Done Room-specific highlights

If room-specific highlights aren't already implemented, I think it would be a great idea.

I'm staff In the Overused room and I have certain words on highlight such as; Staff, Auth, and Mod. The reason behind it is, if someone asks for assistance from us i'll see it immediately. But the problem behind this is I get highlighted unnecessarily in other rooms such as Lobby.

I think this could help out a lot of users and make their time on PS more enjoyable.

Currently, highlights are done client side and are stored in local storage as single regular expression. Instead, we could add a new pref for highlights per room, though care must be taken to determine how to migrate from the 'global highlights' system to the 'highlights per room' system (and in the latter, do global highlights still exist?). Overall, not too difficult because all the code is fairly self contained and only in the client, but finagling with storage is the main issue.
This has landed in the form of /highlight roomadd, word, /highlight roomdelete, word, and /highlight roomlist.

They are all bound to the room you used them in, so no need to specify them.

They're also server-specific, so if I highlight on "Jet" in PS! Main Lobby, I won't be highlighted by "Jet" in Smogtours Lobby.

This will be available in the next client restart. It's live.
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