All Gens RoA Community's Choice Ladder: September 2018 - ORAS 1v1

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NeverUsed - //
RarelyUsed -
PU -
Little Cup - //
Doubles OU -
Perma-Trick Room OU - ///// /
1v1 - ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///// ///
Inverse -
Statattack -
Pokebilities -

And 1v1 crushes it. The unslated Monotype, had it been included, would've still lost to 1v1 31-38. A lot of those votes sprung up due to folks stirring the pot in the Monotype room and claiming the format was never included as an option. I'll just clarify that by saying Monotype's been an option in all 9 previous votes (more than any other format), which is the reason it was left out of this one (gives other formats a chance).

Unslated votes are never counted, by the way. That's partially because there are potential formats that would require too much last-minute programming to pull off (some of the earlier LCs, for instance), and everything on the slate has already been vetted as doable. The other reason is to prevent any one playerbase from dominating every month's vote (for example, the 1v1 community would probably have several more wins if not for cooldown months to promote format diversity).

Anyway, tagging The Immortal for next month's ladders:

UU/Ubers - DPP Ubers
Community's Choice - ORAS 1v1
Staff's Pick - ADV Tier Shift*

*Given the sheer size of ADV UUBL, we'll be giving each of those mons +5 in every stat. UU will get +10, NU +15, and PU +20.
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