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calling act on gorfield, mantine pool.
messaged a while back, finally got a response, but then he struggled to be able to follow up.
call act on ile, i reply him to play yesterday 1pm my time, but i didn't find him show up in both yesterday and today around this time


god damn, manchild
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All straightforward activity calls done, here are the only complications within pools:

Porygon2 Pool

Four players went 3-2, so I took their records vs each other and the top two proceed to playoffs. With this logic, louna and harris are in playoffs.

Leader: HarrisIsAwesome 3-2 (tikkito, yomi, laballade)
Yomii 3-2 (la ballade, alkione, act vs louna)
Tikkito 3-2 (alkione, yommi, laballade)
Louna 3-2 (harris, alkione, tikkito)
harris 2-1
louna 2-1

yomi 1-2
tikkito 1-2
Vaporeon Pool

Three players went 2-0, 2-1, and 2-1 to tie for the second seed (Yay is the first seed), so I'm flipping for the second seed. I'd normally give you guys an extension to get it figured out, but you guys had two weeks and couldn't even finish your last games, so second seed is going to be flipped.

Leader: Yay 3-1
Kaguya Lys 2-0
Ismakhil 2-1
RawMelon 2-1
S poi re 1-2
royesk 0-5


Playoffs up soon, thank you to everyone who finished their games!
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