Multi-gen RoA Olympics 4: Round 1

i didnt miss the original time... and you made no effort to actually reschedule, lets just play? or can we have a small extension?..
you messaged me 2 hours after the og time, and ehat do you even mean with no effort to reschedule? can't you see your profile or something?
Won x Blue in BW OU in 3.

Got some problems for making my game with Parivard to happen.
Don't know if is possible for an 1 or 2 days extensions because i want to do the games to have some fun with mewtwo freeze wars. =)


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Round 1 Activity Decisions:
re: ilesaural vs OminousDraco
Ilesaural won 2-1, but neglected to post it. Thank you, OminousDraco, for informing me.​
re: Sabella vs ZDen
Zden won 2-0.​
re: fatty vs Tenshinhan
fatty won 2-0.​

re: parivard vs Caetano93
Caetano VMed parivard at the beginning of the round, giving a timezone and asking when to schedule a time. parivard responded on the same day, offering a generous range of time and a timezone. Five days later, with no response from Caetano, parivard prompted Caetano to respond. Today, a full week later, Caetano responded two hours before the deadline. While the following scheduling chain is incredibly confusing to follow, the fact remains that Caetano did not respond until the day of the deadline. Therefore, activity win is awarded to parivard.

re: Alkione vs kaori
Alkione and kaori set an agreed time for the 25th. kaori missed the scheduled time and has not responded to further attempts to reschedule by Alkione. Therefore, activity win is awarded to Alkione. As a courtesy, please notify captains of the opposing team if your opponent does not show up to the scheduled time. Captains, please stay on top of your players.​
re: xJoelituh vs Stockings
Joelituh VMed Stockings early in the round. Stockings did not respond. Activity win awarded to Joelituh.
re: SOMALIA vs So Noisy
SOMALIA and So Noisy set a scheduled time on the 22nd. Based on VMs, So Noisy showed up and SOMALIA missed. Activity win awarded to So Noisy (call activity in the thread next time please).​

re: jcbc vs Hamhamhamham
jcbc and Hamhamhamham agreed, early in the round, to play on the 20th 1 PM UTC+2. Ham sent a VM at what he claims to be the correct scheduled time asking "you around?" jcbc (in his own words) missed the time and sent a VM to reschedule on the following day, and then again on the 25th when there was no response. Ham finally responded today, well past the deadline. jcbc had already called activity.

Whether this decision is a flip/extension or an activity win for jcbc hinges on if Ham was actually online at the scheduled time, which jcbc claims was not the case. You can hover over the "Sep 21, 2019" timestamp in the VM correspondence to see for yourself the specific time that VM was posted. I can't take a screenshot of the hover text, so here's a picture of the HTML code for me:
Note the "Sep 21, 2019 at 7:25 AM." My timezone is GMT-5. That means at 7:25 AM GMT-5, Ham posted his VM. The agreed time was 1 PM GMT+2. 7:25 + 5 = 12:25 PM GMT+0. 12:25 + 2 = 2:25 PM GMT+2, 1 hour 25 minutes after the scheduled time.

There is no evidence Ham was at the scheduled time, so both missed. Ham has been unresponsive to further rescheduling attempts. Therefore, activity win is awarded to jcbc.

(insert shitty joke about the TIME i lost writing this shit because TIMEZONES ahahahahaha)

re: hellpowna vs HaxBro.K
hellpowna reached out, HaxBro.K didn't respond. Activity win awarded to hellpowna.

re: Eseque vs TopLel TopKek
TopLel TopKek missed the agreed upon time, Eseque asked for extension. Since both parties put effort into scheduling, something I want to encourage, looking at the length of this God forsaken post, I'll grant Eseque's request. 2 day extension.

re: dream vs Mikaav
No clue what happened here...they scheduled and then dream quit and got subbed out? Anyway, Sprinkles Insult Mikaav - Sprinkles's sub for ORAS Ubers is void; it was made well after the deadline.
[clarification edit]: I unfortunately can't enforce the original deadline when it comes to playing your battles, because nearly 20 battles were played after the deadline. However, I choose to enforce the original deadline when it comes to making substitutions. I can empathize with having a shitty teammate that dips midway through the first week, but I refuse to toss aside the deadline like it's nothing.

As for what will happen with this matchup, I'm awarding Mikaav the win by walkover.
Dream forfeited his match and a substitution was not made before it was too late (in other words, "Yesterday").
edit: Lutra has overridden this decision and reinstated the substitution. Insult's original 2-0 stands.​

re: MegaLucario vs Hiro'
Activity win is awarded to MegaLucario.
re: bugzinator vs Hec
Hec reached out to bugzinator, bugzinator asked "are you okay to play Sunday?" No specific time was given, nor asked for by Hec. Hec called activity after bugzinator didn't show up to their scheduled time...which was nonexistent. There was no scheduled time, therefore there is no significant effort from either party to justify an activity win. This series is flipped.​
bugzinator advances to Round 2.
On bugzinator's request, this series will be played with a 2 day extension.
re: Egor vs qsns
Egor VMed qsns at the start of the round, qsns did not respond. Activity win awarded to Egor.

re: ziloXX vs Ahmad Alfatih
No visible contact from either, therefore the series is flipped.​
ziloXX advances to Round 2.

re: Misterioussaint vs Mr.378
At the beginning of the round, Mr.378 VMed Misterioussaint giving a timezone and asking what time worked. A rather tentative time for September 20th was set. Based on VM communication, it seems neither showed up for that time. While there was visible contact, neither side made a significant atttempt, therefore the series is flipped.​
Mr.378 advances to Round 2.

re: Jhonx~ vs Melle2402
I initially flipped this, because no visible contact. Melle2402 won the flip and then FOMG contacted me saying that Melle2402 has a case for activity. Evidence is pending, but for now, Melle2402 advances to Round 2.​
Edit: After consulting Sadlysius, jhonx's captain, we've agreed to go through with the coinflip. Melle2402 advances to Round 2.​

re: Mister Tim vs SOMALIA
Mister Tim reached out, SOMALIA proposed a time, Mister Tim didn't respond until 13 minutes after the proposed time, and that was a "online now on PS" post. Mister Tim called activity. The proposed time does not constitute an agreed upon time, as Mister Tim didn't confirm. SOMALIA had no expectation that Mister Tim would be there. For a time to be agreed upon, both one side needs to propose and the other needs to agree. The latter did not happen. There is no apparent attempt to reschedule from either side. This series is flipped.​
Mister Tim advances to Round 2. Please be mindful of scheduling etiquette.​

Tagging all the captains:
Lord Thorx ElectricityCat Mister Tim Shakur Djokra Wenderz FriendOfMrGolem120 Lasen Eseque Pais Sadlysius SamuelBest xJoelituh Diophantine Sprinkles Mannat

If your players weren't losses or flips in any activity situations, I thank you for your efforts to get matches scheduled and done.

If any of your players was a loss or a flip in the activity situations above, I ask you to stay on top of your players' battles.
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