Rotom-H (Revamp)


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Just something that you could consider in OO at the very least (but do go test the set out if possible) - Trick Flame Orb Rotom-H. Apart from Victini, Rotom-H is the only Fire-type that can do this, I think. The really cool thing is that unlike stuff like Reuniclus, Rotom-H can hold the Flame Orb and your opponent cannot see it after that first turn like Reuniclus can, which means you can easily bluff like a Choice set and then Trick it onto unsuspecting shit like Blissey, or Tyranitar, or something. Something like:

name: TrickOrb
move 1: Trick
move 2: Overheat
move 3: Volt Switch
move 4: Hidden Power Ground / Thunderbolt
item: Flame Orb
nature: Timid / Modest
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe

Finally, one last thing, for your Specs set, it should be 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe, not 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP. The order is HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe.


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I am ok with putting this set in OO, but i don't think it is going any further than this. The main reason someone would use Rotom-H would be for it's ability to wall and check some dangerous threats (needs SpD spread to do this) and for its excellent power, STABs and resistances as a Specs user. But with Trick and Flame Orb you do what? You can't wall anything, you can't hurt most of the things that would switch into you, so the only thing you have left is a surprise burn on a check/counter, which is nice, but not that nice. Yeah sure you could Trick your Flame Orb to Tyranitar, or you could just Volt Switch to Dugtrio and take him out. Same about anything else that walls Rotom-H. Having a good partner to take care of checks/counters is better than using a gimmick set on an already not one of the best mons around. Not to mention that Heatran is one of the best switch-ins to Rotom-H and Trick + Flame Orb does nothing to it. Oh and on any decent player the choice bluff isn't going to work, because they will instantly realize the 50% less power (nobody uses Scarf Rotom-H).

All in all i don't see this getting a set, as it is an already somewhat gimmick mon, with a gimmick set, which equals to... something very gimmick. So adding it to OO, but i can't guarantee that i will do any testing.

EDIT: Oh and about the order of the stats in the Specs set, it was like this when i cp'ed it from DFA, and i didn't notice it. After a couple of analysis, i think that i have at least learned the correct order of the stats :)


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@ Pocket: Do note that while it's true that Rotom-H fails to always OHKO Landorus, the 2HKO on Thundurus-T is certain if you use Overheat instead of HP Ice on it (unless the weather is rainy, of course): 140*1.5=210 on the first hit, doing half the damage it's 210+210/2=315. HP Ice does 70*2*2=280. So provided a downpour isn't falling, Rotom-H has increased chances of beating Thundurus-T (it can't be considered a counter because Focus Blast is a 3HKO and Thundurus goes before Rotom, but if we take into account the chances of Focus Blast hitting three times in a row, Rotom-H does better than many against Thundy...). Also, if the weather were to be rainy, HP Ice always 2HKOs LO Thundurus-T, but I guess you weren't speaking of that particular set, but of Thundy in general

On the TrickOrb set: you could run Overheat / Volt Switch / Pain Split / Trick @Flame Orb with 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD Calm, and cripple a switch-in while also having the chance of getting Lefties and checking or countering the same Pokes of the Specially Defensive, since it effectively acts as a one-use - albeit completely accurate - Will-O-Wisp, but I don't know if it's worth much else (and maybe you'll struggle to get Lefties and be KO'd in the meantime, especially against Tyranitar). That said, I for one would prefer to have the chance of Choice-locking Blissey / Chansey / Gastrodon instead of maybe burning Tyranitar, but that's just because I struggle more to beat those Special Walls than to beat the latter one.


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I actually think TrickOrb has lots of merit on Rotom-H; it's definitely not as gimmicky as TrickOrb Reuniclus, and unlike Victini, it can catch more walls, namely special ones, by surprise. You're not only burning them, but also taking away their leftovers, which makes a huge difference. Definitely worth testing out, imo.

Trick / Overheat / Volt Switch / HP Ice, Thunder Wave, or Pain Split would be a good start, imo.


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When i responded to shrang i had temporary amnesia. Guys why the fuck are we even considering TrickOrb on a poke that gets WoW? I don't get it. No single poke that gets WoW uses TrickOrb competitively. TrickOrb is effectively only useful against the blobs, as everything else with natural cure doesn't want to switch into Rotom-H, and the rest can be burned with WoW.

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When i responded to shrang i had temporary amnesia. Guys why the fuck are we even considering TrickOrb on a poke that gets WoW? I don't get it. No single poke that gets WoW uses TrickOrb competitively. TrickOrb is effectively only useful against the blobs, as everything else with natural cure doesn't want to switch into Rotom-H, and the rest can be burned with WoW.
I think that this is because it not only is 100% accurate, but also takes away your opponent's Leftovers (or even better, Eviotile!). However, the fact that it only works once means that outside the surprise factor, it is outclassed by WoW, and thus is OO material at best.


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Yeah well, I did say to put it into OO, but give it test when you've got the time. Basically, the biggest advantage is obviously to cripple blobs that think you're Choice locked. Natural Cure is not helping them when they're holding the Flame Orb.


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Politoed doesn't usually come into Rotom-H, and when it does, Volt Switch is more than enough to deal with him. Tbolt is AC material.


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Specially Defensive:
Handles many prominent threats, the most important being Genesect, Tornadus-T, Venusaur, Thundurus-T, Heatran and special Landorus
Doesn't handle Heatran, since the most it can do is Volt Switch

~ Alongside AC mention of HP Ice, specify 36 SpA EVs to OHKO RP Landorus after SR 2/3rd of the time. Also mention that HP Ice can go over Pain Split instead of status move to preserve much of its utility.

~ AC mention Wish passer, such as Jirachi, which comes in especially handy in various scenarios when Rotom-H cannot heal effectively with Pain Split, does not have Pain Split, or if the Rocks are still up. Jirachi and Rotom-H actually makes a neat combo, covering each other's weaknesses (ie Rotom-H can switch into Ground and Fire-type moves, while Jirachi can switch into Rock or Dragon-type moves).

Choice Specs
Or you can pair with Dugtrio, Dugtrio has the advantage of trapping the opponent's Heatran, TTar & Pink Blobs
I've been testing Specs Rotom-H on a standard sun team, and it's great! It pairs particularly well with Dugtrio, since it can Trick Specs onto Heatran, removing any possible Shed Shell / Shuca Berry nonsense that can render Dugtrio useless. Dugtrio in turn removes the likes of TTar, Blissey, and Heatran so Rotom-H can spam powerful Overheat freely. Please emphasize these mutual benefits in their partnership in your skeleton.

Other Options
HP Rock for Volcarona, but Volcarona would more often than not win anyway because of the SpD boosts and Roost
Add that Thunder Wave is much more effective at crippling Volcarona.

Great Sage

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~ Alongside AC mention of HP Ice, specify 36 SpA EVs to OHKO RP Landorus after SR 2/3rd of the time. Also mention that HP Ice can go over Pain Split instead of status move to preserve much of its utility.
Don't do this. It is entirely silly to recommend EVs based on an arbitrary percentage chance to OHKO.
I finally got around to testing Choice Specs Rotom-H. On one hand, that typing is absolutely amazing for an offensive Pokemon since it lets you check a bunch of things (Genesect!), on the other hand SR pretty much guarantees that you aren't going to make use out of it(EX: you take like 20-30% from Scarf Genesects U-turn, which leaves you with about less than 50% if SR is up... that's awful).

Fortunately, if you have a Magic Bouncer like Xatu (U-turn a-go-go) that SR weak isn't so bad, and Specs Rotom-H actually ends up being pretty decent. Make sure you double stress a magic bounce / good spinner, when using specs rotom.


Looking good.
I really think that "Choice Specs" could just be "Choice", as Rotom-H can be a huge pain with the Choice Scarf if used correctly. Gastrodon switches in? Here, have a useless Choice Scarf instead of Specs. Rotom-H has a resistance to Gyro Ball, and can therefore screw with Forretress and Ferrothorn, as their switch-ins expecting Overheat get a nasty Choice Scarf. And now, Politoed is locked into a move: either Scald, Ice Beam, Toxic, or Protect. Rotom-H forces switches, and a Choice Scarf can abuse that by trolling around unboosted or non-Scarfed pokemon.


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Now that Genesect is banned i am not really sure that SpD Rotom-H deserves a set... It is still ok for checking some other popular Pokemon, Torn-T, Thund-T, and sun teams mainly, but SR weakness hampers it greatly, and it is a shaky check to Thund-T and Torn-T anyway, as these Pokemon can get past it easily the second time they come in. I would call it borderline viable, so i can still write it up. QC team what do you think?

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Also Alex, please change any Genesect's mentions on Specs analysis to Scizor, or even remove if you want (though I still think that partners with U-Turn/Volt Switch should still be mentioned - apart from Scizor, some of the best to fit on a sun team are Victini, Xatu, Forretress, Hydreigon, Landorus, and Jirachi)


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And i'm the first to check! It's like unwrapping presents on Christmas Day, which i don't actually celebrate. So it's more like on Hannukah, i mean Channukah, i mean (Hebrew letter unwritable in English)annukah.
And now this has stretched on for FAR too long. So, the check.


<p>Although Rotom-H didn't get any improvements in BW2, the metagame became much friendlier to it. Some big names, particularly Tornadus and Thundurus-T, were introduced to the OU scene, and Rotom-H is capable of checking most of them, particularly Tornadus-T and Thundurus-T, by virtue of its typing. In addition, Rotom-H can serve as a roadblock against many Pokemon commonly found in sun teams, such as Ninetales, Venusaur, and Volcarona, further increasing its usefulness as a defensive Pokemon. Rotom-H also has Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, and Will-O-Wisp in its arsenal, which, coupled with its eight immunities and resistances, makes it a great pivot and status spreader. Rotom-H can go on the offensive too with a Choice Specs set and sun support, as it has great dual STABs, Volt Switch to keep momentum, and great resistances to work with, shielding temporarily sun teams from otherwise problematic Pokemon such as Tornadus-T.</p> ¶

<p>However, this is where the hetemperature cools down for Rotom-H. TheA Stealth Rock weakness is its biggest downfall, greatly limiting its viability as a defensive and a hit and run Pokemon. The prevelance of rain teams is another thorn on Rotom-H's side, as Water attacks will be flying everywhere and Rotom-H's main STAB move will have its power halved, leaving it unable to properly damage many Pokemon that it checks. Finally, the lack of a reliable recovery move and thea mediocre Speed stat make its defensive and offensive duties respectively much harder to fulfill.</p> ¶

name: Specially Defensive¶
move 1: Volt Switch¶
move 2: Overheat¶
move 3: Thunder Wave / Will-O-Wisp¶
move 4: Pain Split¶
item: Leftovers¶
nature: Calm¶
evs: 248 HP / 8 Def / 252 SpD¶


<p>With this set, Rotom-H is able to check many prominent trhreats, the most important of them beingsuch as Scizor, Tornadus-T, Venusaur, Thundurus-T, and Sheer Force Landorus. It is also a very good weapon to havefunctions well against sun teams, which struggle to do meaningful damage againsto it. Volt Switch is the primary move, dealing solid damage and giving the switch advantage; whit also helps mitigateing the Special Attack drops thatcaused by Overheat causes. Overheat is Rotom-H's nuke, and is the move that usually OHKOes the Pokemon that Rotom-H checks or walls, such as Venusaur, Scizor, and slightly weakened Landorus. Being able to use it only one time and then having to switch outforced out after one usage sucks though, so use it wisely. Thunder Wave cripples most special attackers that Rotom-H can checks, and ins general isly annoying for offensive Pokemon, while Will-O-Wisp cripples physical attackers that Rotom-H wouldcan't be able to hurtuch otherwise, such as Garchomp, Tyranitar, and Hippowdon. Pain Split rounds off the set, providing Rotom-H with a way, albeithough unreliable, to stay healthy.</p>¶


<p>The EVs go to HP and Special Defense because Rotom-H's is main role is as aly to pivot against certainto special attackers. Thunderbolt, or alternately Thunder (on a rain team) can be used over the status move to have an Electric STAB move that doesn't force you out. Toxic can also be used to screw some of Rotom-H's biggest counters, namely Latias, Gastrodon, and specially defensive Hippowdon. Hidden Power Ice gives Rotom-H important coverage against Ground-types such as Garchomp, Dragonite, Gliscor, and Landorus; it is advised to use 96 SpA EVs with it so that Rotom-H can OHKO Landorus after Stealth Rock. It should also be noted that specially defensive Rotom-H can be used on rain teams, despite having its strongest moved halved in power, as it greatly helps against sun teams and checks some problematic threats for rain teams such as Thundurus-T, Tornadus-T, Jolteon, and Celebi. If used on a rain team, Hidden Power Ice can be used instead of Overheat, but Overheat is still very useful against Scizor, Forretress, and Ferrothorn; the latter of whom is really important, as it is a roadblock for many rain teams.</p>¶

<p>Rapid Spin support is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about teammates and rightfully so, as it is absolutely vital to Rotom-H's success, as with SR up it fails to check a lot of Pcan allow pokemon it shouldotherwise checks, such as Venusaur and Tornadus-T and Venusaurto muscle past it. Starmie, Tentacruel, and Forretress are all good choices due to good defensive synergy, but Starmie really stands out as the best spinner to pair Rotom-H with, as itdue to is the most durable (outside of rain)ility and can beat Gengar, and possibly Jellicenty too if used on a rain team with Thunder. As for count beat common spinblockers,. Rotom-H has the following in OU's OU counters are: Gastrodon, specially defensive Hippowdon, Chansey, and Blissey. Garchomp, Gliscor, and Landorus-T are all decent checks, as long as they avoid Hidden Power Ice or Will-O-Wisp.Ferrothorn is a perfect partner, as it resists Rotom-H's weaknesses, walling many Pokemon that trouble Rotom-H, and sets- up entry hazards which work fantastically with Rotom-H's Volt Switch. Jirachi is another finegreat partner;, providing it withas great defensive synergy with it and provides Wish support for Rotom-H, allowingwhich gives it to heal more reliably and even forgo Paie healing and can Split if it is desperately in need of the extraup attacking moveslot. Celebi, Breloom, and Amoonguss can all scare out the majority of Ground-types that can switch into Rotom-H, and can then proceed to either put something to sleep, spread paralyzesis, set- up Stealth Rock, set- up with a boosting move, or straight -up pound the switch-in with powerful attacks.</p>¶

name: Choice Specs¶
move 1: Volt Switch¶
move 2: Overheat¶
move 3: Thunderbolt ¶
move 4: Trick / Hidden Power Ice¶
item: Choice Specs¶
nature: Timid / Modest¶
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe ¶


<p>Rotom-H can also forgo all its defensive ideals, and instead in favor of becomeing a powerful lure and wallbreaker. Unfortunately, Rotom-H's selection of moves and middling speed mean that it is not going to sweep anytime soon, not to mention its extreme weakness to Stealth Rock, mean that it won't be sweeping anytime soon. . Still, this set should not be underestimated, as even Chansey loses around half of her health if she dares to switching- in on a sun-boosted Specs Overheat. While this set initially appears to be outclassed by Heatran, the latter lacks a way to maintain momentum and a usable secondary STAB, has problems dealing with bulky Water-types, and is threatened by Dugtrio. Rotom-H doesn't have these problems, all ways in which should be sufficient Rotom-H separates himself from Heatran.</p>¶

<p>Volt Switch is a useful scouting tool that is also extremely powerful against bulky Water-types. Overheat, when boosted by Choice Specs, STAB and Sun, is exceedingly powerful, and destroy anything that doesn't resist it (and some things that do) and is not named Chansey or Blissey. Thanks to Volt Switch and Thunderbolt, bulky Water-types, especially Politoed, must think twice about coming in to absorb Overheat. Speaking of Thunderbolt, it is the othefor main option that is used over Volt Switch when you don't want to switch. Rotom-H generally doesn't need more coverage than its STABs offer, thanks to Overheat's godly power under sun. Thunderbolt also allows Rotom-H to 2HKO offensive Heatran after Stealth Rock damage. Trick is the main option on the last slot; even though the pink blobs take a lot of damage from Overheat, it is still not sufficient to 2HKO them, so Trick crippling Blis used to surprisey and cripple both for the rest of matchChansey. Hidden Power Ice can be used instead, as ito OHKOes Garchomp, and Dragonite without Multiscale, and to pressures Latias more effectively than Overheat, since Roost stalling will be very difficult.</p>¶


<p>Rotom-H absolutely hates Stealth Rock, especially considering that its main STABs fornecessitate him toeavy switch a loting, so Rapid Spin or Magic Bounce support is a must. Xatu stands out as a partner due to its ability to tToxic stall Chansey and Blissey, two Pokémon that are still headaches for Rotom-H to deal with. Xatu als, and its ability to has U-Turn, which forms a Vvolt-Tturn combore with Rotom-H by using U-turn. Ninetales is also an essential partner, as it's the eternal sun that makes Overheat so powerful and hard to switch into. If you aren't using a sun team, you are probably better off with Rotom-W, or even Rotom-C, as neither of them are weak to Stealth Rock, and the former has a much more reliable STAB than Overheattom Forme.</p>¶

<p>Due to Overheat being's extremely powerful on its own, there aren't much other leaves Rotom-H with few viable options that Rotom-H can run. Other Hidden Power's can be considered, but remember that a neutral sun-boosted Overheat out damages even a 4x super-effective Hidden Power, and mosOverheat can of the time even ifdo the target resists Overheat, that move is sufficient to do the jobjob even when resisted. Hidden Power Fighting can be considered againstis useful for Tyranitar. It, 2HKOesing all positively-natured 252 HP/192 SpD versions, and other versions are 2HKOed regardless. Ibut has little use outside that, thoughof Tyranitar.In the same vein, Hidden Power Ground can be used against Heatran. Thunderbolt only 2HKOes versions that don't invest on Special Defense, while Hidden Power Ground 2HKOes even the most specially bulky of Heatran. But again, it has no use o, as opposed to 2hitkoing offensive Heatrans only with Thunderbolt, but aside that, and you are is its only use, Rotom-H is better off using a partneredwith Dugtrio as a teammate. Hidden Power Grass is a nasty surprise againstfor Gastrodon, but other Water/Ground-type Pokémon, like Swampert and Quagsire, are 2HKOed by sun-boosted Overheat anyway.</p>¶

<p>Dugtrio and Terrakion stand out as great partners to Rotom-H. T, with the former trapsping three pokemon things that are headaat cause him difficulty: Tyranitar, Heatran, and Terrakion, while the latter merely (Switches for him: Tyranitar, Hin on the first two and takes them out, and can revenge-kill the third), all while defeatran,ing Chansey and Blissey and opening holes on the opposing Terrakionnent's team that Rotom-H can later take advantage of. A Rotom-H with Trick can even remove Shed Shell, Choice Scarf, or Shuca Berry from those threats, all items that prevent Dugtrio from effectively trapping them. With Dugtrio removing the aforementioned Pokémon removed, Rotom-H can freely spam Overheat. Terrakion cannot trap things, but it is much more powerful, can defeat Chansey and Blissey, and can open holes on the opponent's team that Rotom-H can later take advantage of.</p>¶

[Other Options]¶

<p>Rotom-H can use the Rest + Chesto Berry combination to havefor a one-time reliable recovery. Hidden Power Ground is an option on the specially defensive set to 2HKO offensive Heatran, but has no use outside of this situation. Aother use. Rotom-H can run a Choice Scarf can be used with the same moves with ther Choice Specs set, so that Rotom-H can be both fast and strong under sun for additional speed, but then Rotom-H loses a lot imuch of its wallbreaking power, while being a mediocre revenge killer due to theits Stealth Rock weakness and its low Speed. Hidden Power Rock is an option to consider if your team has huge trouble with Volcarona, but Volcarona would more often than notusually win anyway becauss due tof the Special Defense boosts and Roost, not to mention thatand Thunder Wave deals with it much better anyway, provided Rotom-H has a strong physical attacker as a teammate, that canpable of OHKO it after Rotom-H paralyzes it'ing Volcarona, is the preferred option. An all-out attacker with Life Orb and Pain Split has some merit, as Rotom-H will still be quite powerful under sun, while being able to switch moves and keep itself somewhat healthy.However, you will find out that due to the hit -and -run nature of Rotom-H, Stealth Rock damage in addition to Life Orb damage will beis too much for it to handle. Finally, Rotom-H is the only Fire-Type except from Victini that can use the Trick + Flame Orb combination. The cool thing is that unlike Pokemon such as Reuniclus and Sigilyph,, which allows Rotom-H can hold the Flame Orb and the opponent cannot see it after the first turn, which meansto avoid revealing that Rotom-H can easilye orb and bluff a Cchoice set and, then Ttrick it onto unsuspecting counters, namely Blissey, Chansey, and Tyranitaraway. However, considering that Rotom-H already has Will-O-Wisp, which can bhas infinite used many times, and only takes a moveslot, unlike Trick + Flame Orb, which needs one item slot and one moveslot in addition to being only a one use move, the only real use of this combination is to permanently cripple Chansey and Blissey.</p>¶

<p>Gastrodon, Chansey, and Blissey are the only surefire counters to Rotom-H, but they former must be aware of Travoid Toxick, and in Gastrodon's case Toxwhile the latter two must beware of Trick. Tyranitar, Garchomp, Hippowdon, specially defensive Heatran, Landorus-T, and Gliscor all handle the defensive set easily, as long as they avoid the Will-O-Wisp or Hidden Power Ice, except from. Specially Defensive Heatran obviously, which completely walls it and can slowly kill it with Toxic (Or set up SR).Any Dragon-type in general, or physical attacPoker with Rock moves will be able to force Rotom-H out easily, provided they can get in safely on a predicted Fire or Electric move, acting as decent checks. Such Pokemon includeas Terrakion, Dragonite, Haxorus, Kyurem-B, Latios, Latias, Landorus-T, and physical Landorus. They must, once in, can force out Rotom-H easily, althowever, bewareugh they must watch out for sun-boosted Overheat, which will OHKO most of them after Stealth Rock. Every offensive Pokemon with a strong Water or Rock move, such as Keldeo, Starmie, Landorus-T, and Terrakion can easily revenge kill Rotom-H. Rain will also hinderdiminish Rotom-H's performance a bit, unless if it was designed to play under it, cutting its most powerful move in half, but Politoed cannot easily switch into Rotom-H at all, due to the threat of Volt Switch. Finally, Stealth Rock and a reliable spinblocker such as Sableye or Jellicent can severely limit Rotom-H's utility.</p>¶

You say that it going on the offensive temporarily shields sun teams from from stuff like Torn-T. Didn't really feel like that needed saying, although i suppose it's somewhat true.
"Sucks, so use it wisely" I left that in because of flavor, maybe change it?
As much of a fan of SpD hippo as i am, can't overheat torch phys. D hippo?
I think people understand that 50% from overheat won't 2hitKO blissey/chansey
I'm pretty sure rotom-H lacks options because it's got kind of a barren movepool-other than status/split, it's got STABS and HP.
I think we can assume that a tyranitar with less special bulk is still 2hitKo'd without outright stating it.
Can specs HP ground OHKO heatran with only 4 HP evs as bulk?
You can keep "in the same vein" if you want. It's fine prose, if not that necessary.
For the trick+Flame orb, mention that Specs already does that. But it's more accurate.
For the lists at the end, you say "Dragon-types/physical rock move users can force him out" and then proceed to name them all. Same with the water-type and rock-type thing, but less. Either cut a few out, or just do what i did. Alternately, just say "Any dragon-type, and quite a few users of rock-type moves, can switch in on a prediction and force him out, while fast users of powerful water-type moves, and some users of rock-type moves, can only manage to revenge-kill him. But cut down on that a little, maybe change "users of rock-type moves" to something else.
Stuff i think you should address is in parantheses, didn't feel like writing it down here.

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