Multi-gen RoA Olympics 6: Round 2

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The hybrid individual/team tournament is back in the form of RoA Olympics 6. The tiers will remain the same as RoAO 5's.

Tiers featured:
7 × Ubers tiers: RBY Ubers / GSC Ubers / ADV Ubers / DPP Ubers / BW Ubers / ORAS Ubers / SM Ubers
7 × OU tiers: RBY OU / GSC OU / ADV OU / DPP OU / BW OU / ORAS OU / SM OU
7 × UU tiers: RBY UU / GSC UU / ADV UU / DPP UU / BW UU / ORAS UU / SM UU
4 × Legendary tiers: DPP LC / BW RU / ORAS Doubles OU / LGPE OU

Tournament Format

There will be a mini tournament for each tier (all in the same thread this time), all of which will have 16 player slots, 1 slot for each team. All of these mini tournaments will be single elimination, first-to-2-wins (bo3 wins) every round and players who progress through 2-3 rounds will represent their teams in 3rd-1st place finals to determine who receives gold, silver and bronze medal sprites - with gold worth 3 points, silver worth 2 points and bronze worth 1 points to a team in the overall standings. Pairings will be random each round. There will also be a generous deadline each round with minimal extensions.

If there are not exactly 16 teams signed up, a playins (preliminary/qualification round) will be contested by new nations and returning nations ranked at the bottom based on last year’s ranking to determine who qualifies. The pairings will follow WCoP qualification procedure found here.

About Nations

The final 16 teams are: Americas, Argentina, Asia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Independent Olympians, Italy, Spain, UK, US Northeast, US South, US West.

Each team will have 12 players and each player can be picked for a maximum of 3 tiers. ~2 tiers per player is average (25 tiers) while players playing less than 3 tiers can be substituted in as long as the maximum tiers they play is still 3. Substitutions are only available in round 1 and must be from the roster of 12. You cannot sub-in a player that you have subbed out of another tier. Captains can play.

The overall winning team will get to display a blue and green
RoA Olympic Trophy in their signatures, while the 1st, 2nd and 3rd individuals in each of the minitours will get to display

Vice Captain
US West
US South
US Northeast

Matches Completed: 95/100 (95%)

:mewtwo: RBY Ubers: 4/4 (100%) :mewtwo:
[ITA] ACII  ‹2-0› [IDP] Mr.378
[WES] 64 Squares  ‹2-0›  [NE] phoopes
[FRA] Frrf  ‹1-2›  [CAN] Fc
[GER] FriendOfMrGolem120  ‹2-0›  [SPA] Justamente

:tauros: RBY OU: 3/4 (75%) :tauros:
[WES] 64 Squares  «0-F»  [FRA] Frrf
[IND] abd1710  ‹1-2› [BRA] Thiago Nunes
[GER] Serpi  ‹2-1›  [SPA] Justamente
[ITA] ACII  ‹1-2›  [CAN] Genesis7

:tentacruel: RBY UU: 4/4 (100%) :tentacruel:
[GER] FriendOfMrGolem120  ‹2-0› [BRA] Natan
[FRA] Koalacance  ‹2-1›  [ITA] ACII
[NE] phoopes  ‹0-2›  [ASA] Unowndragon
[CAN] Shellnuts  ‹1-2›  [CHN] Torchic

:lugia: GSC Ubers: 3/4 (75%) :lugia:
[ITA] Amaranth  ‹*W-0›  [WES] 64 Squares
[CAN] cherryb0ng  ‹2-0›  [AME] Chiles Habaneros
[GER] vani  ‹0-2›  [UK] Estarossa
[IND] skimmythegod  ‹2-0›  [ARG] CursedStar

:snorlax: GSC OU: 4/4 (100%) :snorlax:
[CAN] EviGaro  ‹1-2›  [BRA] Kenix
[IDP] Mr.378  ‹2-0›  [SPA] Eeveeto
[AME] Chiles Habaneros  ‹2-0›  [UK] Estarossa
[ITA] Laroxyl  ‹2-1› [ARG] TLTK

:ampharos: GSC UU: 4/4 (100%) :ampharos:
[UK] Estarossa  ‹0-2› [SPA] Tenshinhan
[ITA] Amaranth  ‹0-2›  [CAN] cherryb0ng
[BRA] drakey  ‹1-2›  [IDP] Holly
[CHN] Drogba In Shenhua  ‹0-2›  [SOU] Trevelion

:kyogre: ADV Ubers: 3/4 (75%) :kyogre:
[ASA] trace  ‹0-2›  [FRA] RoiDadadou
[ITA] nightcore  ‹0-2›  [IDP] byronthewellwell
[IND] Rhmsitb  ‹2-1›  [AME] Wamr
[GER] mitana  ‹0-*W›  [SOU] SuperEpicAmpharos

:swampert: ADV OU: 4/4 (100%) :swampert:
[AME] Elian-san  ‹2-1›  [ARG] TLTK
[CHN] nishikino kotori  ‹1-2›  [IDP] crucify
[NE] Monsareeasy  ‹2-1›  [ITA] hellpowna
[SOU] Hclat  ‹2-0› [ASA] gorex

:lunatone: ADV UU: 4/4 (100%):lunatone:
[BRA] LpZ  ‹1-2›  [AME] Elian-san
[CHN] Indulge in dreams  ‹2-1›  [IDP] Expulso
[ASA] gorex  ‹1-2›  [IND] Piyush25
[GER] QWILY  ‹2-0›  [WES] BigFatMantis

:darkrai: DPP Ubers: 4/4 (100%) :darkrai:
[IDP] Mr.378  ‹0-2›  [NE] Ophion
[BRA] Beraldinho  ‹1-2›  [FRA] SiTuM
[CAN] Fc  ‹1-2›  [SOU] Holy Ghost
[ITA] Laroxyl  ‹0-2› [ARG] Luchik

:heatran: DPP OU: 4/4 (100%) :heatran:
[CHN] wuqianying  ‹2-0›  [IND] abd1710
[SPA] MTV BRATVA  ‹2-0›  [GER] Fantos13
[IDP] Expulso  ‹1-2›  [UK] SOMALIA
[BRA] Beraldinho ‹0-2›  [ITA] hellpowna

:mismagius: DPP UU: 4/4 (100%):mismagius:
[ITA] H.M.N.I.P  ‹2-0› [UK] NEON_Voyager
[AME] MendeeZ  «1-2»  [CHN] burstbean
[ASA] Trade  ‹2-1-1›  [SPA] Tenshinhan
[BRA] Thiago Nunes  ‹2-0›  [CAN] Heysup

:munchlax: DPP LC: 4/4 (100%) :munchlax:
[ASA] Trade  «2-1»  [AME] Endill
[GER] Fantos13  ‹2-1›  [CAN] Heysup
[ITA] Laroxyl  ‹0-2›  [CHN] burstbean
[SOU] tazz  ‹0-2›  [IDP] avarice

:genesect: BW Ubers: 4/4 (100%):genesect:
[IDP] Lasen  ‹1-2›  [AME] Lord Thorx
[ASA] fabwooloo  ‹1-2›  [ITA] Raiza
[CAN] Tokyo Tom  ‹2-0› [BRA] Beraldinho
[CHN] InkPupil ‹1-2›  [WES] cy

:keldeo: BW OU: 4/4 (100%) :keldeo:
[ITA] Raiza  ‹2-0›  [GER] Padox
[ASA] nonfoolnonfish  ‹2-0› [SPA] toytean
[IDP] crucify  ‹1-2›  [UK] SOMALIA
[CAN] EviGaro  ‹0-2›  [FRA] Wait2Seconds

:victini: BW UU: 4/4 (100%) :victini:
[NE] Laurel  ‹0-2›  [IDP] crucify
[ASA] Euphonos  ‹0-2›  [SPA] Nalorium
[GER] DnB  ‹1-2›  [CAN] Tokyo Tom
[BRA] Natan  ‹2-0› [UK] SOMALIA

:druddigon: BW RU: 3/4 (75%):druddigon:
[UK] NEON_Voyager  ‹*W-0›  [AME] Akaru Kokuyo
[IDP] Lilburr  ‹2-1›  [WES] Kinetic1000
[GER] DnB  ‹2-0›  [SOU] SBPC
[NE] Tack  ‹2-0›  [BRA] Spl4sh

:xerneas: ORAS Ubers: 4/4 (100%) :xerneas:
[AME] Wamr  ‹2-1›  [CAN] Tokyo Tom
[IDP] byronthewellwell  ‹2-0›  [IND] Rhmsitb
[SPA] IoSonoNeon  ‹0-2›  [ASA] fabwooloo
[ITA] fran17  ‹0-2›  [GER] Padox

:diancie: ORAS OU: 4/4 (100%) :diancie:
[IDP] Pohjis  ‹2-0›  [WES] cy
[GER] Cousiin  ‹2-0›  [UK] simp
[BRA] A Hero's Destiny  ‹2-1›  [CAN] Always!
[ITA] Raiza  ‹2-1›  [ASA] adem

:hydreigon: ORAS UU: 3/4 (75%) :hydreigon:
[CAN] Elfuseon  ‹2-1›  [IDP] Expulso
[BRA] toinha  ‹1-2›  [UK] MalMoonsault
[ARG] mixwell  ‹1-2›  [WES] BigFatMantis
[NE] machao753  «*A-0»  [SOU] Yami

:aegislash: ORAS DOU: 4/4 (100%) :aegislash:
[CAN] KyleCole ‹1-2›  [GER] QWILY
[IDP] qsns  ‹1-2›  [NE] SingleThunder
[AME] papiloco  ‹0-2›  [ITA] Toxigen
[ASA] Memoric  ‹0-2›  [SPA] Tenzai

:necrozma-dusk-mane: SM Ubers: 4/4 (100%) :necrozma-dusk-mane:
[WES] EternalSnowman  ‹2-0›  [IDP] byronthewellwell
[SPA] MTV BRATVA  ‹1-2›  [BRA] drakey
[CAN] Fc  ‹2-1›  [ARG] CursedStar
[UK] Sagisolar  ‹0-2›  [SOU] Lazy_bread27

:toxapex: SM OU: 4/4 (100%) :toxapex:
[WES] mushamu  ‹2-1›  [ITA] Niko
[UK] simp  ‹0-2› [GER] Lord_Enz
[AME] luisin  ‹1-2›  [IDP] Pohjis
[SOU] Tenebricite  ‹1-2›  [NE] machao753

:latias: SM UU: 4/4 (100%) :latias:
[GER] Serpi  ‹2-0›  [ASA] nonfoolnonfish
[IDP] avarice  ‹2-0›  [BRA] Spl4sh
[ITA] fran17  ‹0-2›  [NE] machao753
[IND] Rhmsitb  «0-2» [SPA] Rodriblutar

:melmetal: LGPE OU: 4/4 (100%) :melmetal:
[ARG] IloveScaldBurns  ‹0-2›  [CAN] Genesis7
[BRA] LpZ  ‹0-2›  [GER] Serpi
[NE] Laurel  ‹1-2› [IDP] Lilburr
[CHN] Chenbenben  ‹1-2›  [ASA] adem

Pairings done by the Smogon Bracketmaker (5705–5729)

Play a first-to-2 wins (bo3 wins) versus your opponent in the correct tier and report the score you won or lost by (2-x).

Round 2 deadline is Monday October 25th 07:59 AM EDT / 01:59 PM CEST
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