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Hopefully i do this right this time. My team is not for competitive playing and i only have the rule of no legendaries, psuedo-legendaries i am fine with as you will see in the team list:

Nature: Jolly
Item: Quick Claw
Ability: Sand Stream
Move Set:
Stone Edge
Hyper Beam

I have used Tyranitar in every team i've made since Crystal version and had this same move set apart from stone edge which was at the time, rock slide. He has always been the centre of my team and used to dish out the most damage as possible. Basically he is my go-to guy for a sticky situation

Nature: Modest
Item: Mystic Water
Ability: Water Absorb
Move Set:
Ice Beam
Sheer Cold

I have always liked lapras although i don't use him to often. i decided on it as i felt it could last a while in battle and have a few surprise moves to trick the opponent. if he is not weak to an opponents pokemon, he is who i will use

Nature: Modest
Item: Leftovers
Ability: Sticky Hold
Move Set:
Sludge Bomb

Normally i have always hated muk as he seems to be quite hard to take down but i decided on him for this team for some extra defense. i plan to use him to poison the enemy as much as possible and remain being hard to hit. i added flamethrower to take care of any steel types he has to battle.

Nature: Modest
Item: Magnet
Ability: Magnet Pull
Move Set:
Zap Cannon
Gyro Ball
Lock On
Flash Cannon

I decided on magnezone because he doesn't seem to be a very common pokemon to battle and appears to be able to take a few hits and still do some damage. he will be used to slow the opponent down with the zap cannon/lock on combo

Nature: Brave
Item: Focus Band
Ability: Steadfast
Move Set:
Pyscho Cut
Close Combat

I plan to use Gallade as possibly the 2nd main attack of my team. it can do some serious damage at times. i gave it thunderbolt to take care of its flying weakness and psychic/pyscho cut will take care of ghost types.

Nature: Brave
Item: Dragon Fang
Ability: Sand Veil
Move Set:
Dragon Claw
Dragon Rush
Fire Blast

Garchomp will be the primary attacker of my team. I decided on brave for the extra boost in attack to quickly take out who he is up against. fire blast was added to the list to take out his main weakness (ice) and the rest of the moves are to suit his battle style really.

I hope that i have done this properly this time and look forward to hearing your views. cheers
I think your team is conflicting a little bit. Three pokemon that are weak to your weather and some others have some flaws. I advise you to check out battling 101. Also what Tier/Generation is this for? You also need longer descriptions for your pokemon. Any threats? Have you tested it at all?
Hey mate, thanks for your response.Its for heart gold version and although
I haven't tested this time, i have used
a very similar one on platinum version
and that did quite well. Ill check out
battling 101 when i get a chance to
Hi and welcome to Smogon !

Unfortunately, this team is breaking several rules (no EVs listed, descriptions are too short, team is not tested etc) so I'll have to lock it.
Feel free to look around Smogon to get familiar with competitive play.
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