Rename Mono UU to Mono LU

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I joined the monotype community, and pokemon in general, about two months ago. One of the problems I noticed immediately was how many people were getting DQ'd from monotype UU tournaments, or people saying "Crap, my team has OU mons :(". I think that renaming it LU (Lesser Used) or something of the sort that isn't already used by another tier would remove some of the confusion from the new player community. It would also help if the room was able to have the tournaments titled correctly, like for Monothreats. A lot of people will be less pissed off if we make it more obvious that it's not just standard monotype, and not DQing people might let them feel more welcome to join the community.
Of course, most of the people who get DQs somehow miss the 1000000 messages that say "Monothreat grass" or "This is a UU tour! (insert banlist here)"
Some people are only in the room for tournaments and ignore chat most of the time, which also causes unnecessary dqs without it really being their fault.
I know there was a poll in the room some time ago, and keeping it as UU won the vote. I just think that making it change to LU would make the game more enjoyable and less salty for everyone.


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Unfortunately we can't change the title at the top of the tour. If we could then we would. That is why you get 100000 messages :p

As for changing the name, we'll think about it.

DEG is right though, please get permission to post a new thread from now on. Welcome to monotype and smogon mate!
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