Multi-gen RoA Olympics 4: Round 2


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Round 2 Activity Decisions:
Exiline vs Ranshiin
Ranshiin left a VM on Exiline's profile on Tuesday (5 days before the deadline), and gave timezone and availability. Exiline didn't respond. Unless there's more to this (Ranshiin referenced Discord PMs), activity is awarded to Ranshiin.
re: Alkione vs Diophantine
Alkione requested an extension and I don't see objection from Diophantine. I also don't see scheduling VMs on either profile. I'm very tempted to just flip this, but since you actually bothered to ask for an extension, I'll grant this. 2 day extension; in the future, if you scheduled elsewhere, please post proof to meet the requirements of an extension.​
[update] diophantine won 2-0​

re: Sadlysius vs xJoelituh
Sadlysius asked Lutra for an extension, and he approved it. 2 day extension.
[update] Sadlysius won 2-1 vs xjoelituh​
re: Ampha vs gorgie
lol i lost brain cells trying to read this scheduling:
Gorgie contacted Ampha midway through the round, giving a timezone. Ampha proposed the weekend five days later. Gorgie responded 3 minutes later, asking "now?" Ampha didn't respond, and then Gorgie sent another VM yesterday (deadline day) asking when again. Ampha responded an hour later but at that point, they'd missed each other, and here we are.​
The main point of contention for me is this part:​
Does Gorgie's "now?" constitute a response to Ampha's proposal of the weekend (albeit a very stupid response, because Thursday isn't the fucking weekend)? If yes, then Ampha didn't respond to a scheduling VM, and I'll flip this because both have put in equally shitty effort. If no, because Thursday is a WEEKDAY, then Ampha should get activity because Gorgie didn't properly respond and waited until well past the deadline to reach out again.​
I've consulted tjdaas and he's of the opinion that this is shit scheduling from both. I agree, both of you suck at scheduling. There's a slightly stronger case for Ampha > coinflip, but the delay in response time and the fact that he didn't respond to a time proposal, whether it was stupid or not, no-go an activity win.​
If I was as hardline as I was in Round 1, I'd flip this, but I'll offer a 2 day extension if both parties want it. Let me know ASAP if you don't want an extension and I'll flip it. And please use concrete timeframes next time, or in better words:​
[update] Ampha has opted to coinflip.​
Gorgie advances to Round 3.​
re: parivard vs Ren-chon
The nerve of +xx:30 timezone people to not complete their timezones and make conversions a pain :/​
Parivard and Ren-Chon scheduled for 7 pm Sunday GMT+5:30. Just to make sure I've got this right, 7 pm GMT+5:30 is 1:30 pm GMT+0 is 8:30 am GMT-5 (my timezone). Ren-chon left a message at 9:13 AM GMT-5 asking "Where you at? Ive been around for quite a while now"​
Technically speaking, I should count this as both missing the time, because the VM was posted 45 minutes after the scheduled time and I can't really verify that Ren-chon was around at the scheduled time. However, Ren-chon made a post at 9:00 AM stating his win in Snake, so clearly he was on at 8:45 AM, at the very latest, which falls within the bounds of "being at the scheduled time".​
I'll grudgingly give act to Ren-chon. Don't take this as precedent that you don't need to leave a VM when you arrive at the scheduled time - you do. I won't take posting or liking something on Smogon as evidence you were ready to play at the scheduled time, so don't try it.​

re: fatty vs jcbc
Apparently you guys are talking "in the cord," so post evidence or get flipped.​
[update]: fatty won 2-0

re: Yami vs absdaddy
At least this one's clear cut: Yami gets activity win for being the last to VM and giving times.​

re: Aishia vs Cam
Thankfully, these players did the job of determining who gets act for me! Activity win is awarded to Aishia.

re: Fille vs DKM
From the looks of it, Fille tried to contact DKM and got no response. He then contacted DKM's captain for a sub, but no sub was made. I'm not able to actually verify that Fille contacted DKM, but neither DKM nor Diophantine have disputed this, so activity is awarded to Fille.​

re: Lopunny Kicks vs Jytcampbell
Literal radio silence from both. Flipping.​
Lopunny Kicks advances to Round 3.​
re: Sabella vs MegaLucario
Some bad scheduling, nothing new. Flipping.​
MegaLucario advances to Round 3.​
re: Dj Breloominati♬ vs Aishia
Aishia missed the time. However, DJ also missed the time...sorta. 10 pm GMT + 5.5 is 4:30 pm GMT+0 is 11:30 AM GMT-5. DJ's "i'm online" vm was at 10:48 AM GMT-5. Not really sure what happened here. Correct me if my math's wrong.​
As it stands, this is a flip unless I got my timezones wrong, because there's not evidence of being online at the scheduled time.​
Well, you lucked out anyway. Please let me know if I messed up or please observe scheduled times more carefully. Dj Breloominati advances to Round 3.​
re: Donphantastic vs Raichy
Dunno what happened here. Flipping for now, let me know if there was a battle or if there's a case for act.​
Donphantastic advances to Round 3.​
[update]: the coinflip is upheld, no case for activity. Donphantastic you are free to get an extension if you want to play this battle.​
re: Raichy vs ziloXX
Not entirely sure how I missed this the first time I went through decisions. Raichy called activity. Here's the scheduling chain:
I don't really know Spanish but I do know enough to be able to recognize numbers, and I don't think I see any after the initial "4 pm" message. With no numbers used to schedule a time, there can't be a scheduled time to miss for Raichy to claim activity with. So, this is flipped.​
Raichy advances to R3.​
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Lutra and Wigglytuff
Hats off to you guys for doing such a difficult task - maintaining, tracking records, reminding players to play their matches, closely looking at each and every conversations and giving an unbiased judgement and maintaining a spreadsheet of all matches, editing the OP and above all being calm to those players who argue for no reasons and doesn't even complete their series. You 2 guys truly define what a real tournament is.
Good Job !
(More or less the kind of TDs we want)
re: Donphantastic vs Raichy
Dunno what happened here. Flipping for now, let me know if there was a battle or if there's a case for act.​
Donphantastic advances to Round 3.​
We scheduled on discord, problem was we both missed the first schedule on thursday. We talked about playing on sunday but Donphan wasn't 100% sure of making it because internet problems (he is not on his home). I talked to him yesterday telling him to play when he is able too but seems like hi couldn't get internet. That is all.

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