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Searched the forum and scanned the first page and found nothing, so hopefully this hasn't been suggested already.

I think that the creator of a conversation on Smogon should be able to manually remove people from that conversation. It'd be really convenient and I don't see any downsides to allowing just the conversation creator to do this. For example, sometimes the wrong person is added, for some reason someone who has been in the conversation shouldn't be there anymore but hasn't or won't leave on their own, and there are surely other reasons why this would be nice to have.

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This is actually a good idea. You have the power to control who takes part of the conversation, since there can be users at times where they don't even participle in the conversation and just fade in the background, so i could see this improvise better conversations between the creator and other users.


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in addition to this suggestion, it would be lovely to make it so that when someone leaves or is removed from the conversation, it doesn't display their username on the 'conversation participants' list. i find that to be an unnecessary inconvenience, specifically speaking of situations where people in the convo would like to continue on with a conversation that they'd otherwise prefer to start a new one about if they didn't know that the user in question legitimately left or not.


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I don't think it's going to very easy to do anything suggested here, unfortunately. I've talked with xenforo's support crew and even something as simple as being added BACK IN to a convo is impossible. If any admins can look into these that'd be awesome cause these are good suggestions, but I definitely don't want to bog down chaos with this kind of stuff. Don't hold your breath, basically.


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So I found this add-on to Xenforo that allows you to kick people from conversations, so with permission from NixHex I'm bumping this thread. It's called Conversation Essentials, and essentially not only allows you to kick users, but even readd them if you kicked them. There are also other features, like seeing which users left a conversation (Detective Dell is probably happy now) and liking conversation posts*.

*Does not count towards like total. Purely cosmetic.

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