RMT Sixth Generation Subsection

I propose adding a Subsection in Rate My Team>Sixth Generation Teams dedicated to building teams for the Battle Maison. Currently there is only a single thread dedicated to all things Battle Maison but having a dedicated area for teams for it would be helpful. And I think it would be helpful because battling there is different then standard competitive building, what with team limits and the computers percent for cheating the farther you get.

If a subsection is to much to dedicate to this, then maybe a seperat thread from the general Battle Maison Discussion & Records thread.
I believe in previous generations, those teams usually ended up being posted in the Other Teams subforum, this gen's equivilent would be XY Other Teams. Assuming the RMT mods don't correct me (I think Harsha is one) I'm pretty sure that's where'd they belong.
if you want to post a battle maison team in the xy other teams subforum, you could use the "other" tag and denote that the team is for the battle maison in the title. alternatively, you could just post it in this thread. personally, i don't think there is a need for a subforum dedicated to battle maison teams due to a lack of battle maison teams being posted in the first place.

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