Championship - Type B Romancing the Stone - Round 1


can't tell if serious
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New oppo
tigertomd (Medichamite) vs. shoxwon (Tyranitarite)
my opponent needs a sub. match was scheduled for today so it'd be awesome if it could still happen, as I'll be pretty busy this weekend
New oppo
Indigo Plateau (Heracronite) vs. The Hallows (Sharpedonite)
My rival said he doesnt know if he will be able to Battle before the deadline (the messages are on my profile) si i Guess i won (?)
New oppo
Uribe13 (Tyranitarite) vs. Lycans (Venusaurite)

Dear players,
I will add the remaining subs tomorrow based on activity calls.
I tried to schedule in private cause I cannot see his profile but he missed scheduling time and then is disappeared
(I won't be at home tomorrow for one week)

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