RMT moderation is dysfunctional?

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Okay, I'm a baby player here, so please excuse my general noobiness. I just joined Smogon, and one of the first things I did was make an RMT. Now, in the latest RMT I had, I was faced with a conundrum. I had made my post, but nobody had replied to it. So I had bumped it, and again, no replies. A few days later, I bumped it again, breaking 2 rules: Double Posting and Double Bumping. Now, here's the problem. After the second bump, I got a few replies on my puny post. But then, a moderator locked the post for cited rule breaks. So, the problem with the rules is that it prevents your ability to complete the goal you made your post to accomplish (Getting a rate). For example, I if I had bumped the post again, breaking the rules, and nobody had replied, just like what happened the first time I bumped it, it would have been lost within the endless jumble of RMTs made, and nobody would have ever rated it or locked it for breaking rules. But since I got rated, that drew the attention of the moderator, who then locked it because of the rule break, thus preventing me from being able to finally bask in the glory of having people improve my team. Do you see how this doesn't work? Or is it just me?


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This doesn't help re: mods, but there are a lot of team raters who will respond to a VM if you ask them to rate your team, so that's an option.
Hey MaxGemini. First of all, complaints regarding moderation should be directed in a PM (start a conversation with) to the moderator in question, rather than making a thread like this. It seems your problem is not being able to get a rate for your team, despite bumping your thread twice. My recommendation for your dilemma is that you join the respective room on showdown to the RMT you posted. If you posted an OU rmt, you would want to join the Overused room on showdown, link your thread, and ask for rates. Alternatively, you could find an OU mentor listed here and PM them with your team, asking for a rate. If the tier is not OU, look for someone who has the tier youre looking for in the aforementioned link. For example, if it was an NU rmt, I could help you since i mentor in NU.

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MaxGemini, xzern is right. You shouldn't be making threads to complain. You can first talk to the mod who locked it, and if you are still not satisfied, talk to the RMT leaders: Harsha and Jirachee .
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