers.
  • Against non-Choice Band Zeraora, it is ideal to lead with Iron Defense, as a majority of them use physically-oriented sets. However, if Zeraora uses Charge, it may potentially be a mixed set with Electrium and Thunder, meaning you should use Amnesia on the next turn. While the boosted Z-Thunder will deal a lot of damage, Registeel is just bulky enough to withstand the following attack and can safely use Rest and eventually get to a comfortable position to KO with Seismic Toss.

Team Options

  • Registeel pairs well with Water types like Mega Gyarados, Greninja, Mega Slowbro, Primarina, and Tapu Fini, as these pokemon cover Registeel's glaring weaknesses to the Fire and Ground types that occupy the metagame. Registeel covers their weaknesses to Grass and Electric types like non-Choice Band Zeraora, Magnezone, Mega Venusaur, Serperior, and Ferrothorn.
  • Registeel also appreciates partners like Dragonite, Magearna, Tapu Lele, and Clefable that cover its weakness to Fighting types. In return, Registeel can go head-to-head with many of the Steel types like opposing Magearna, Mega Metagross, non-Laser Focus Aegislash, and Celesteela that would otherwise threaten these partners.
  • While Registeel is considerably bulky, it still struggles with the plethora of pokemon that use Earthquake, and as such, likes to have physically bulky teammates like Mega Slowbro, Zygarde, Mega Altaria, and Mega Sableye that can deal with them. In turn, Regsteel can handle the special attackers like Choice Specs Greninja, Porygon-Z, Mega Gardevoir, Primarina, and Serperior that would otherwise overwhelm them.

Other Options

  • Counter is a move that allows Registeel to deflect back damage from physical attackers that might otherwise overwhelm it, like Choice Band Dragonite, Choice Band Zeraora, Mega Tyranitar, Crustle, and Mega Pinsir. Sadly, it is completely useless against special attackers and is more capable of being played around, on account of moves like Substitute existing.

Checks and Counters

**Super effective attacks**: Registeel has the unfortunate weaknesses of Fire, Ground, and Fighting, all of which being common and powerful types that easily overwhelm Registeel, despite its immense bulk. Common examples for Fire types being Mega Charizard, Victini, Mega Blaziken, Volcarona, and Incineroar. Examples for Ground type users including Choice Band Dragonite, Zygarde, Landorus-T, Donphan, and Garchomp. Fighting type users primarily consisting of Mega Lopunny, Pheromosa, Sawk, Choice Band Kartana, and Choice Band Zeraora

**Taunt**: Because Registeel is heavily dependent upon its three status moves, Taunt users that either stall out Seismic Toss or KO first can present issues. The main pokemon that threaten Registeel with Taunt include Mega Gyarados, Torrent Greninja, Kee Berry Mew, Kommo-o, Tapu Fini Victini, Heatran, Sableye, Mega Tyranitar, and Whimsicott.

**Critical hits**: As a stall-oriented pokemon, Registeel can very easily have its day ruined by a poorly timed critical hit. Additionally, there are a couple of pokemon like Meloetta and Aegislash that can force critical hits with the move Laser Focus in order to bypass Registeel's boosts and KO it.

**Overwhelming offense**: As bulky as Registeel is, there are still some pokemon that set up to overwhelm Registeel and deal enough damage to 3HKO it while it's asleep like Earthquake Crustle, Waterium Carracosta, and Earthquake Mega Pinsir.

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