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Aspertia Arcanines
Mysterious M | roudolf13
Players (17): Ace-11, Akiko Yosano, Exiline, H.M.N.I.P, hellpowna, Heysup, Kaz-Gasai, Kebab mlml, Astolfo (Leru), Melle2402, Naniwa Tiger, Real FV13, ReshiRampage, Rodriblutar, Updated Kanto, Z+V, Zokuru

Cherrygrove Exeggutors
Diegolh | Raspberry
Players (17): amber lamps, Ch01W0n5h1n, Dlanyer, Empo, fourmi (gastrik), Hclat, Hyogafodex, Le Sabreur, lighthouses, Linkin Karp, Mr.378, Mustounet, nightcore, Rokhan, tjdaas, Wenderz, WhiteLion

Fortree Forretress
Managers: Kevin Garrett | Analytic
Players (15): Arifeen, Bushtush, choolio, Diego Maradona (replacement for Bouff), eden's embrace, Heroic Troller, Kingler12345, Lavos, Luckstard., NightFox, Rainy Dreams, Raiza, Steven Snype, ToF, Unamed

Koniko Clan
Managers: crayon pop | Lacus Clyne
Players (15): baddummy, Bedschibaer, dEnIsSsS, dream light, Fener, Lord Ninjax (replacement for Stan Soojung), Miere, PDC, peach_nair, Pearl, Sabella, Sam, starry blanket, TSR, xray

Mauville Magnetons
Managers: The Idiot Ninja | Void
Players (17): 1 True Lycan, Acsel, Alexander., CZ., ErPeris, fatty, FLCL, Googly, Hangover, HQuaze, Kaori, Lopunny Kicks, patlop2307 (replacement for Blightbringer), R!cardo, Teclis, TropicalTeo, Za Meowdo

PO Town Porygons
Managers: Chill Shadow | snagaa
Players (16): BKC, cb aaron judge, DeepBlueC, Dream, Eternal Spirit, Jirachee, Kushalos, LifeStyle, Moony, Ranshiin (Auction Transfer from Pyrite Town Pichus for 4K credits), Slick Willy, steelskitty, suapah, The Kyle, The Quasar, Vore Gidal

Pyrite Town Pichus
Managers: Genesis7 | jacob
Players (16): Always!, BlazingDark, Bomber., Deluks917, EB0LA, Finchinator, Laz, M Dragon, Mix, Oibaf, brown people wearing polo shirts (pasy_g), Robert., SOMALIA, sulcata, Teddeh, W2S

Wyvern Weaviles
Managers: praj.pran | Snou (+bidder: lax)
Players (16): Der Schweinsteiger, lax dom, elodin, FY2.0/Eko (replacement for p2), HANTSUKI, ilesaural,Mister Tim, NaCl, Nails, Sun (Auction Transfer from Mauville Magnetons for 4.5K credits), Snowy, teal6, undisputed, z0mOG (Auction Transfer from Aspertia Arcanines for 10K credits), Znain

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Week 1 - March 26th

Aspertia Arcanines vs. Mauville Magnetons
Cherrygrove Exeggutors vs. PO Town Porygons
Fortree Forretress vs. Pyrite Town Pichus
Koniko Clan vs. Wyvern Weaviles

Week 2 - April 2nd

Mauville Magnetons vs. Wyvern Weaviles
Pyrite Town Pichus vs. Koniko Clan
PO Town Porygons vs. Fortree Forretress
Aspertia Arcanines vs. Cherrygrove Exeggutors

Week 3 - April 9th

Cherrygrove Exeggutors vs. Mauville Magnetons
Fortree Forretress vs. Aspertia Arcanines
Koniko Clan vs. PO Town Porygons
Wyvern Weaviles vs. Pyrite Town Pichus

Week 4 - April 16th

Mauville Magnetons vs. Pyrite Town Pichus
PO Town Porygons vs. Wyvern Weaviles
Aspertia Arcanines vs. Koniko Clan
Cherrygrove Exeggutors vs. Fortree Forretress

Week 5 - April 23rd

Fortree Forretress vs. Mauville Magnetons
Koniko Clan vs. Cherrygrove Exeggutors
Wyvern Weaviles vs. Aspertia Arcanines
Pyrite Town Pichus vs. PO Town Porygons

Week 6 - April 30th

Mauville Magnetons vs. PO Town Porygons
Aspertia Arcanines vs. Pyrite Town Pichus
Cherrygrove Exeggutors vs. Wyvern Weaviles
Fortree Forretress vs. Koniko Clan

Week 7 - May 7th

Koniko Clan vs. Mauville Magnetons
Wyvern Weaviles vs. Fortree Forretress
Pyrite Town Pichus vs. Cherrygrove Exeggutors
PO Town Porygons vs. Aspertia Arcanines

Semifinals - Approximately May 14th

1st vs. 4th
2nd vs. 3rd

Finals - Approximately May 21st

A vs. B

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Hosting Hitmontops: Administrative Decisions

Hosts: perry | sceptross | Lutra


March 9th: ICBB players are allowed to join, whereas tournament and circuit banned players are not.

March 23rd: Activity wins / dead games will be decided by the 3 hosts. Ghosting/other cheating offences will be decided by the hosts subject to site-wide punishment and evidence guidelines.

March 25th: smig and Bouff are now forum banned (in the former case) and tour banned, and thus they cannot play in this tour any longer - they'll be available to be sold back by the start of Week 2. They will be sold back at 3k as will any other sellbacks.

May 5th: WhiteLion and undisputed were tournament banned as a result of WCoP activities. They cannot play as of Week 6 (being they haven't played already).

May 9th: undisputed has been tourunbanned, and thus he is now free to play this tournament again from now on.

May 13th: Lord Ninjax is tournament banned as a result of WCoP activities. They cannot play for the remainder of Week 7.

Ruleset Changes / Clarifications
March 3rd: Retains were rejected as an option, mostly due to vastly different teams in this edition.

March 8th: Managers voted for no midseason.

March 8th: Managers will be able to trade and/or sellback players from the start of the Week 2 until the end of Week 4. Sellback replacements consist of any valid unbought player. Players traded or bought as a sellback replacement will not be able to play until the following week. Sellback replacement order will be determined by highest value of the player being sold back. In the event of a tie, the first manager to send a valid PM is prioritized. For a sellback to be valid, managers must do a forum PM with all the hosts: Lutra, perry and sceptross. The deadline will be on Saturday 23:59PM EDT each week (2-4) and we will announce the sellbacks on the Sunday, and let you know earlier if there are any sellback replacement request clashes.

March 23rd: Players must send in their teams using cryptobin to the host of each week in order to be protected against DCs. Also, we have set a value between 60 seconds and 120 seconds that will be the limit for timing out; that means that if you DC with more time left than the limit, we'll assume it's a timeout - otherwise, we'll assume it's a true DC.

March 23rd: Entry into the playoffs is decided by the top 4 according to Points (descending) > Individual Wins (descending) > Win Percentage (descending). If a tie persists, head-to-head will be evaluated, and a 3-on-3 tiebreaker will be scheduled if the head-to-head was a tie.

March 23rd: In the event of a playoffs tiebreak, management of both teams will rank their preferred tiers from #1-#3. Points will be assigned to the ranks in the following way: Higher Seed (#1 or #2 in semis): #1 - 100000, #2 - 1000, #3 - 10, #4-6 - 0 | Lower Seed (#3 or #4 in semis): #1 - 10000, #2 - 100, #3 - 1, #4-6 - 0. The point values are arbitrary but represent the relationship of higher seed > lower seed > higher seed > lower seed > higher seed > lower seed in terms of weighting. The 3 tiers with the highest number of points will be selected for the tiebreak set and managers will then choose any 3 unique players from each of their teams to play in the determined tier spots. If there's a tie in seeds that can't be broken, the same process will be used but with equal weighting of 100, 10, 1 and the 3rd tier will be decided at random if a tie persists.

March 23rd: A team week win is worth 1 point. A team tie is worth ½ points. A team loss is worth 0 points. All gens matches are FT1W, except RBY which is FT2W. All match results give individual wins and losses. Dead games give neither a win or loss.

March 26th: ORAS OU now has the move
Baton Pass banned, and the ban will take effect starting week 2. Week 1 will be the last week to utilize Baton Pass Clause - "Players cannot have more than one Pokémon with the move Baton Pass. Furthermore, a Pokémon cannot have Baton Pass while also having a move or ability that boosts Speed and a move or ability that boosts another stat."

April 3rd: GSC OU has banned the combination of a trapping move (Mean Look/Spider Web) and a sleep-inducing move on a Pokemon's moveset, and the ban will take effect starting week 3.

April 4th: BW2 OU has banned Dugtrio, and the ban will take effect starting week 3.

Trades / Sellbacks
April 8th: Fortree Forretress have decided to sellback Bouff due to their tournament ban. They have chosen Diego Maradona as their replacement.

April 8th: Wyvern Weaviles have decided to sellback smig (formely p2) due to their tournament and forum ban. They have chosen FY2.0/Eko as their replacement.

April 8th: Mauville Magnetons have decided to sellback Blightbringer due to their inactivity (didn't join team discord server). They have chosen patlop2307 as their replacement.

April 15th: Koniko Clan have decided to sellback Stan Soojung due to them being on a long vacation and being unable to play. They have chosen Lord Ninjax as their replacement.

April 22nd: Koniko Clan have decided to sellback dEnIsSsS due to them quitting the game. They have chosen RODAN as their replacement.

April 22nd: Trades and Sellback period is officially over!
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