Requesting Help with Google Spreadsheet: Smogon Tour Statistics

(Taken exactly from my post in InsideScoop)

As I alluded to in my recent statistics thread, I am working on a project to convert all the data I have into one google spreadsheet in order to make my job much easier and to allow very easy access to the data.

Here is a link to what I have so far:

Basically, what I have done is to have everything linked through formulas, so that all of the data on the main sheet will be compiled by simply entering in the data for the individual tiers for each season.

For example: If a player only went 2-3 in BW OU in Season 12 and that is all they played, then you would enter 2-3 on the BW OU sheet. Then on the main sheet the Season 12 W/L would be updated as 2-3 and their overall win/loss would be updated as 2-3.

The current problem I am having is with sorting.
Currently, I have a formula going so that the player names in all sheets will be sorted at the same time whenever you sort anything on the first sheet.

The problem is that the data in the rows connected to the player is not sorting with the player name.

For example: If you sort from Z-A on the ADV page, then the player names will be sorted from Z-A, but the data will not be sorted. For example, if the first player was 4-4, then 4-4 would stay in the first row even if the first player is sorted to the bottom. Likewise if you sort the wins by highest to lowest, only the wins are sorted - not the player along with the wins.

What I need help with is getting the data with the player to be sorted whenever the player is, and vice versa. Currently the only fix I can see to this problem is to combine everything into one sheet - but I really do not want 100 columns.

If you might be able to help me but need a better explanation / more information then please do not hesitate to talk to me.

If you can help in this matter or can direct me somewhere where I can figure out this problem, that would help a lot! I am usually on IRC but feel free to contact me in the medium most comfortable to you.

Once I have this figured out I can fill out the spreadsheet with the data I have, and hopefully everything works as planned.

Thank you in advance and hopefully I can get on with the project.

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