RU Mini-Tournament 9 - The Night Is Darkest Just Before The Dawn [Won by Novaray]

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lonzo ball rollin thru
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won vs New Breed, sorry about the critical hits

Shoutout to Texas Cloverleaf for giving me the team I used throughout this tour, it was really fun to play with and fit my style well. It's great to have you as a teammate man

Thanks to CherubAgent for hosting, this tour was the first time I've played RU and it's definitely made me interested in playing the tier more

Pastebin of the log, the Share Replay button didn't work for me:

Houndoom was the UU dropdown I used on my team. I used a set of Substitute / Fire Blast / Dark Pulse / Hidden Power Grass with a Life Orb. This fit nicely on an offensive team that relied on putting pressure on the opponent through momentum as well as sheer power. Substitute was a cool option that Texas suggested to me. I originally planned to use the standard Nasty Plot set but I was already packing other set-up sweepers on my team and the fact that most players would use Choice Scarf Krookodile made the likelihood of pulling off a Nasty Plot sweep pretty unlikely. Substitute is cool to scout and isn't too hard to set up due to Houndoom's immunities and ability to force switches. However, I don't think Houndoom was broken or anything especially with his Stealth Rock weakness, he was only able to take down 1 member of the opponent's team at max each match and died pretty quickly. I feel like other Pokemon on my team such as Swords Dance Gallade and Nidoqueen posed a greated offensive presence. In every round, the selected dropdown my opponent chose to use was Krookodile and I think every one I faced was the Choice Scarf Moxie set. I think this set is very threatening and has the potential to easily run through an RU team as you can't really afford to sac something. To be frank, I believe Krookodile is much more of a threat in RU then Houndoom as there's nothing in RU quite like it (and also Bisharp but I've never played with him or faced one).
Congratulations Novaray :) and of course to new breed as well, for fighting his way all the way up to the finals. It's nice to see the caramaderie of the frogs take place in tourneys outside of spl :) from what i gather krook was used the most as people wanted to experience its old glory days again. Bisharp was never even mentioned, which kind of surprised me. I know it faces stiff competition from absol though for a teamslot, despite that steel typing. However i'm not surprised that a houndoom team won the tourney, ad i personally thought it to be the most threatening of the three. I was discussing with double0bum and compleg, and we noticed just how lethal the pup is after a nasty plot. The general consensus was "it's friggin moltres on steroids". Just a thing to keep in mind when it hopefully drops down next tiershift :P

So yeah i gather the minitourney was a success? My mext idea would be the RUCL, the Rarelyused Champions League. Basically what NU have going on a the moment, but I feel that with RUs incredibly divrrse and interesting past stages it could really make for an awesome experience. Please contact me if you're interested in helping me set this up
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